How to lose 10 kg in a month?

To lose 10 kg without harming your health, you need to start losing weight properly! A lot of diets promise immediate weight loss, but after the end of the weight loss stage, he also immediately returns to his place.

meditation for weight loss with 10 kg per month

How to lose weight without harming your health by 10 kg a month?

Nutritionists do not prefer lean foods. As there is a perception that many diseases arise from an unsuitable diet with a small amount of nutrients. An example of this is scurvy. Severe disease cured by ascorbic acid. The usual reduction in diet to cut down on calories and lose 10kg of weight will cause an unfortunate condition. The nails will start to crack, and with them the hairline. The skin tissue becomes noticeably pale. But if you eat right, then this can be avoided.

Basics of weight loss

To get rid of 10 kilos of excess weight, it is enough to follow the laws of proper nutrition. The weight will not only go from the barrels and stomach, but also from the arms, face and legs. Do not forget that a hyperactive person loses weight in a very meek time without harming health. Consuming a lot of calories a day leads to the inevitable disposal of 10 kg a month.

The laws of losing 10 kg:

  1. Throw bread products out of your diet before you lose weight. Bread can be replaced with bread.
  2. Eat diet meat - chicken breast, beef. Eat steamed or oven-cooked fish.
  3. Eat fruit early in the day. You can eat cabbage around the clock.
  4. The breakfast must be hearty. Losing 10 kg in a month without harm to health will help a breakfast that contains more than 30% of the daily calories. Have dinner 5 hours before bedtime.
  5. Avoid being hungry. An empty stomach is the enemy of losing weight. Fasting causes a disturbance in the digestive system, deterioration of the condition and mood. It is useful to have a snack with apples, cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt.
  6. It is possible to lose 10 kg in a month without harming health if you eat food consisting of 80% grains, fruits and vegetables. The remaining hole is supplemented with kefir food and meat. Such foods should be eaten daily taking into account the calorie content.

Calorie intake

To lose 10 kg in a month, you need to understand the basics of weight loss. Let’s say you have a certain amount in your bank account. This number will be equal to the number of calories that make up your body. Some of the overseas nutritionists believe that 1 kg of weight equals seven thousand seven hundred calories.

Food is an increase in the bill, and an active life, which is expressed in physical exercise or regular walking, which requires consumption of calories, is a depreciation of money. Put in more money than you spend and eventually it will grow and prove to be overweight. Well, if you use calories, then the weight will go away.

Slimming strategy for 10 kilos in one month

  1. Play sports for a few hours a day. This makes it possible to eat and lose weight. This method is not as good as it is harmful.
  2. Try not to overeat and stick to a certain daily calorie level.

Go in for sports and eat right and you can lose 10kg in a month without harming your health.

To get rid of 1 kg of weight you need to burn 7700 kilos of calories. It turns out that in order to lose 10 kilos in a month, you need to burn 17, 000 kilos of calories in a week. That is, you need to lose 2-3 kg a week. You can calculate your calorie intake using an online calculator.

For the normal functioning of a female body weighing 50 kg, it is enough to consume 1200 calories so as not to harm health. At the same time, eat healthy foods saturated with vitamins.

Thus, you now know how to lose 10 kg in a month without harming your health. Good luck!