Diet Ducane detailed description of each phase and tables

Diet Ducane, which is developed by the well-known French dietitian, Pierre Dukan in 1975, the 30-year history of continuous development has achieved perfection.

Pierre Dukan

Useful is different from most of my colleagues, that losing weight is not related to the attrition of the body of the constraint itself by collecting food to consume and more related to the reliable lħiketerad result. No wonder that such a successful method has gained popularity mad.

Dr. Dukan – one of the largest and most influential by specialists. The recipes in his the methodology of the development of obesity different millions of runs. By continuing to constantly improve your powerful weapon against fat in your waist, Pierre Dukan later created the express option for your diet "Stair slimming".

The essence of the diet Ducane

Protein diet according to the method covers the 4 demarcated phases:

  1. Short-term protein "Attack" completely exclude all but the rich protein foods. At this point the irregular lost overweight.
  2. "Cruise" ("triibutada you") more than easily develops the theme: alternately, complete protein days mixed protein-veggies weight is up to the target.
  3. Phase of "Consolidation" ("Confirmation") is necessary to restore normal diet. Seamlessly brought back fruit, bread, cheese, starchy products.
  4. The normal mode of the power supply phase of "Stabilization" is different only in that one day, once a week, is purely protein, how during the "Attack".

Food that is rich in protein (eggs, lean meat, seafood, dairy products up to 1% fat) is used unlimited. From the beginning of the compliance methodology is the result of what. Pounds melt away the eyes. Lost weight fat, the muscles are preserved. So that muscle tone, shape, smooth, elastic line, remains. Clear and smooth the concurrent phase not only removes weight, but it is the best successful in losing weight. Skin, hair, nails improve. Sick and mood in altitude.

The author, Pierre Dukan confirms the need to follow the "protein days" (every Thursday) until the end of his life. One such unloading of the day allows you to set the selected, because the rest of the week weight.


The duration of the diet Ducane volatile. The duration of each stage of the diet Ducane specified amount per kilogram, which intend to lose. Each person has their own, optimally suitable under other provisions, weight, worth pursuing. Faster and easier know about your ideal weight on the basis of which is to calculate how many days the application of the diet, the teeb study online calculator to calculate the ideal body weight housed on the website.

List of products

Weight lowering is not so strongly limited the people available dishes. The more that each stage, the choice of consumed products is growing.

A list of recommended valgutoodete. Those based on the whole technique:

  • Lean meats (low-fat ham -, veal -, white chicken, turkey, rabbit);
  • Internal organs (tongue, kidney, liver);
  • Fish and seafood (clams, shrimp, meat, squid, crustaceans, eggs);
  • Dairy products without the fat (milk, kefir, curd, yogurt – up to 1%);
  • Soybean curd Tofu.

Non-protein products in the diet Ducane:

  • Tea (black, green tn, plant);
  • Coffee (custard, this is trivia, soluble, but not 3 in 1);
  • Every day can use 1 teaspoon of spoon of cocoa, fatness up to 14%;
  • Up to 3 tablespoons of maisitärklist or nonfat milk per day;
  • Wheat bran – 1 tbl per day;
  • Spices (salt, dill, cumin, cream, mustard);
  • Taste, such as vanilla, gelatine, food flavourings, leavening agents test.
Diet Products Ducane

Do not forget that the spices irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and the stomach and exacerbate the feeling of hunger. Is recommended not to overdo it with the pepper, paprika, loft and similar with sharp spices. Onion is enough for one piece a day.

Surely ruin mode in all phases of:

  • Drink alcohol;
  • Sugar, as well as sorbitol, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, etc.;
  • Fruits like bananas, grapes, cherries;
  • Potatoes;
  • Oil, grease, mayonnaise, fatty sauces;
  • White bread.

How sweet the feeling well, very strongly, you can use synthetic, non-carbohydrate sugar substitutes are.

