Effective exercise for weight loss belly and sides: 4 of the best types, tips

The fair sex in the world with enviable regularity the trouble of excessive body weight, and no matter how many of them all of pounds. Usually, if they are less, if there is a sharper struggle. Lately there is a trend to watch for your body and diet is common and for men, you fail a lot. Problematic areas are men and women not too different: the abdomen and thighs, but because, dear fans of cakes, fast food and passive lifestyle, let us understand, what exercises pills the belly and on the sides needs to be done to achieve the best results.

Why the appears of fat

Fat deposits from the stomach significantly more dangerous for the body, as the thighs, buttocks and other places. Thus, when there was a sharp jump of weight, contact your physician, because a certain type of fat related diseases and internal organs.

fat-stomach pain

In general, there are several reasons for fat formation.

  1. Poor posture, which is due to sedentary work or passive lifestyle. Due to the bias of the spine internal organs are easily presenting in front of – increased belly area, which due to lack of regular sports or loads of the usual will start to accumulate fat.
  2. Age-decreases sex hormones production, which results in a change in the metabolism and worse, the distributed fats.
  3. Emission of adrenaline, because of the strong stress violate the hormonal background and negatively affect metabolism. Here the sharp jumps in weight.
  4. During pregnancy weight of women has strongly increased, because of the double load, the organism will appear in the fat deposits of the thighs and buttocks, the skin of the stomach stretches and can be after giving birth very quickly to meet the subcutaneous fat.
  5. Hormonal imbalance and genetic predisposition may also provoke the percentage of fat in the body. In both cases it is worth consulting a specialist. If you have problems with hormones, addressing themselves to treat, can only worsen the situation and cause additional problems. A genetic predisposition can mean a high risk of the diseases that affect the education of the fat, often dangerous, such as diabetes.
  6. Wrong sleep and nutrition. People on average should sleep at least 7 hours per day, if this does not happen, the body starts to protect yourself from possible stress. Eat should be at least 5 times a day, but smaller portions – then and the food has time to digest and hunger does not torment, and the organism works like clock.

The rules of the workouts

Get rid of excess weight, remove belly and sides is easy, if the right time to keep the mind and consistently go for the purposes, in compliance with the main rules: workout, correct nutrition and good sleep.

Choosing to remove belly fat and side of the home, people often neglect those rules of action which workouts in the gym is, in itself, of course.

  • Prior to the workout room better ventilated, but be sure to get rid of drafts before class – don't think that the runny nose and cough conducive to thin into.
  • Eliminate all the distracting factors: the mobile phone social network, the neighbors of the apartment – all of which can prevent focus. Turn on rhythmic music, a concert or a selection of clips can even be put in the middle of the movie for some unobtrusive to the story.
  • If no one is home deal with, even naked, but it is very prevents and reduces only to a breach of the subsequent employer's warning. You are, after all, a sport engaged in, here and look, how you should workout: the athletic form and the sports shoes.
  • Nice, if you are prepared and equipped with sports equipment: dumbbell, hula hooping, jump rope and so on, but if not – not scary, there are many effective exercises without the inventory.
  • Prepare the usual clean still water. Drink you would want in any case so as to interfere with and shoot the mood.
  • Start your workout with a warm up of all muscle groups, walking or running on the spot within 5 minutes. So that you bring the muscles toonuses and the load they react, which means hurt this regard, accustomed to less.

Feel to train, such as a positive event, look for a positive and fun – then-and puitmööbel joy, and their efficiency increases significantly. By the way the effectiveness of...

Effective exercises for losing weight

Don't pay to talk about only one kind of exercises: breathing, cardio, power and stretching would fit perfectly in the complex. The same body to perceive, balancing, and filling complex can be stretched (usually the body gets used to certain types of loads to a maximum of a month, after which the complex is necessary to amend or supplement). So there you go.

Exercises for losing weight

Before any exercises in this series should be to lie on her back.

