The application of green tea weight loss

For centuries green tea the peoples of the East and Asia continues to be one of the most popular drinks. He is a good thirst quencher and cleans the intestines. Dietoloog argue that it will help to quickly get rid of extra pounds, and macrobiotic. How works, and how beneficial is green tea for weight loss, deals today.

This useful drink became popular thanks to the residents of China, who first began to use it. Today green tea is known all over the world. It is used widely used for body healing and weight loss.

The benefits of green tea

green tea weight loss

Green and black tea — it drinks the leaves of a single plant. But the first is more useful, than the other. Why? If you create a green tea leaves a total of less oxidation, if the sheets are black. Therefore, the characteristics of green tea stored in the safe.

In addition, the composition also includes useful elements, which have a beneficial effect on the body. Among them are:

  • catechins;
  • tanin;
  • caffeine;
  • theanine;
  • vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, K, P;
  • manganese, potassium, zinc;
  • phosphorus, copper, calcium.

Above all, it is useful to drink a affects body weight, improves the work of bodies of the digestion, strengthens bones, nails and hair.

The secret to weight loss green tea

It is scientifically proven that this drink is able to burn those extra pounds. But how does it help green tea if losing weight? The launch of the fat burning takes place, due to the characteristics of the groups falling within the composition of the tea. In addition, they are able to temporarily alleviate hunger sense and bring out the excess fluids from the body out.

Connoisseurs of this drink prefer the kind of tea of large leaves. And this is understandable, because the packaged product added harmful additives, flavouring and colouring agents. Drinking such a path to anything good does not bring, so buy the best real disconnect, which price is usually higher.

The benefits of green tea pills long been known. There is even a special chart consume this drink that help you lose weight.

  1. It is recommended to drink a cup of green tea 30 min. before the meal, and a cup — after.
  2. Need is strictly to abandon the sweet and starchy foods, eat less fried and greasy.
  3. Food must be nutritious.
  4. The daily serving of tea — no more than 5 cups of. Alcohol drink more than the norm leads to poor absorption of iron.
  5. Be excluded bad habits and move more.

How to properly prepare

The path remains the property only if you do it right. There are two main rules:

  • Infuser is used to clean the purified water without calcium and chlorine.
  • The temperature of the liquid in the manufacture of beverage dispensing should be 80-90 degrees.

The ideal drink for slimming

Helps, whether the path is open to love volume — the question of what nutritionists uniquely correspond to the "Yes!". On the effectiveness of green tea say and reviews. But those varieties are very much. Some of them have a positive impact on our mood, some of the body's general condition. We have the same interesting of these, which starts the process of losing weight. Here are some of them:

  • with ginger;
  • lemon;
  • with honey;
  • mint;
  • cinnamon;
  • Oolong;
  • Puerh.

With ginger

Green tea with ginger — a very effective means of losing weight. In addition, it is also possible to add lemon and mint and other natural supplements.

So if the same big secret to weight loss using green ginger tea? This is a great combination of antioxidants and amino acids, which contains the principle, and leaves the road. Such a transistor may be carried out "cleansing" the body and bring out all that is superfluous. Also ginger is known as the storehouse of vitamins. It contains:

  • vitamin;
  • vitamin B1;
  • vitamin C.

The manufacture of the drink the tablets should be to use fresh ginger. Or ground the latch, either cut into small pieces. Then a mixture of green tea and the chopped vegetables and pour cooled boiled water in which the temperature is about 90 degrees. Also the mixture may be added 1 teaspoon. honey, which gives a special aroma.


green tea

Green tea with lemon excellent for fighting excessive rounded body. He is toning and has a diuretic, which is able to secrete the body of excess fluids. It makes a visible slimming effect.


  • With lemon strengthens the immune system, enriches the organism with vitamins.
  • This drink is able to normalize the blood sugar level.
  • Lemon — this is a strong diuretic.

Recipe loose green tea lemon cream is very easy — first of all ready to drink is the green leaves, filling them with boiling water twice, then add the citrus juice and grated grater, lemon zest. In this case the lemon tea you can add slices of ginger root, dried chamomile and mint leaves. This will give the broth extra flavor and adds a pleasant taste.


Green tea with honey — it is an excellent substitute for the normal tea with sugar and sweet, who want to lose weight. Of course, if losing weight sugar best to abandon it altogether. However, such a natural — a good way out.

