How to start losing weight correctly at home step-by-step instructions

A real woman always wants to look good, be slim, trim. But the opportunity to visit the gym or fitness, in order to deal with the coach, is all. And also not every can afford the weight control nutritionist. If it's up to you — do not hurry to upset: we'll show you how to get started losing weight correctly at home. Step-by-step guide will help you prepare an individual program to create, calculate their forces, to set up the result.

the correct weight

The first stage — analysis

So, one day, it became clear that the mirror view is not exciting to the fragile creation, and someone with chubby cheeks and folds at the waist. Should be losing weight.Extra pounds do not appear miraculously have one night for the they pile up the years — slowly, but firmly. Try to remember, if you've started to heal, which caused. Possible that your past lies in the situation, deduct in a set of weight — illness, pregnancy, hormonal drugs. In this case, before considering a home, be sure to avoid the likelihood of health problems: consult a doctor, go through the study.

A lot of slim will give found in the appetizing form after a deep nervous system instability: many people unconsciously try to "attachment a" strong stress, which prevents weight. Often women themselves not realizing, suffer from seizures of compulsive overeating. Such a model is a psychological disorder characterized by food "daret", if the periods of the normal diet is replaced by the outbreaks of uncontrolled appetite, the continuous one to several days. Useless rebuke for yourself or to give short of promises, here it is necessary to help, otherwise start losing weight does not work.

If the same disgusting fat appears as a result of permanent and overeating, abuse of junk food, a sedentary lifestyle, are all much easier — you can start losing weight independently in their homes. To do it right, read your sentences to the end.

The second stage — the timetable

Try not to give yourself a fuzzy promises: the phrase "lose weight for summer", said on the eve of new year holidays subconsciously relaxes — before the summer still a lot of time, can safely have all the most calories, while weight never later. Is familiar with the situation? Nuance is this, that wont eat anywhere does not disappear, how and weight.

Put the objectives are different: to determine the exact amount of kilograms you need to throw it, then check the specific deadlines regularly between the curtains.

Deciding to lose weight at home in 10 kg in 5 months, the right would be to draw up a timetable, noting:

the right losing weight methods
  • The initial weight. He makes the top five — criterion, which is not ensured;
  • The desired end result, no matter how fantastic it had not;
  • Multiple point-to-point under consideration. Optimally weighing not every day, only once a week. Such a method allows to maintain the motivation to lose weight at home, but daily approaches to weight rather than demotivate, relaxing. Found at the time of the next weighing, to not back down, you will be very satisfied with the is, you feel, how will be displayed the excitement, which helps to lose weight;
  • Leave a place under the item for the amount it is always pleasant to note, that the waist has become thinner. It happens that the weight of the freezes, but the body will keep losing weight. Measurements it is recommended to do once a month, if possible, sent photos of the visibility of the process.

To the extent the schedule, it is important to establish within a reasonable time, otherwise your enthusiasm very soon become bitter disappointment.

Don't rush events, nutritionists recommend losing weight gradually, 3-4 kg per month. Of course you can lose weight much faster, but this methodology is wrong, dangerous to health: the body needs time to adapt to the new forms of.

The third step — the right diet

The most common mistake slimming home — commitment to a strict diet. To withstand long-term if the hunger strike of the easy anxiety disorder is inevitable because of him to be guilt. If the transgression did not happen, the weight for long like that does not work, it is quite soon the weight back: organism, who tested the stress, tends to the fat stock up, to argue with nature useless. In order to start losing weight to limit your calorie need, but it must be done correctly:

