Honey and weight

As you know, sweets – it is a kind of anti-depressant, which can take away his own life pleasures. If when used correctly it not only does not harm the shape, will help to get rid of thick on the sides.


That honey is useful to, is heard by all, but I must remind you once more. It contains about 60 amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals!

Honey will be able to:
  • nourishes the body with energy;
  • stimulate the metabolic processes and the regular use use mild laxative tool;
  • replace sugar;
  • improve digestion;
  • expel toxins;
  • enrich the body with minerals, vitamins, trace elements, especially vitamin C, calcium and iron;
  • reduce the need for sweet;
  • to raise the immunity.

Numerous studies have shown that people, attenuante using honey, reached a result more frequently in those who are fully исключал food sweets.


Honey helps in the treatment of many diseases, and the limitation of its application may be the only individual intolerance, which, unfortunately, happens quite often. In this case, is a way out, because usually, an allergic reaction can only be certain varieties of honey.

7% of people in the world (mainly in children), can not tolerate honey. Only 1 spoon can cause them to have itching, hives, and disorders of the digestive tract

The disease, which honey to eat do not: diabetes, cardiovascular insufficiency, diseases of the blood and severe form of obesity. In the latter case, the tablets should be use with other tools and methods. Can't sit on mel nutrition and pregnant women, but they are contraindicated in any dieting.

If you do not have contraindications honey can be added to the daily diet, which provide the opportunity for greater effort to support health, beauty and youth, and at the same time, cures for many diseases, in which it is used in the tool.

How it works honey when losing weight

Weight loss process – this is the stress, влекущий lead to many unpleasant sensations, deprimentium feeling of hunger until the fall forces. Many do not suffer, срываются, but then quietly self hate, because of the lack of willpower.

Honey helps not only cleaned, but increases the stress of this difficult time. People who have chosen a diet for myself using honey, do not taste, where the sweet, so well is carrying the lack of food sugar.

Choose as such, the difference between honey or sugar, if weight is not. Any weight – this is a complete derogation of sugar!

Organism quickly saturated carbohydrate due to the fact that the process of digestion of honey comes with leakage of large quantities of bile, помогающей to digest fats.

Whether it is honey, if losing weight just like that, without any combinations with other products? Honey is effective, and in this case, provided that the dose is not too large. However, the best results will help to achieve just the combination of the honey with the other, still maintained a thin meeting, herbs, spices, products, or drinks. In addition, honey can be used not only for oral administration. Proven himself honey massages, baths, wraps. In particular, if a person has need to lose 20 kg and more, then we recommend you to use precisely these tools and take the honey inside.

Honey contains defined substances (4%), which are not subject to analysis.

If you are using honey it is important to eat at a certain time. The best time — when the stomach is empty, or in the morning or in the evening. It provides an opportunity for him not to intermingle with other food and not to promote arthroplasty fermentation and газообразования.

Honey night</2_img>

The basis for the work of honey for losing weight — a unique biochemical composition, which in the end improve the body. It normalizes all of the agencies and processes responsible for the body weight to normalise. Pounds go through the body cleaning, the process of improving the digestion and metabolism functions.

Honey massage

Honey massage is used mainly in order to fight cellulite. This allows the muscles насыщаются oxygen, nutrients, thanks to which decreases edema, improves krovopotok and increases the work of the lym drainage system. Nahaaluses body fat fiber normalizes.

Effect to strengthen before the massage needed a bit of de vaporetur body, if possible, Russian beret, and clean up the rebus. So absorbent properties of the skin to grow. Massage techniques are quite simple: the need for a coat of honey to your skin and make easy SAMECH plauserunt and volvuntur super movement the palm of your hand, until the honey starts well to remove the body. If the massage in the beginning he was transparent and homogeneous, then nearing completion are similar to the particles of wax, and what crazier is its color, the more toxins from the body will leave.

It is not recommended, as massage has a long time to stay in one place, because it can end in redness of the skin and the effect you torment case I've mortis the desire to scratch "manibus milito" place. Massage should be alternately buy all the parts is the problematic area of the body. Thanks to massage blood vessels quickly dilate, increases metabolism, therefore, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids. The body is necessary to clean the residue of honey in a warm moist towel and apply cream or oil of wheat germ or almonds. Honey massage is recommended to do once in 2-3 days.

Honey baths

This means that has been used already in ancient times, with women and men. The bath helped to relax, lead to body weight, and keep the skin in perfect condition. Now all of the spa centers offer this service, but why spend more money than home do in the bath is not a big job.

Honey baths</3_img>

That honeyed baths are needed: 2 liters of milk; 200 gm of honey; 3-5 drops of each essential oil.

The ingredients mix and add warm water. Lying in the bath is only recommended for 15 -20 minutes and repeat the procedure every 2 -3 days. Water must be warmer than 42 degrees. If the bath recommend to do during lunch or in the evening, then water with honey on an empty stomach pill reviews is the best drink in the morning, only so absorption is maximum.

Wrap with honey

Wraps you need your one and a half hours of complete silence. All wraps are held in a single diagram: the body adspexisse, cleaned the brush, in will be transferred to the hair, strengthening the mixture, zamatyvaetsya film of food and сверку covered with a warm blanket or shawl. 1.5 hours a person must rid of the rest of the world, and best of all – sleep. After the procedure is necessary for a warm shower and wear a cream moisturizer. Better to do it before bedtime, because the honey in the evening, when losing weight — the best tool to relax and relieve stress.

Tablets are used for 3 of the main recipe:
  • alcohol and honey (200 gm honey, 1 tablespoon strong alcohol);
  • essential oil and honey (200 gm honey, a few drops of citrus oils);
  • vinegar and honey (200 gm honey, 2 tablespoons of vinegar).
All three recipes honey should be liquid.

Honey, if diet pills

First of all it is necessary to decide whether to eat honey, if losing weight. Most of the nutrition of honey will be used in the form of beverages, and rarely recommend to eat spoons. But the options are so many that are possible in different combinations. The main thing that is need to keep in mind – if any of the nutrition diet is necessary to completely exclude all sweet. Honey instead of sugar losing weight — this is all you can afford, even despite the fact that honey калорийнее sugar. This also has its advantages – the honey you eat a lot does not, even if the need for sweet would be very big. Satiety can come already after 2 tablespoons.

Veinijook of honey will be implemented more frequently in the rest of the money. Their manufacture and consumption is necessary to know some nuances:

  • the manufacture can be used only with natural liquid honey;
  • honey may be different (floral, herbal, подсолнечным), although many prefer may;
  • per day should not consume honey more 100-150 gm;
  • dissolve to be the honey with warm water, because cold he is a bad spread, and hot to kill all its useful properties;
  • if grabbed a diet based on beverages you drink them almost every day, no days off, and do it before the completion of the course of treatment;
  • follow strict дозировок to prepare the drinks may not taste the drink may not be unpleasant, otherwise the diet becomes каторгой.
Externally, the honey must not be coated with a sugar crust over, and should not be used too liquid product. If the honey forms a liquescimus, an effect not taken into account.