Honey green tea, is considered a great drink pills, the body to clean, and to quench thirst. Recommended to add one spoon of honey to a serving of tea.

It is known that the useful substances contained in honey, can not tolerate high temperature: if the hot boiling water they lose their properties. Thus, the added honey it is necessary already chilled water. So manages to maintain all the substances of this product. In addition, honey is not a simple carbohydrates, so that it is impossible to get fat.


Green tea peppermint improves the function of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, and shall apply, if the indigestion. Mint leaves contain vitamins A, C and B12, menthol, and other useful elements.

If you have decided to lose weight, if the aid of such a beverage, then, as claimed by the doctors, nutritionists, green broth must be prepared fresh mint leaves. There are two popular ways of welding such a way.

  • 1-2 tsp. dried mint leaves, pour boiling water and leave the glass for 10-15 minutes. The solution, previously strained, drink five times a day. Extra flavor to a dish, add 5 fresh leaves.
  • Glass available, which are made of various herbs, or plain black tea, add few drops of natural oil of mint.


Spices have for centuries is still a favorite stitched in the East. Diet is the same recommend to add different seasonings to the meals to speed up metabolism and burn fat. One of the most favorite spice for losing weight — cinnamon. It is added to foods and drinks to launch the process of losing weight and of course give a special taste.

Experts claim that green tea cinnamon positive effect on the body:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • promotes weight reduction;
  • cleans the intestines;
  • speeds up metabolism almost 20 times;
  • removes toxins and harmful substances;
  • lowers blood sugar levels.

Boil green tea cinnamon with a just — as freshly cooked drink a couple of minutes, add the branch spices. It is important, then take that out, otherwise it is very taste bitter. Instead of branches can be added to 5 a. powder spices. The broth can chop the apple, its the pieces give way and a fruity touch.

As in all cases, cooking green tea, you can also add a variety of herbs, spices and sweeteners in the form of honey, which will not make your figure.

Oolong Tea

Chinese Oolong, or differently "turquoise tea", has so far remained one of the most favorite drinks in the East. Thanks to a special process of cooking, the product is assessed utility properties and unusual taste. Oolong effects of the human condition is a storehouse of useful elements and such vitamins as E, B1, B6, B12, D, C, K.

A special substance, which is conducive to thin into, here the remains of polyphenols. He "breaks down" fats and speeds up the metabolism, so tea Oolong tablets sometimes even put the first lines.

Drink recipe:

  1. Be to boil water and cool to 90 degrees.
  2. Preheat the teapot, pour it several times with boiling water.
  3. Rub the volume of the dry.
  4. Add the path, calculated with 1 tsp. cup.
  5. Pour over hot water and leave the drink to pull in 5 minutes.
  6. Pour into a dish and add the taste of honey and lemons.

Puerh Tea


Tea Shu Puerh — this is the kind of china green tea, Puer. Its main value — the effects on the human body. Special microflora that develops with the maturation time, the tea extract normalizes metabolic processes, helps burn fats and reduces bad cholesterol levels.

Like any other type of green tea, this drink is good for hot weather. It removes the harmful substances and has a positive effect on the DIGESTIVE tract work, normalizes chair. Nutritionists recommend active pills to consume china Shu Puerh. Reviews do show that it is an effective way to find the shape of dreams.

Infuser should be followed in the following ratio — 4 a. pages pour 150 ml of hot water temperature is 90 degrees. Cook Puerh tea for weight loss best ceramic or porcelain pot is the best chinese traditions.

Tea extract

Green tea extract — it is a biologically active dietary supplement for losing weight. It is effectively stimulate the metabolism, and take this tonic tools.

There is a tremendous amount of positive feedback from happy women who are happy with the result the validity of the extract. Doctors recommend to use it for its strong immune system and a tonic for improving.

Green tea extract is an excellent antioxidant that can cleanse the body of excessive fluid and excessive sugar in the blood. All of this will have a positive impact on the process of losing weight.

Studies show that natural green tea promotes thinness of the entry. Time drinking tea cleaning is done the body normalize metabolic processes, strengthen immunity and rejuvenation. And using such additives such as honey, various herbs and spices, can every day to change the taste of the usual drink.