  • Calculate the calories. There are several special formulas that allow to calculate the necessary energy value of food a day. Their values are very different and at times unclear, what kind of conclusion is considered proper to start losing weight. The most simple solution — an overview of the tetrad page in half and on record in the first column is all you ate in a day and in another all of which were engaged. In the evening five of the total: how much calories received, how much spent. To lose weight correctly, it is necessary every day to spend 500 kcal more than to consume;
  • Define the need for protein, fat and carbohydrates. The energy content of the products consists of proteins, fats, carbohydrates — all of these are necessary for the body's normal activities. In order to start losing weight, it is necessary to understand their necessary relationship. 1 kg of the body weight it is: 1 g protein, 0.5 g fat 2-3 g of carbs. So a woman weighing 70 kg per day should be getting food 70 g protein, 35 g fat, 210 g carbohydrate, to continue to have the right weight. With the reduced weight, this number decreases, it is necessary to set off;
  • proper diet for losing weight
  • Make the menu every day. That would not be tempted to eat something sweet or thick, cannot walk for hunger. Try color diet for the week ahead given the necessary calorie: get 5 meals, breaks between which does not exceed 4 hours. Principles are proper diet is simple: a large part of menu, fruits and vegetables, followed by porridge water vapour with the lean meat. Time snacks you can treat yourself to nuts, dairy products. Five times catering disperse the metabolism, losing weight becomes easier;
  • Normalization of the drinking mode. Lose weight properly can be only at the expense of losing fat mass, not dehydration and destruction of the muscle mass, if the mono-dietas. 1 kg of body weight a person needs at least 30g of pure water without gas, with tea or coffee for the calculation not to go, only water.

Move to the right diet is the best gradually, in a few days alternately in the outstanding common harmful foods. Do not forget to carry out an audit is a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets on the mixture to weight with the temptations — candy, cookies, sausage. If possible at all not to keep the home in such products, that reisitõrke risk is minimal.

Step four — physical activity

It is believed that workout in home conditions lower the efficiency of the pursuits gymnasium. Thing about presence of business interests: group work, in which are visible on someone else's results and is competitive at the moment, conducive to losing weight. Visit the gym usually prevents work, but homemade is always possible to find half an hour for yourself, your favorite.

Analyze your day, set the time, if you are comfortable, the exercises — it can be earlier in the morning and late in the evening. Select the time period, we will try to follow this every day, that workouts have become a habit. Home conditions can train in the following ways:

  • Download ready for the course video-exercises that are designed specifically to lose weight itself. To start take the easy option, followed by the rise of the loads;
  • Make your exercises in the complex, which includes all muscle groups. In order to start losing weight to reduce, work the entire body. You can also use a cheap compact and equipment — dumbbell, weights, collar, hüppenöör;
  • Buy a bike or treadmill;
  • Exercises aliquam ball is also very effective and entirely possible to make in domestic conditions;
  • Make a nice path and the path running, the scandinavian walking. Possible that soon you will meet near the park-minded, who are ready to weight for the company.
What would this kind of physical activity you choose, deal with and the home must be extremely carefully, without fanaticism. Rapidly beginners is fraught with health problems. If there is some kind of bad feeling, better to discuss the sport plan and the desire to lose weight your doctor.

Set up for success helps in the acquisition of beautiful clothing — every woman loves new clothes. Workout should be fun, full of energy, positive. Extremely important are in the correct class — be it only 20 minutes, but every day. You would be surprised how quickly your body starts to lose weight and feel better.

Step five — the motivation

People who rid of excess weight in the home, it is often noted that to lose weight easier initially until the new menu, not the ball, the workout is not bothered, the enthusiasm of the iceberg. Going to be quite a bit of time and it can be clear that the weight of the head for a long time.

Principles of motivation

It is important to wait to form lasting habits for a new lifestyle, otherwise the cost of the effort goes down the drain. I need the motivation, which helps the system to consider in the moments, where'd all stop and eat cake, but better yet two.

Take care of this issue better:

the correct body weight of sport
  • Write your sheet, all the benefits of future harmony. The opportunity to wear nice clothes, the envy of my girlfriends, the admiration of men, but that no one health, the chance of becoming pregnant — choose the one that fits just right for you. You, after all try not just to lose weight, is certainly the goal, which to achieve and the need for slimness. Re-read the instructions on the list, if there is only motivation weakens;
  • The refrigerator to attach the photo of the model you would like similar. Your photo set up weight also fit;
  • Do not forget to chart preparation, record your results, it gives strength to to lose weight;
  • To argue with someone. To lose weight becomes more interesting. Tried and a bit of a children the method works reliably, especially if the argue about money;
  • Eat in front of a mirror. The contemplation of your fat folds will certainly reduce the appetite, to spur the desire to lose weight;
  • Wear clothes size is smaller. Quite small jeans or narrow pants are constantly reminded of the need to losing weight.

Life motivator can become a dog, because with him it is necessary to walk twice a day and to refuse an appealingly queribundus to a friend very easy. At this point in our step-by-step instructions at the end, now that you know how to properly start losing weight at home — I wish you success, all the definitely get.