Continue with the execution of diet

Will thing the most time-consuming phase, which is only catering to the allowed list. On the added calories of vegetables, the third is promised for a little bit of pasta or cheese, when going on a confirmation. Plus, in order to avoid mental stress and potential failure, that once a week may be organised to afford a party.

Even prohibited alcohol or chocolate desserts no longer drive you crazy, if every hiking store, becoming available.

The fourth stage – the normal diet six days a week is also intermittent sort of holiday, but it is already handling the day – the power supply only the authorized list valguja products. The time spent in each segment of a special calculator calculates, based on the desired weight.

Eat must be without oil and fat. That healthy food for baking suitable for pans teflon coated, cook the recipes without the fat lubrication can and in the microwave, oven grilled, steamed.

Food composition

The little secret of success – kaerakliisid. Daily reception and provide satiety with minimal calories and normalizes to bring the waste products and toxins accumulated in the body. And yet it is a great product to eat porridge, homemade bread and delicious food desserts.

1,5-2 liters of water to drink per day, non-carbonated mineral water or sebagai more, in order to ensure the normal operation of the results of the body, even without any diet. Glass before a meal a glass of after, can help to carefully digest the food.

Daily walks, not only to the store and back, the duration of 20 minutes and a simple charging, easy fitness or bodyflex can help to feel well and to form an attractive shape. Pierre Dukan has shared yet another secret to rapid weight, quit completely, lift.

First phase: Attack

Start overcoming your bad habits is difficult. Plus, can the organism respond badly to any process of purification of toxins. Phase of the Attack exhausting procedure, and in no event shall exceed 10 days. Is normal, if feeling slightly malaise, tachycardia, drowsiness.

But this period the most significant results. If the maximum mode, because this phase takes not less than 60% now. After the first bad impression of a body optimum, added new resources and the status of the best. In the discharge phase of the Attack, you will lose weight instantly and inevitably.

The protein diet, only recommended products out of the allowed numbers lists, gives the results: remove the excess fluid in the tissues, the skin loses fast, becomes more elastic and firmer.

The daily menu phase of the Attack is universal. The dish can be interconnected to exchange and combine their discretion. Pre-designed daily food, and recipes to help make every day enjoyable and bright. Healthy food is not yet synonymous with tasteless.

Table menu Attack:

Decomposition products of protein deficiency in the fluid to break down of kidneys and lead to serious intoxication. The results can be very unfortunate. It is important to drink more than two liters of water a day and eat bran, to clean the digestive tract from the waste products.

The second phase: the Cruise (Striping)

By the end of this phase of the weight weight to remain before the planned sign. Now the days are divided into two categories: protein, which is mixed with protein-veggies. Protein days the recall phase of the Attack, are no different. Anything except products allowed in the previous period. Mixed protein-vegetables days, in addition to has already been enabled, the display is also used, new food ingredients for the dishes:

  • Vegetables (cucumber, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, and spinach, cabbage as usual both and cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, radish, pumpkin), salad, beans with pods;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Soy;
  • Low fat filling of sauces to refuel.

The rational use of the method of bodyweight Dukane advance to think about a diagram of the days rotation. The author himself recommends that one of the proteins in the day then one of the mixed. But it is possible to choose also other recipes of the profiles, for example, the calendar of the three, the main condition – that the sum of the duration of the decline.

The second phase-the Cruise

Adequate digestion of the increased number of products, the bran is now 2 tbsp, and still drink at least 2 liters of water. Habit to walk in the fresh air for half an hour to finally secure the result.

Initially seem, that after a mixed day the speed of weight loss decreases. In fact, all in accordance with the procedure: the protein diet, vegetables and bran embed the result in the maintenance of excessive water from tissues. Gradually normalize your sharing, water partially back, but the weight of the lowering will continue.

Lastly, the range of products available allows to diversify the recipes and you can prepare also happy not already the cost of the meal. Below is a visible example: daily food phase of the Cruise (Striping), painted to separate the protein and mixed days.

