How fast to remove belly fat at home? Nutrition, massage, and exercises for the stomach

In order to get rid of "the problematic", not hard enough to play sports or sit diet. The first thing to do: determine the cause of deposits of fat cells. Possible, eliminating the cause, you are forever open - costa.

The consequences of confinement

The long-awaited child – happiness, which sometimes generate small changes in appearance. During pregnancy the organism запасается the fat that accumulates on the sides, it is related to the forthcoming lactation and protection of the fetus during pregnancy. If the woman fed the baby yourself, stock consumpt est gradually. This is another reason, why not throw feeding, which rejects the opinion that breastfeeding can further improve.

Wrong mode of the day

All of the women who run and a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from the deposition of fat just from the sides and abdominal area.


The constant use of жаренной and bold eating. Безмерное eating muffins, subcinericios panes and pies. Dry breakfast food run of the cibi redundant. before bedtime – all of these activities lead to жировым складкам and blotchy in the stomach. If not to stop and not to start to eat in a balanced way, then there is a small belly become a huge fat down.

Harmful substances

Smoking, alcohol, antibiotics and hormonal drugs regular used result in the accumulation of harmful substances, which in turn disrupt blood circulation and metabolism. In this situation, the organism simply can not quickly issue order to extra fat, he considers them to smooth out the belly and sides.

In stressful situations

Stressful situation will affect the amount of exaggerated fat in the waist area. General стрессовое status can be found in the objects:

  • Waking up feeling tired
  • A long time can not wake up and activate your body
  • The pulse frequency
  • The adrenal glands are working over the norm
  • Appear on the sides and belly
  • The face is rounded, there will be topeltlõug

In order to accurately determine the stress hormones, you need to go to the hospital, to perform all the necessary analyses. Body everyone is different. To determine what specific reason the beginning of the sediment is very difficult. However, to calculate reason necessary, because of the variety of ways to losing weight better help, if there is a known problem. At times the place there are several factors that are immediately necessary to remove your life.

Effective ways to remove fat from stomach and sides

Hormone, incendium fat

In the human body the adrenal glands produce the hormone DHEA, stable they work up to 30 years. After a number of heat to the hormone decreases. DHEA helps the body cope with the stresses that reduces the likelihood of fat deposits. In order to achieve the desired level of hormone to be taken medicines by prescription. An alternative solution is the supplements, which will stabilize the work of the adrenal.

How to properly eat?
  1. Completely abandon fat from the food does not. This processing reduces the heat in insulin, which in turn promotes fat deposits at the waist. The best solution is a fatty fish that contains enough fat Omega.
  2. The diet must be stable: 5 – 6 meals a day. Even if it is small portions, but regularly. In order not to harm yourself, it is worth to accurately calculate the calories consumed. If you cannot do this yourself, you can go to a consultation with a dietician.
  • 1500 kcal per day – the most optimal variant
  • 700 kcal should fend off as breakfast.
  • South – 400 kcal
  • dinner – 400 kcal.
  • Portion should be balanced. 50% of plates – carbs, 30% fat, 20% proteins.
Products that contain a maximum of carbs and least calories:
  • vegetables (zucchini, cabbage, potatoes),
  • fruit (raspberries, урюк),
  • the cereals (figure).
Completely abandon the bread is not worth it. May eat of the bread of bran. Which food will pay a maximum limit? 1. Mayonnaise 2. You can 3. Margarine 4. Sour cream These should be eaten rarely and in small quantities.

What kind of products to burn fat on the belly?

Is the individual products, which speed up the metabolic processes can help burn fat in the waist area. 1. Grapefruit, lime, lemon, orange – citrus, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C contribute to the breakdown of fats. 2. Dairy products with lower fat choices. Milk, cheese and yogurt enrich the body of necessary calcium and can also help you fight rasvaladestusega. 3. Sharp spices. Directly to the chilli and cayenne pepper is rich in капсаицином, which burns fat even 20 minutes after eating. 4. Apples are rich in pectin, which is a barrier to the fat in the course of the absorption of the cells. 5. Cucumbers return to normal water-physiological balance. Support an active metabolism, which the end of the fat deposits. 6. Asparagus and lentils. Bright representatives of the low protein products. Quickly sitim hunger purification, intestines from undigested food, food residues, to restore normal metabolism. 7. Kaerahelbe mash. In addition to its medical properties, rapidly enriches the organism with the necessary fiber. Beneficial to eat during the cold season of the year, if not a large number of fruit. 8. Groundnuts (peanuts). Only a small quantity! Helps fight Zhirkov on the belly, and the distinctive teeth on the sides. Feeds the body protein and unsaturated fat. 9. Green tea without sugar and lemon cold. Such beverage several times per day helps to burn fat in your waist and accelerates lipid metabolism. products</2_img> Diet pills the belly and on the sides

If does not help a proper diet, you should pay attention to your diet, which is purposefully removed was excessive centimeters of the waist. The diet you gradually give up many favorite foods. But if you really want to see the result, you should restrain yourself from desires. Popular diets achieve a flat costa is considered: "Buckwheat" and "kefir".The duration of the diet is an average of 3 – 4 weeks, and it certainly is the last course in 5 – 6 months.

