How To Lose Weight At Home With Health Benefits

Today, the topic of discussion will be weight loss with health benefits at home. From the article you will learn:

  • due to what obesity appears;
  • how to lose weight properly on conventional products;
  • methods - how to properly lose weight at home with health benefits.

The constant accelerating rhythm of life dictates a person many conditions, one of which is to be active and do everything in the shortest possible time.

Clearly, a drunk person cannot move fast. In addition, obesity tends to increase every year.

Over time, it is accompanied by problems with joints, cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems.

Therefore, many who have already encountered a problem are interested in the question: how to properly lose weight at home.

What causes obesity

Excessive food intake is not the only factor leading to fat storage. Usually, a set of causes works, which results in the human body starting to function incorrectly:

  1. Severe stress and depression, which women often eat sweet.
  2. A sedentary lifestyle and as a result physical inactivity.
  3. An imbalance of thyroid hormones, or rather a lack of them - hypothyroidism.
  4. Foods containing genetically modified components.
  5. Regular sitting on a low calorie diet.

How to lose weight properly on conventional products

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. Not everyone will understand diets, calculate calories and look longingly at the fridge.

cream soup for weight loss at home

How to start losing weight properly at home, eating tasty and healthy?

The next few recipes will help solve this problem.


Vegetable soups are always prepared to lose weight properly and without health damage at home.

Preparation (number of ingredients per eye):

  1. Finely chop the onion and fry lightly in vegetable oil. The bulb must be transparent.
  2. Add chopped vegetables to the onion - tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, a little water, cover and simmer for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Peel and then cut potatoes into small cubes, boil water.
  4. Put potatoes in boiling water and reduce heat. Cook until tender.
  5. Crush the potatoes, add the stewed vegetables, add a little salt and pepper.

To lose weight at home, first eat a quarter less than usual, then half. Top the soup with a few crispy buckwheat breads and dill.


A classic combination for those who want to lose weight at home is boiled fish, such as sea trout or salmon and rice with onions. The adaptation is prepared simply:

  1. Cook the rice until tender.
  2. Quickly fry finely chopped large onions in a frying pan.
  3. Put the rice on top, mix well, add homemade tomato juice, salt, black pepper to taste and a little water.
  4. Mix everything, cover and let it sweat for 5 minutes. Serve with chives.


For snacks and to lose weight, a vitamin cocktail is ideal:

  1. Grind dill, lettuce, cilantro, a little mint and a small tomato in a blender.
  2. Pour in an incomplete glass of low-fat kefir (1%) or whey and whip.
  3. Eat 1 glass as another breakfast and / or afternoon snack.

To lose weight properly at home, eat fractionally and eat a small amount of food at a time.

Weight loss techniques

There are a large number of diets, but the benefits of them are questionable. Even if a person manages to lose a few kilos, the weight comes back again.

This is due to the special conditions of the organism. Any diet, especially mono- or hard, is the strongest stress for him.

In such a situation, the body will not be able to lose weight properly. He will start storing fat in reserve and use muscle tissue instead.

The next few techniques will teach you how to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. They also require mandatory physical activity.

This is the only way to lose weight properly at home and without harming the body.

Bragg weight loss

Paul Bragg is a famous American naturopath who has developed his own plan for a healthy lifestyle.

He lived to 81 and almost never got sick, had a slim physique, had prominent muscles.

5 postulates by Paul Bragg about losing weight properly and never gaining weight:

  1. Natural food.
  2. Hunger.
  3. "Nothing" salt.
  4. Drinking melt water.
  5. Physical activity.

Natural food

All industrial products with preservatives, dyes, modified components are excluded from the diet.

The approximate composition of the daily diet: 60% raw vegetables, fruits, berries; 20% natural unrefined oils and natural sweets - honey, dried sweet fruits, freshly squeezed juices; 20% proteins are animal and vegetable.

vegetable salad for weight loss at home

Only eat food when you are very hungry and chew it thoroughly. This is the only way to lose weight properly at home.


One day once a week. It is great for losing weight without harming your own body.

Such fasting involves the use of only purified and preferably thawed water for 24 hours. It is allowed to add honey to the glass on the tip of a teaspoon.

To lose weight properly and not break down and not undermine the digestive organs, you need to get rid of fasting quickly - the first day you can eat only a salad of fresh vegetables with avocado or a small portion of slimy soup.

Salt ban

This moment is controversial, it makes doctors smile. It should be noted that we still use salt for cooking.

It is quite enough for the same vegetables to be eaten without salting. If you want to lose weight properly at home, you need to limit the amount of salt.

Drinking melt water

Bragg drank himself distilled. The common man should not experiment like that.

It is enough to freeze in the freezer and then melt plain filtered tap water. You should drink 1, 5 - 2 liters a day.

Physical activity

No matter what diet a person adheres to, if it leads a sedentary lifestyle, it will bring no benefit.

According to Paul Bragg, you need to moderate your muscles to lose weight properly at home. If you are too lazy to go to the gym, work out at home, take long walks every day.

Dukan weight loss

This is a complex but effective system that you can properly lose weight at home.

The Ducan diet is only recommended for obese people under 40 years of age. Also, it would be nice to check your health before you "sit down" on it.

Ducan's principles somehow cross the postulates of Paul Bragg. At the same time, the nutritionist allows those who want to lose weight to use "harmful" foods, but no more than once a week and replace them with 1 meal.

4 steps to proper weight loss:

  • attack;
  • switch;
  • make;
  • stabilization.


It lasts no more than 5 days, where a person who decides to lose weight fast and correctly is offered to eat exclusively protein foods and drink plenty of water - at least one and a half liters. If you ignore the last minute, you can undermine the kidneys.

water with lemon for weight loss at home

As a snack or a substitute for one of the meals, it is recommended to eat 1, 5 tsp. oat bran and rinse it down with plenty of water.

The effect of a 5-day protein diet is immediately noticeable. During the attack phase, the body can lose 5 kg.


Vegetables and vegetables are added to the protein diet. Every day you have to go into the menu 2 types of new products.

In the alternating stage, the diet contains both pure protein days and mixed protein-vegetable days.

Bran is eaten in an amount of 2 tsp. The amount of fluid increases to 2 liters per day. The weight loss is lowered and is approximately 1 kg in 10 days.

exercises for weight loss at home


This phase helps stabilize the weight. The person will continue to lose weight, but the process will go almost imperceptibly. But the diet will be significantly enriched. It adds:

  • potatoes, bread and pasta (no more than 2 times a week);
  • honey (up to 3 teaspoons a day);
  • fruits other than bananas and grapes;
  • cheese (not more than 40 g).

The amount of bran is up to 3 tsp. Per day. Harmful industrial products are allowed. Protein menu once a week.


The main principles of this phase:

  1. Protein menu once a week.
  2. Mandatory use of bran for 3 teaspoons, rinsed with plenty of water.
  3. Physical activity.
  4. Any food from the list of permitted foods is allowed in the diet.

At this stage, it is important for a person to feel that there are no particular boundaries. There is only the right nutrition system that allows you to lose weight at home without harming your health.