The third phase: Consolidation (Securing)

Heavy days are over. Remaining concentrated suspended. How much time it takes, depends on the selected originally mode, such that each 1 kg is lost at a rate of 10 days on average, the exact numbers can be calculated in the calculator. The calendar is closely prescribed of protein per day.

The extended variety of permissible products. Already exists, because when going to the store:

  • Fruit or berries per day, for example apple, cut melon, orange. With the exception of the high carbohydrate content (cherries, grapes, banana);
  • 100 grams of grain bread;
  • 40 grams of cheese, with a fat content of up to 40%. It is advisable to avoid the best -, goat -, and fused.

One week suitable for the starchy side dish of choice: up to 220 grams of brown rice, potatoes in uniform (there are only boiled), lentils, pasta or a maximum of 200 grams of soy, chickpeas, peas, wheat, couscous, polenta. Allowed 2 glasses of dry wine and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Once a week meat diet extends 150 gr pork meat (even roasted).

Protein Thursday: the starting phase of the consolidation, once a week (the author recommends every Thursday) is only the diet phase of the Attack.

In accordance with the principles of the methodology Ducane, the implementation of regular weekly protein unloading helps to lose those grams that ordinary, because the rest of the day and maintain lasting results the entire life. It is important to monitor the adoption of rules of water, bran, and a half-hour walk. Examine the example weekly menu phase of the Validation.

The fourth step: image stabilizer

This segment is difficult to be called for a healthy stage. Restriction food is not, it is possible to, as they like, even desserts. This Made and approved to adapt to goal weight. The differences during this period:

  • Every week – "protein on Thursday (or another day);
  • Bran 3 tablespoons in the morning. May not get into the raw product, which is able to bake bread, lovely desserts: crackers, cookies;
  • Water and a walk. But it should already become a habit;
  • Try to not lean sugar, flour and potatoes. The higher is the prove, that the protein part of the products and vegetables to the menu as a healthier food;
  • Keep in mind, that the person is active and warping lives, not recover basically.

The Express version of the "Stair of weight loss"

The author of the diet Ducane is clearly understood that not all are able to follow exactly the prescriptions of the long stages. The Mass of people, who want to lose weight, this must not be done using the proposed method, because of medical considerations. Protein diet Ducane 7 days offer less discomfort, by reducing the extra pounds.

Constantly upgrades the chances of a healthy body weight, in 2007 he released a book "Stairway slimming", instantly became a global bestseller. This Pierre Dukan offers shorter and not so exhausting recipes.

One week is divided into seven conditional steps days. Every day, from Monday, the menu is a daily supplement of one type of products. Constantly expanding as the step stair, the fast diet Ducane rises up to Sunday, if it is allowed throughout the grocery store. Basic course menu – already familiar with the protein phase of the Attack. The document cited in support items are also available – is bran (2 large tablespoons), a daily walk for 30 minutes and drink 2 liters of water at least.

After that, if the results obtained start power supply to the consolidation of the full opportunity – securing. Each lost kilogram Staircase slimming down the walk to the store for 10 consecutive days only Saturday diet.

The daily menu express diet Ducane "Stair slimming":

  • Monday: the Day protein meals, how to the full version;
  • Tuesday: Mixed protein-cuisine menu phase of the Cruise (Striping). It is possible the kitchen-which does not contain starch (cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, onion, tomato);
  • Wednesday: the K proteins and vegetables will join the opportunity to have up to 150 grams of fruit than sugar (banana, cherries, figs – all list);
  • Thursday: these elements + whole grain bread (two pieces);
  • Friday: added a piece of cheese with a fat content of up to 40%. Now the menu corresponds to the phase of Consolidation for the full version;
  • Saturday: yesterday diet combined with 200 grams of cereals, pasta, cooked potatoes;
  • Sunday: a Good diet to eek two a glass of wine and desserts. Every morning bran.

This is a simple and healthy diet without the hassle gives the results of 750 – 1000 grams per week. Protein in the staircase, through slow weight loss, seamlessly remodels metabolism, not pressing the psyche, and most importantly – is droops skin and is not caused by stretch marks is characterized by steep companies up.