  1. The classic exercise is to all the well-known "bike", when remaining lying down and raising his feet, the man kicks, "pushed the pedal".
  2. "Turning" a great work obliques, so that it properly make a small amplitude. Feet bent knees, lumbar against the floor, hands routine over the head. Continue to breathe slowly and slightly raise your head and of the scapula between the floor, then back to its original position.
  3. "Reverse turning" are also made, but with the head and hands, you need to raise and pelvis. Lumbar (must not come off the floor.
  4. Grab the hands, because of the kind of firm support, push the lower back to the floor. Now raise the leg is in the head, not bending over. Complicated, but works perfectly.
  5. The bridge works to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Here is involved also the muscles of journalism. Stretch your hands along the body (it is possible to use them as additional support).
  6. Bend your knees, tighten the buttock and lift the body until the shoulder blades so that it formed a single line, without tolerances. In this position you can perform time (30 seconds to start, will be enough), and you can do to measure the – 15 times approach.
  7. Uksetihend is a very good exercise, what you first of all need to hate, and you will realize its charm. Are satisfied with focusing on either elbows or straights on the hands and socks. The body must have at least one line, without tolerances.
  8. Kätekõverdusi (before knees). Hands on shoulders, the body without tolerances sank down, then the original position.

Aerobic exercises

Hingamistehnika – good exercises to remove the belly and sides. Bodyflex, respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova, "Oxisayz" and "Jianfei" – these technicians is considered to be the most effective.

  1. The Organism is saturated with oxygen, which oxidizes the fat cells, helps to maintain optimal body weight, P, by promoting education-ATP, reduces stress, speeds up the metabolism (the more oxygen in the body, the faster it works).
  2. Can use one or several muscle groups, to be targeted exercises.

Before you start your workout, then you will definitely learn techniques, diaphragmatic breathing.

Breathing exercises for losing weight stomach and on the sides not suitable for women during pregnancy, early and late period and lactation, for people with spine injuries or diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory systems.



Cardio-workout includes physical exercises, slimming belly and sides, which may increase the frequency of the beats of the heart up to 130-150 per minute. The most common types of heart is considered as running, cycling, swimming, fast walking and aerobics. The last one is very convenient to deal with at home.

Calculate the forces and complex non-stop within 20-25 minutes. What exercises can you do to remove belly fat?

  1. Running on the spot explanations are not needed.
  2. Running on the spot is high, raising the hips – lift the hips as high as possible on the chest, as often as possible by replacing the feet.
  3. "Overcasting leg" – running the court with flexion of the feet to the knees if the foot is nearly buttocks.
  4. Jumping. Feet together, hands along the body. Jump legs apart, at the same time raise the hands before the situation, over the head. Jumping back to the starting position.
  5. Climbs. You can choose the object, a chair, bed or anything else. Rising this to the right leg, the same feet and lie down. Do two sets of 10 times each feet.

Cardio-workout must either be working or to shut down the power (20-30 minutes).

It is contraindicated in people who have problems with vaso-cardiac and respiratory systems, joints. For pregnant women there are special complexes.


Faced with the question, how to quickly remove the stomach and sides? Practicing require actions to goods and other contraptions. Thanks to them, was held to strengthen and increase muscles, burn fat.

In the home use dumbbell different types of sit-ups, attacks, gender hands. Stanovaya craving for great trims buttocks. Hula hooping a great work on your abdominal muscles, burns fat.


Testimony complete waiver of the training is a little:

  • seizures suffocation;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • stone diseases of the kidneys and gallbladder disease;
  • the insulin-dependent form of diabetes and some others).

The greater part of the impediment can successfully be overcome by means of constraints. They are the same, as is the heart.

How to diet

The question diets at losing weight and sport, will be resolved through fitness-diet. It contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Recent spent during exercise. Proteins are necessary building-body – muscle increase. And a SMALL amount of fat is necessary to the body that it normally functioned.

Drink more water – helps to remove products of the chopping, proteins, fats, toxins and enriches the organism with oxygen.


So, exercises for losing weight stomach and on the sides can also be done in homes. Important point – relevancy. 1 workout a week pounds and inches away does not disappear, so do the complexes of not less than 3 times a week, is correct, if this eating.