The right diet pills: the menu is every day women

The nature and principles of a healthy diet diet</1_img>

The right food should be present for the following components:

  • vegetable protein (pulses, nuts);
  • proteins are of animal origin, but to a lesser extent (fish, lean beef, chicken);
  • fast carbs, but that may be due to the help of the products (fruits and dried fruits, their best is to eat days in the first half):
  • slow carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables);
  • vegetable fats.

As you can see, there is such a list out of animal fats (butter, margarine), and carbohydrates, which supply the body empty calories. This is different from fast food, sweets, pastries. It is these and help to recruit extra pounds.

Eat basically can be any, but if the amount of a single portion must not exceed 350 grams. Even if the repast consisted of two meals, then 200 grams, as it should take into account piece of chicken breast and 150 salad or vice versa.

Diet the best have the useful products, of which a large part should take vegetables, cereals, low fat dairy products, fruits, meat and fish постных varieties. With the diet it is best to make a Quinque-tempus, that during the day to avoid the feelings of Talia saec end hunger, which pushes people to gang up on harmful products and eat one the reception is much more than it requires an internal system.

All the fabrication of the reference is recommended to choose:

  • the incubation of;
  • cooking;
  • запекание.

Fry is also allowed, but the minimum with added oil. And it affects more of the protein products. Carbohydrates are the best at all in any way to process and use them fresh. When it comes to cereal, it suits them is just pre-zaparivat, if for a long time to boil.

The right diet in the event special attention is paid to the biben in mode. Per day is human body must be submitted at least two liters of normal water.

Useful tips

Breakfast, if such a diet is very important. This will load the necessary energy for the whole day, so give up the morning meal is not worth it. And before breakfast is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, which speeds up metabolism. Apart from this, there are still some tips that may come in handy for those who have decided to losing weight with ease and without compliance with the strict diet of:

  1. Fruit will not pay to eat, after is difficult, particularly meat eating. It that gravis stomach and cause fermentation. The end may occur constipation, slowing down the whole process of real harmony. The tree fruits are best to eat, because 15 minutes, until the bottom of the meal, or separately, getting yourself a snack.
  2. Lunch should ideally consist of protein and complex carbohydrates. This allows the saturation of the organism for a long time, and then eat does not occur exhauriat feeling of hunger.
  3. Eat after 30 minutes after waking up, and if a man prefers to drink coffee, you should pre-скушать a piece of cheese, boiled egg or toast with the vegetables.
  4. If the closer of the night will rise in appetite, then instead of some kind of harmful or калорийного product you can drink a cup of keefiri or plain yogurt, to which is added oppress the siliginis bran. Such a beverage is to fill the stomach, provides satiety and helps to work the bowel.

Prohibited and permitted products

Observing the right diet, people are of the idea may be the diet of the any and favorite food, but used in dosed quantities. But a bigger part of the menu should form useful products, which is not only снабдят the body of vitamins and minerals, but it does not hit at the waist and hips in the form of fat deposits. The context most often must be able to the following products:

What can be? That can't?
  • fruit and vegetables fresh (especially cabbage, cucumbers and zucchini, celery, apples, plums, citrus fruits);
  • chicken without skin, turkey, beef and rabbit;
  • the fish are the white varieties, but once a week can be salmo rosea salmo or ketu;
  • seafood;
  • злаковые cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, macaroni durum wheat, millet and tisana);
  • beans, beans, peas and lentils;
  • natural milk and dairy products, without that a large number of sugar and less fat percent;
  • bread wholegrain and rye flour;
  • cheese low in salt (the best white varieties);
  • since sweets can be dried fruits, malu and marshmallows, jellies;
  • nuts (these are used for dosed quantity);
  • fresh juices, tea and coffee ground;
  • fructus bibit and compotes;
  • olive -, sesame -, sunflower oil;
  • soy sauce.
  • crisps, salted nuts and крендельки, crunches;
  • tarts and cakes oleo, cream;
  • milk chocolate and candy fillings;
  • butter and margarine;
  • sauces based on mayonnaise;
  • pork and lard;
  • white bread, muffins and butyrub cookies;
  • meat and fish products, fried breaded deep-fried;
  • pickled and smoked.

Weeks menu

See the proposed menu which is compiled specially for women, who the principles are correct nutrition.
Day Menu
Monday Breakfast: tea, an apple, a piece of circa saviunculum bread tomato and two folliculos germinaret eggs. Snack: salad of cucumber and tomato, seasoned with some oil. Lunch: 200 g chicken praeparandum fillets and plate cucurbita soup. Lunch: a cup of yogurt with berries. Dinner: fish fillets, cooked in the oven in foil asparagus and broccoli.
Tuesday Breakfast: coffee, banana, slice chicken breast and a salad of cabbage, cucumber, seasoned with sour cream. Snack: a jar of yogurt, which is allowed to also add nuts and dried fruits. Lunch: vegetable soup, one boiled egg and tea with cheese. Lunch: cottage cheese with honey. Dinner: fish, cooked a couple and a little bit of peas.
Wednesday Breakfast: two kiwi, protein omelette with tomato and tea. Snack: хлебец with cotagium caseus cheese. Lunch: two cutlets chopped turkey, salads and greens. Lunch: two cheesecake, and cranberry juice. Dinner: rice with seafood.
Thursday Breakfast: coffee with milk, buckwheat krupa plums, a piece of cheese. Snack: salad with asparagus, corn and cancer sticks. Lunch: cicer puree, a piece of boiled beef and two fresh cucumber. Lunch: glass of yogurt. Dinner: zucchini, stuffed with chicken meat and cheese.
Friday Morning tea, a bit of green grapes, one tomato and two boiled eggs. Snack: хлебец with плавленым cheese. Lunch: tisana mash with veal and carrots. Lunch: berries and fruits. Dinner: salmon, baked on the grill with paprika and pepper.
Saturday Breakfast: make a pear, a sandwich out of a loaf of rye bread, a slice of cooked chicken fillets and cucumber. Snack: rice porridge, dried apricots and raisins. Lunch: tomato, meatballs, one Turkish and three baked potatoes. Lunch: mixed vegetables and glass lac uvam. Dinner: cod fillet carrots, sour cream baked in foil.
Sunday Breakfast: coffee, three финика, a piece of caseus casseroles. Snack: fruit salad. Lunch: a pickle, or beetroot, chicken stalk without skin, 150 g buckwheat porridge. Lunch: two lazy Golubets. Dinner: squid, stuffed with grated zucchini.