Diet pills the belly and on the sides

Organism most people is designed so that the volume of the stomach and the sides of the first increase in the recruitment and weight loss is the latest – if its disappearance. Incorrect eating habits with low physical activity very quickly lead to the appearance of the fat deposits in these troubled regions. In addition, the abdomen and the sides may increase under the influence of increased anxiety and stress status or a number of other reasons:

slimming belly
  • if you have any diseases (most often – liver disease, dropsy and t. p.);
  • women – after pregnancy and childbirth;
  • men – excessive alcohol beer (called "beer" belly).
It is very important that the diet pills the stomach and to each side is selected correctly – depending on the root cause of the caller to increase their volume, as well as the type of shapes, the individual peculiarities of the organism and the entire excess weight.

It should be taken into account, in order to get rid of them all of the problem areas for 3 days or a week will not succeed. You can somewhat reduce the volume of the waist and hip through the excretion of excess fluids from tissues and intestinal cleansing content. But, in order to lose belly and sides completely, there is a need for a longer program for losing weight, which, together with a proper diet of respective physical exercises.

Nutrition principles

In order to correctly decide how to remove the sides and belly as effectively as possible, choosing the methodology, the tablets should be guided by the reasons of the caller to increase their volume and weight in general:

  • if the problem is the constant overeating, addiction at fatty, sweet and other high-calorie meal, then the first is the need to dramatically change your diet and diet regime;
  • if the fat deposited due to a sedentary lifestyle – there is a need to increase physical activity, move more, do the exercises, which give the load on the waist and allow you to quickly remove fat in problem areas;
  • if in doubt of the existence of diseases of the liver and other abdominal organs before, when to remove belly fat, it must first be reviewed and to carry out corresponding treatment;
  • if the abdomen became more after pregnancy, it can be returned to the former form through a short-term diet complex sports lessons;
  • if the reason is obesity has become drinking alcohol in excess is beer, then reduced to eject the first to give up its habits and then sitting an appropriate diet.
In most cases, to get rid of the fat on the waist area does not need to sit for a long time difficult programming. That the short-term impact, for example, in front of an important venture, you can use a short strict diet to achieve permanent result – go to a proper diet and systematic exercise.

In general, in order to reduce the volume of the abdominal area is advisable to perform some mandatory rules:

  • stick to drinking mode, drinking after at least 1.5–2 liters of water per day – immediately after waking, 30 minutes before each meal;
  • give up harmful the shape of the products, decrease salt intake;
  • check the size of the single portions – it should not exceed 250 g;
  • eat 5-6 times a day at interval of maximum 3 hours;
  • increase the physical load.

It should be considered that each diet against belly should be based on a partial diet. The consumption of alcohol is a small portions in small intervals to ensure the body necessary quantity of energy, warns of the emergence of a strong feeling of hunger, and most importantly, allows to reduce the stomach volume, which will be satisfied with less meals, and will directly affect the largest belly.

It is also important to have the daily menu of these products, which do not lead to deposits of visceral (internal) fat, which is the main reason to increase the volume of such products include:

  • lean meat (chicken -, veal -, rabbit);
  • parsley, fresh vegetables, fruit, berries (excluding potatoes, bananas, grapes);
  • dried fruits, nuts;
  • legumes, cereals;
  • fish, seafood;
  • eggs;
  • lean lactic acid products;
  • olive-and linseed oil.

Also should be to completely give up fatty, fried, pastry dishes, smoked meat, semi-finished products, fast food, sweets, other harmful beauty and harmony products. If they are present in the menu, then reduce the volume of the waist is quite difficult, if not in most cases completely impossible.

It should be taken into account, that there is scientific evidence of the ability of certain products to speed up the metabolism and start the process weight loss sites is the most occurring fats, it is on the belly, the distinctive teeth on the sides and thighs. Nutritionists recommend to eat:

  • ginger;
  • cabbage of all kinds and varieties;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • dairy products, except milk;
  • green tea;
  • grapefruit;
  • cinnamon;
  • horseradish.

Also red wine is beneficial in small quantities (100 ml per day), because it contains resvertrol, sharing and prevents fat cells development.

To stimulate the work of the body and speeds up the slimming in problem areas is the need to move more, to go regularly to the sauna or the sauna, through massage and body wraps. But the most important thing – need a lot of different correctly choose which diet, because they differ in composition according to the products, constraints and duration.
slimming belly diet buckwheat


To decide the most effective diet pills the belly and on the sides, it is necessary not only to take into account the above reasons, increasing their volume, but also a number of other factors:

  • the individual characteristics of the organism;
  • health;
  • the total number of extra pounds;
  • objectives and opportunities for achieving them (shutter speed, strength);
  • personal taste preferences.

Since there are a large number of different diets, designed to reduce the volume of the waistline, then choose the right all of these parameters are easy. The most famous of these methodologies is the classic diet buckwheat, yogurt or rice.


Mono - is buckwheat the best and in the shortest time allows to get rid of big abdomen and reduce the waist. This is a quick and very easy method does not require the manufacture of special dishes, but too monotonous menu makes it very difficult detention. But it is precisely because of such food takes place cleaning the upper gastrointestinal tract, five out of the body of excess fluids from tissues and as a result losing weight in these troubled places.

The nature and rules

The duration of the rigid tatra diet may take 3 to 5 days, during which you must eat only show up buckwheat and drink pure water or green tea. You can add the menu low-fat yogurt (no more than 1.5 liters).

