Rice diet pills: results and feedback.

The Rice diet is one of the most effective and useful methods of losing weight and cleanse the body. The diet is based on the use of the is not the earth a grain of rice. They are brown in color, contain large amounts of fiber and vitamins.

After the process of grinding of rice has practically no ice with useful substances. Between the possibility of cereal processing is пропаренный figure, which has a light-brown tone.

Rice contains up to 80% carbohydrates and is necessary for the human body amino acids. In virtually no gluten. Rice is rich in b-group vitamins, is important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Also the product contains letsitiin, positively affect the mental activities.

Rice porridge can be consumed women who are breastfeeding, because they increase the production of breast milk. Rice exists in trace elements: potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and potassium.

Rice diet iuvat ad reducer of pondus

A Rice diet helps to reduce weight, because the foods are in the grain bind and remove toxins and salt, which keeps away the excess fluid. To remove the excess moisture will positively affect blood pressure, but also the processes of metabolism, resulting in decreased body weight.

Figure slimming

In order to eat the rice brought the desired result in the form of weight loss, you need to 1 time in a 6-month period to do the morning cleansing.

This realization of the pour jar 200 yr. rice cereal, then rinse it with cold tap water.

After these steps, pour the flour with clean water, place the container in the fridge.

After waking up to a boil with 1 tbsp of rice within 5 minutes, not adding water and salt. Cooked tangu eat before breakfast, and that which remained in the refridgerator, again washed, cover with clean water and place back into the refrigerator.

Spend these steps for each day until the groats are absolutely not eaten. Such a procedure helps to expel harmful substances and toxins from the body naturally during a bowel movement.

Is it possible to lose weight rice

Rice krupa can be to lose weight, than to stick to the recommended menu, and to arrange half yearly, once in the body the cleaning.

Brown rice, pill

The main advantage of brown rice in front of white — the more content of fiber, b-group vitamins, tocopherol (vitamin E), as well as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Thanks to the rich chemical composition, efficiency of the rice grain weight and cleanse the body increases many times. Apart from this, brown rice reduces the cholesterol content in the blood and if systematically used, will help to improve the kidney, eliminates insomnia.

The constant use of white rice cereal is conducive to the formation of constipation, which negatively affects body weight.

Eat brown rice does not reduce intestinal motility, sometimes desirable, in order to prevent constipation.

Rice diet pills

A Rice diet helps to lose weight and cellulite. This method of weight loss gives a rapid result, so you can follow it, those who need to lose weight in a short period of time.

rice est virtuali minister, non contraindications

Compared to other diets, rice is practically no contraindications, it is possible to keep track of all ages.

The main principles

While compliance with the rice diet should be follow the recommendations:

  1. Follow the diagram of the power supply, if possible, out of the breakfast or during eat rice semolina.
  2. After a meal do not drink more than 2 hours. If you want to drink water half an hour before a meal. If the breakfast you have a picture, then drink the drinks you can only get through 2-4 hours after that. Drinks are allowed in the red or green is not sweet tea, as well as негазированная water.
  3. Time for the tablets to completely avoid the food table salt, because it slows down the excessive liquid in the body.
  4. Diet time, avoid eating sharp spices, mayonnaise, canned sauce. Replace these products with olive oil, soy or freshly prepared vegetable sauce.
  5. The process of losing weight drink as much as possible in clean water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation. At the request of the factory every day in the morning enema.
  6. During the pills and after the diet to eat as much as possible the products that contain potassium, as a dieting process, it comes out from the body with salt.


Follow this methodology of food is prohibited, if it is satisfied of the following diseases:

  • anemia;
  • ulcer;
  • pancreatitis;
  • gout.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding is recommended to consult a specialist with the possibility of making the dieting. Rice porridge is beneficial to a nursing woman, but as bond impact, it can be a reason for the constipation of whether a nursing mother and child.

    Stick to the methodology of the tablets no longer than the recommended period, as it may lead to poor feeling.