Data diet does not harm the body! They help to cleanse and restore the intestinal work, metabolic processes.

Buckwheat as a food, it does not mean that there can be only buckwheat. This krupa is the main component of dieting.

  • Moreover, it can be used to kefir (1 l per day), dried fruit, all products that contain fiber.
  • Must be excluded conspersa, greasy and fried with sour cream.
  • I'm trying less to eat protein food to reduce.

Where should be stay? If you see the desired result, but not more than 4 months. If you do not have the beneficial diet, which means that you're doing it wrong. Go dramatically to the diet not worth it. There have been cases where girls hardly, if the order is granted to the expiry of the period, attacked the cakes and smoked meat by eating it nemerenno amounts. The result: a few days back to the starting point. After the diet still 6 months worth of to remain healthy diet, gradually introduce the forbidden products in small quantities. This is the only way to achieve a permanent result.

Massage to the abdomen in the home

Massage the stomach tablets you can do yourself at home. Thus, bringing benefits to the body, do not waste money and a lot of time professionals in the beauty salon.

The main rules:
  • Massage is carried out only either before or after a meal to 2 hours.
  • The movement to produce only movement in a clockwise direction.
  • The conversation should not be unpleasant or painful.
There are many different ways to massage at home. 1. Water massage. Shall be made at the time of adoption is the soul. Is he changing force напора and water temperature. Jet diverted to the abdomen, moving it clockwise direction, simultaneously with the change in pressure and temperature. Such a procedure is not only to weight loss, but also to strengthen the body. Paying 10 minutes a day to your body, you will be able to achieve the result already for a month. 2. eradicatæ, massage. That this massage is kneading the fat deposits, relax your abdominal muscles. Thanks to eradicatæ, massage the skin smoother, makes it smooth and supple. Through this it is necessary lying on your back. Wear skin cream or oil, after which it is worth to start пощипывать fat deposits, going to switch between them, moving clockwise. 3. Vacuum massage. Relax as bottles, preferably silicone. You can buy from the pharmacy. Stomach to apply the cream or oil, fix the banks, which slowly передвигают. The procedure is sufficiently painful, may occur bruising, which over time held. However, this massage is considered to be the most effective.

This massage has a number of contraindications, which is related to vascular diseases. Before to start this kind of massage, make sure that you are not contraindicated!

4. Massage honey and apple cider vinegar. Honey is the only need to the real! Honey should be mixed with the essential oil, put the hands and the abdomen. Next, we start nam malesuada cursus yourself in the stomach about 30 times. During this period, the honey becomes тягучим and starts to create a vacuum effect to it, if any хлопке. After хлопков is necessary to continue the massage tracta movements. Upon completion of the take a warm shower and moisturizing to the skin of the abdomen apple cider vinegar. 5. Manual massage on your – the preparatory phase of the physical exercises. This massage done to warm up the muscles and fat deposits before the lessons of the sport. Through her massage mitt, hands or byss the torta with a towel. Rub are going horizontally, then vertically, and smoothly moving in a circular movement and posture changes. The main thing is not to overdo it. Check the force of the push, to achieve the desired result and not hurt yourself.

How to remove belly fat hoop?

First of all, it pays to buy the hoop, which gives you a "vespa" waist.
  1. Deal with it rather than 10 – 15 min per day. Even the most active ladies can choose to afford such мизерное a lot of time.
  2. If you unscrew the collar: its muscle belly has been warmed up, improves blood circulation, metabolism is faster, which will gradually fat burning.
If you are printing, then the hour as a hoop should be the first, as a warm-up.

Exercises for the abdomen and on the sides

There are many exercises you can do at home.
  1. Popular exercises for the abdomen — swing press
  2. Fight utrimque suitable for mahi-legged. Ложимся one side, inniti hand, согнутую elbow, the lower leg is the bent knee and the top of the keep directly. If you agree to this situation, start to do the mahi up to 15 times periodically volutans on the other side.
  3. Very effective exercise — the planck. You can do so фронтальную, so the and a half ideal for abdominal muscles. Take the emphasis lying, as would you should you отжиматься, and in this position hold for 3 minutes. Repeat step 3 approach. How looks the side molding see figure no 7.

How to remove belly fat without diet?

In order to remove belly fat and boca home without diet is needed:
  • Check the number of съедаемой food
  • Prepare your daily diet
  • Not to exceed the amount of the required calories shall be crossed out from the list of products that contribute to fats deposition
  • To live in harmony with yourself
  • Avoid stressisituatsioone
  • To make a basic loading in the morning
  • Three times a week to do exercises in the complex

Delete the belly and sides is not easy, but when asked such a purpose, then it is absolutely possible to achieve. Remember, that you are not just adaptation to your figure, but also bring benefits to the body, the result of this is that you end great feel and stay satisfied with their appearance.