Buckwheat-kefiric the menu is less stressful to the body and in doing so provides the same high levels of efficiency, how and strict mono -. In addition, the fermented drink helps to normalize the work of the COPY, which makes colon cleaning the best quality, gives receipts in protein and beneficial microflora substances. Is Buckwheat-a kefiric diet can get rid of the belly and the sides 1-2 weeks, that allows to achieve more visible results.

Pick up the kefir need according to the characteristics of the digestive system:

  • if the acidity and the tendency to heartburn is recommended to use a one-day drink;
  • if the enhanced gas – to three-day product.

It is also allowed to consume vegetables, adding it to the buckwheat or whisking blender of green smoothie. Coarse fiber of herbs is not digested and not digested by the intestines but passes through all its departments, cleaning with the walls of the accumulated waste products. It helps in better carefully emptying the digestive tract and as a result reduce stomach.

Sample menu

Difficult variant of no special recommendations menu are not – the porridge can be eaten in any necessary amount of saturation, and in the intervals between meals drink at least 2-2,5 liters of water and unsweetened tea. All the remaining products should be dropped. The only condition is, buckwheat mono – compatibility with the fabrication technology of buckwheat. According to the food recipe of semolina to be steamed in the night thermos (or wrap) in the ratio 1:2 (1 cup of buckwheat – 2 cups of boiling water).

Buckwheat-kefiric menu over the diverse. Drink may be consumed with buckwheat different variants:

  • alternately, the tip of these products during the day;
  • fill in the semolina the night yogurt (not boiling);
  • mixing the show up porridge with a drink immediately before use.

If you are using mono is not recommended to increase physical activity and Buckwheat-kefiric version shows moderate exercising, that will help greatly improve the results of the methodology. In order to reduce the volume of the waist, there is a need to do special exercises to weight stomach and on the sides. If the clear has fulfilled all the recommendations of the day diet is possible to lose an average of 1 kg weight and 0.5 cm the volume of the waist. But it should be considered that these figures are largely dependent on the organism's individual characteristics.

Contraindications follow a buckwheat or Buckwheat-keefiri diet is diseases, GASTROINTESTINAL and intolerance to the components menu. If cannot or do not want to eat tatraputru, which can only be used to kefir, using kefir mono-diet, or his over-saving varieties.


Keefiri – the best product for thin waist and abdomen flat. If it is regularly used to improve bowel activity, which leads to natural weight reduction, decreases volume, skin rejuvenation. This fermented drink beneficial effect on the digestive tract, preventing the multiplication of the harmful microflora, warning constipation and offering a high quality cleansing the body. Nutritionists have developed a number of different systems and a variety of tablets, which are based on useful properties of keefiri and unloading the day before quite a long diet, calculated, several weeks or even months.

slimming belly kefir diet

The nature and rules

Unloading day and 3 days of mono - in this milk drink is different from a high severity, since this period is assumed, addicting only one product. But it is quite strong and rapidly effective method indeed helps to reduce the belly and sides are a very short period of time.

The use of kefir mono-diet on the waist is not recommended right now – the best start for fasting days, to train the digestive system the new diet. After those busy 3 days is a lot easier.

Such a rigorous methodology pills are contraindicated if you have gastritis or ulcers. Also do not stick to kefir mono-diet for more than 3 days, since the long-term absence in a food of carbs can interfere with bowel motility, resulting in constipation or diarrhea. But if the specifically, enter the menu, some useful waist products, then this system food can keep much longer.

Sample menu

Daily diet of this methodology is the preparation depends on the selected option. If the handling of the day or the strict mono it is possible to use:

  • lean kefir (no more than 1% fat) – 2 litres or less;
  • pure water, herbal or green tea – 1.5 l.

The daily norm of the product need to share 6-7 servings and drink through equal intervals. The rest of the liquid to be used meals drink.

In addition to the strict keefiri diet pills the belly and on the sides can be used in combination with this beverage with other components.


This option food daily diet comprise of low fat dairy products:

  • 300 g curd cheese;
  • 1 l keefiri.

This amount should be divided into two equal parts and consume it during the day together or separately.

This method also applies to quite difficult, and in which not more than 1-3 days. It is good that the drinking of the products mentioned excellent for stimulating the metabolism, causing the body to spend more energy and more intense to lose excess inches on the waist.


Kefir diet with fruits can last 3-5 days, because the simpler the mind the body due to the carbohydrate availability. During this period of the day is allowed to eat:

  • 2 l keefiri;
  • 1 kg unsweetened non-starchy fruit.

The key products can be separate or prepare them for smoothies and cocktails. The result of the 3 days diet should be the loss of 2-3 cm distinguishes between the teeth on the sides.

Kefir-a price list

The methodology of the weight of the yogurt cucumber stick up to 5 days and may cause during this period to lose 5-8 kg and 3-4 cm of waist. This option in the menu weight loss diet the belly and on the sides is very easy to – day looks like:

  • 1.5 l low-fat lactic acid beverage;
  • an unlimited number of cucumbers.

Cucumber can be used independently or to make them a salad, in addition to the greenery and lemon juice.

Kefir-malic acid

Diet is effective, but very strict and requires exact conformity. Already 9 days it should be eaten in the next diagram:

  • 1 to 3 days – each day is used only 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt;
  • 4-6 days – 1.5 kg haput apple;
  • 7-9 days – 1 liters of nonfat yogurt and 1 kg of apples.

To withstand 9 days time, that such a diet is quite difficult. However, this method applies one of the most effective diets from the belly and sides.