    Rice diet pills 3 days

    This variant of the diet is considered to be the most secure. Throughout the period you will be able to lose weight 4 kg, the skin becomes firm.

    At the time it comes to dieting every evening to eat a serving of rice of a new day.

    Recipe rice slimming You need to:
    • figure — 0,25 kg;
    • water — 0.5 l.
    How to prepare:
    1. Washed rice, pour water over, leave for the night.
    2. In the morning boil tangu salt, after boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
    3. Made the dish leave covered for a quarter of an hour.

    The resulting composition divided into 3 portions, употребите behind them is the 3 meals.

    Chart diet

    The below chart diet 3 days.

    The first day:
    • breakfast 1 serving of cooked rice, 20 g of puree and fresh apple;
    • lunch — 1 serving of whole grains, a bit of dill, 5 g of not refined vegetable oil;
    • dinner — a serving of rice, 1 boiled carrot, 200 ml of vegetable broth.
    The second day:
    • breakfast — 8 g low-fat sour cream, 1 serving of rice cereal, 20 g of fresh green;
    • to the south — 200 ml vegetable broth, cooked vegetables, a serving of rice with green;
    • dinner — a serving of whole grains, vegetables, steamed and salt.
    The third day:
    • breakfast — a serving of rice cereal a pinch of cinnamon, the average grapefruit;
    • to the south — 200 ml vegetable broth, 0,15 kg sauteed mushrooms, cucumber, 5 ml of olive oil in a serving of whole grains;
    • dinner — 0,15 kg broccoli, cooked couple, broth and vegetables serving of whole grains.

    If the process tablets you may feel unwell deterioration, fatigue, migraines, stop the mono diet.

    Rice diet pills 7 days

    It seven days the methodology of compilation is the second name — "the Rice diet 10 kg in a week" — if the recommendations for the 7 days it is possible to lose weight 10 kg

    To follow this methodology in the diet is much easier, because it means an introduction to the menu, yogurt, dried fruit.

    Chart diet

    Below a diagram of the food for a week.

    • breakfast — 50 g rice grain, in addition to freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 apple, not a sweet green tea;
    • south — 0,15 kg, rice, vegetables and herbs, seasoned with 5 ml of olive oil;
    • dinner — 1 carrot, 0,15 kg of cooked groats.
    Tuesday: pars oryza frugi more cum ternud cinnamomum
    • breakfast — 50 g of grain, in addition to 10 g sour cream, 1 orange;
    • south — 0,15 kg of cereals, 50 g of cooked zucchini;
    • dinner — 0,15 kg of cooked rice and 50 g of carrots.
    • breakfast — 50 g of rice, 1 of the bulb;
    • lunch — a serving of rice (0,15 kg), a salad of 0.15 kg of cucumber adding the mushrooms, fried in oil оливы;
    • dinner — a serving of whole grains, 50 g of boiled cabbage.
    • breakfast — 50 g of cooked grain, 1 apple, 220 ml of milk;
    • south — 0,15 kg of cereals, 50 g of carrot and radish
    • dinner — 2 nuts, 50 g of boiled cabbage, of 0.15 kg of rice pearled is the cooked form.
    • breakfast — 50 g of cooked grain, 220 ml of yogurt, 50 g raisins;
    • lunch — 50 g stewed zucchini, 0,15 kg of rice cereal, green;
    • dinner — 3 leaves of lettuce, 4 nuts, 0,15 kg of rice grain.
    • breakfast — 1 bulb, 50 g of boiled rice, 3 nuts;
    • lunch — 50 g stewed zucchini, 0,15 kg of cereals, lettuce leaves;
    • dinner — 1 pear, 0, 15 kg of cooked rice, in addition to 20 g of sour cream.
    • breakfast — 1 apple, 50 g rice grain;
    • lunch — 1 tomato, salad, 0,15 kg of cooked pearled;
    • dinner — 50 g stewed zucchini, 0,15 kg of rice.