Exercises for fast weight loss at home

The training plan should be built on the basis of body weight, with severe obesity high exercise is not possible, under the normal excess weight can increase the burden almost normal limits.

To do this, you will need to calculate the body mass index is body mass (in kilograms) divided by height squared (in meters). The optimal number for women is 21, men 23, a normal figure for each floor should not exceed 25.

To start the exercise should be 3-4 workouts a week, for weight loss, 45-60 minutes at a time. An effective workout should alternate between aerobic exercise (running, stationary bike) 2 times a week and 2 times weight training (in press, squats, and other described in this document).

In the normal body mass index for the week, the intensity should be brought to movements and approaches described in the article. When excessive weight up to one half of the above quantity, for the full implementation of the complex can be open in one month. The thickness is better to train in the gym, not at home, because such body mass accompanied by various diseases. In this case, she requires constant supervision from a professional Clinician and trainer.

The basic rules of exercise for weight loss at home

As with any exercise, to achieve the desired result, you have to follow the basic rules of exercise:

  1. Frequency of sessions should be two to four times a week. A smaller number will not achieve the desired effect, the greater will be the stress of the body. You should start low and gradually increase the frequency of the teaching.
  2. During the training process, it is not recommended to take breaks.
  3. All systems need to run smoothly and without interruption.
  4. You need to follow the recommendations at the time of the training process.
  5. Slimming perfect class, the time is 40 — 45 minutes. It is important to note that, starting from such long-term studies, you do not need.
  6. The best is to start with ten minutes of the complex, adding to it in 5-10 minutes a week, until it reaches 40 to 45 minutes.
  7. Exceeding the recommended option as it is not necessary.
  8. Excess load can lead to various diseases and major changes in the body.
  9. For the execution of each exercise correctly, clearly following instructions.
  10. Very often, many beginners forget about the technique, but it depends on the end result.
  11. It is important to follow these, as often the body begins to look for the simplest way, especially if the person were not engaged in sports.

Here is an example on the basis of the flow press

To perform the exercise, lie down, gets his hands behind his head, and then bend your legs in knee and rest feet on the floor. On the exhale, the man lifts the trunk and pulls him to his feet, keeping the elbows straight, inhale return to its initial position.

A lot of people, in this exercise, forget about the need of tightening of the abdominal muscles during the movement on the exhale.

If you forget this part, you can do 200 approaches in the course of the day, and not to achieve any result.

Any exercise it is important to start with a workout.

This will help to warm up the muscles without damaging them during the workout.

Workout can replace Jogging, who are encouraged to engage in the fresh air.

A simple exercise for beginners

People without experience of fitness should start with simple exercises that will help the body to gradually get used to the loads. The optimum duration of training for beginners – 20 minutes. All movements should be performed slowly, without the use of weights. If it seems insufficient, you can use small dumbbells weighing up to 1 kg. Learn how to use ankle weights.


Each exercise should begin with a warm-up. Workout for beginners includes the following movements: smooth head rotation (10-15 times), straight arms forward and back (10-15 times), housing (8-12 times), pelvis (8-12 times), knees (10-15 times), jumping on the spot (10-15 times). Quinque-minute the warm up prepares the body for the main unit exercises and helps prevent injuries.

Complex for beginners for fast weight loss, includes the following exercises (number of repetitions – about 15-20 times):

  • Poluprisedaniya : shallow squats while lifting the direct hands forward.
  • Lunges: alternate forward left and right foot. Important: the knee should bend at a right angle.
  • Squats-plie: the shoulder width to put a foot socks to turn to the side, not slow squats for 3 accounts, and then slowly increase.
  • Simplified push-UPS: focus on the floor, leaning against knees and palms to do push-UPS in a slow pace. During the exercises, you cannot bend your back and pull your head up, you need to move only the hands. If discomfort is felt in the knees, should be put under a low pillow or a towel.
  • Exercise for the press: to be on your back with your legs bent in knees, to get in the back of the hands, exhale slowly raise the shoulders on inhale, down. When lifting do not pull on the neck needs lifting only your shoulders due to the tension of the abdominal muscles.
  • Lifting the buttocks: sit on your back, with bent knees the legs are stretched along the body hands to lift the buttocks, making quick movements with the buttocks up and down. When lifting it should be possible to compress the gluteal muscles.
Includes exercises for beginners help in just 20 minutes will give a good load all "problem" areas: the legs, hips, arms and shoulders, press. In the course of the class is allowed to take short breaks, but not more than 5 minutes. To complete the training necessary easy stretch: sit on the floor, widely having dissolved feet; slowly stretch the body forward, left, right.

Exercises for fast weight loss at home for abs

The stomach is one of the most problematic areas, and then accumulate most of the fat. To get rid of creases and sagging skin will not help not diet. Pump up the press and get a nice stomach – a task, which can deal with regular exercise. However, it is not necessary to wait for a few days. It is painstaking work, which will give the desired result. press</2_img>

The most effective exercises for abdominal muscles

1. "Curl"

The exercise is designed to develop the abdominal muscles, the key is to perform it with a small amplitude. You need to lie on the floor and firmly press back to him. Elbows directed to the sides, bend legs in knees. Is a deep breath, lifted at the same time the head and the shoulder, on the exhale return to the starting position. Number of groups – 10-15 first few days, and then gradually to increase.

2. Exercise with chair

You have to sit on a chair, his hands hard to rely on him. Legs stretched out in front of him. They slowly bent at the knees and pulled to the side of the body. It is then exhale and return legs to starting position. A number of approaches – from 15.

The most effective exercises for the muscles of the leg

Mixing and dilution of the legs. Lie with your back on the floor, placing the hands under the buttocks, raise straight legs up. Mix and spread with the raised legs. Repeat this exercise ten times.

1. Squats from the rack to his knees. Stretch your arms forward of the knees. Now sit alternately on each buttock, moving the body to the side. Exercise be done quickly, so as not to lose balance. 2. Squats sumo. In a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart, spread your feet and knees outward. Slowly squat to get a feel for how muscles and hips. Linger as long as possible. Then try to properly return to its original position. 3. Leg swings. Lie down on one side and bend the lower leg at the knee, bring it forward. Straight top leg take the lifts with a large amplitude, trying to move as slowly as possible. Then turn on the other side and repeat with the other leg. This exercise will help to correct and improve the shape of the inner part of the thighs. You can perform the following exercises with an elastic band, as shown in the picture, which will significantly improve the results:

Exercises for fast weight loss at home for the hips

1. Starting position – horizontal. Hands should be placed on the buttocks, the legs must be smooth. Slowly go up to forming a right angle with the torso, divorce, and reduced back 10 times. 2. Starting position – standing. The feet should be spread wider than your shoulders, fingers dotting the sides. Now carefully done squat to thighs and buttocks tensed. The number approaches 10. Regularly perform this exercise gets rid of cellulite and to promote tightening of the skin. 3. Starting position lie on your side, head resting on his hand. The first lifted up one leg, then you will have to lie down on the other side and perform the exercise with the other leg. Number of groups – 10 per page.

Hitch – right complete exercise

Gradually by tilting and rotational movements in the joints of the hands, the feet, reduce the intensity of the exercise. The hitch will distribute the blood evenly throughout the body, and stagnation of blood dangerous varicose veins. To improve the effects of sports, go home, go on the street.