The most dangerous ways to lose weight according to nutritionists

To lose weight, I would like a tasty, happy and without any restrictions. That will not feel hungry and exercise before the seventh sweat — no side effects, but just a pleasant feeling. Some ways to reduce weight as time is and promise!

Others offer a little "no", but the results ensure a chic and life! Something not to say to the proponents of fast weight loss? That, in fact, waiting for you, if you use this diet?

The most dangerous how to reduce weight — speak to the experts.


Coding of obesity

This method is popular for those who want to be the "fish to eat." What could be easier — is to come to the desired person is located in the sofa — out of the conversation hypnosis and the moon — the desired result. But everything is just only a theory!

Which can actually? Coding of obesity is always the impact on the psyche. The subconscious mind of the patient creates a stable to dominate the highlands, which do not allow people to have a lot or eat certain types of food. If the patient believes in hypnosis, his eating habits are broken, and maybe he even похудеет. But the price is too high! Patients hypnotists" often become hostage to depression, nervous disorders and all kinds of complexes.

If the patient does not believe "the doctor", nothing happens. Appetite not only be weakened, but still more — "forbidden fruit is always sweeter.

Бандажирование stomach

This medical procedure experts expect the installation of special rings of mao — бандажа. The latter reduces the stomach capacity, thanks to which people will consume less food and are doing so rather насыщаться. The clinic, which takes place in "easy" operation, to ensure a quick effect — the loss of up to 60% of excess weight.

Which can actually? Every surgical intervention in the body and of the people — it is always a risk to health. Given the method, it can cause serious problems or even death. Installed the rings may migrate along the stomach, including the inner кровоизлиянию, cause severe pain. In doing so, losing weight this method will give very modest results. Known cases, when people redundant 40-50 kg dumped only 10 kg and the weight remained.

"Magic" tablets

Pills for quick weight loss, which does not require restrictions on diet and make healthy choices, typically constitute in itself a disguised threat. Often they contain the larvae of Ascaris lumbricoides. It is the parasites, which are located in a fine to the intestine and feed on undigested food. More of them, the weight more vigorously. Distributors miracle-tablets allow, that after the completion of the work helminths coming from the body along with faeces. But this is not true!

Which can actually? At the beginning of a little bit of theory! That person commented on the results of the weight loss, ascarid of the body should be a few hundred. If, in such quantities people experience great discomfort — abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhea. Infection with helminthes may lead to lung damage, failure of pancreatic inflammation, the gut.

In addition, if a large huddle of parasites, they can completely block the lumen of the bowel, by calling the bowel obstruction. And it is not always possible to win ascariasis medication. Sometimes delete Ascaris lumbricoides surgically.

Switching to synthetic sugar substitutes

The cause of extra pounds for many people is the excessive love of sweets. Not everyone can give up the pleasure of a pampered "delicious". Communities weight loss this problem by offer decide on, replacing the sweet food of artificial magustusaineid, and for dessert, eat, products for diabetics. But to lose weight this method is not successful for everyone!

Which can actually? The application of artificial sugar substitutes, as well as the medicinal use of diabetics, may play people a cruel joke. Even such a common medication, such as "Aspartame" can cause memory disorders, headache, lead to stroke.

As regards medication, used to treat diabetics, they affect insulin production and uptake in the cells of glucose. By the patient, the doctor records the results of laboratory studies and guided by the principles of expediency. In healthy humans, such medication is not necessary! Independent of their implementation may cause serious поражениям liver and kidney diseases, the appearance of dangerous side effects.

Cooling with ice mao


Supporters of the easy weight loss "knowledge people" sometimes, the advice to lose weight by means of ice cold water. The drink should be one glass before each meal. "Experts" claim that thanks to the performance in the stomach is very cold water, the consumption of alcohol is high-calorie food "safe" — nutrients cannot be absorbed, so that the calories do not accumulate.

Which can actually? In this method, the efficiency is not proven. All of which is located the proponents of the possibility to reduce weight — this is your assumptions. And this is what awaits худеющего absolutely exactly — this sinusitis, tonsillitis and pancreatitis, enough to practice method is to regularly for several weeks.

Forced to colon cleaning

One of the most affordable how to bowel movement is considered enema. People who practice this method is, recognize that it is possible to lose weight by 10-15 kg within a few months. In doing so, no damage!

Which can actually? Apart from the unpleasant sensations, whose associated, with this methodology a "weight loss", худеющего may attacked side effects. So, regularly doing yourself the enema, the person is guaranteed earns a problems in the intestines, as well as constipation. In addition, through the excretion of the body of nutrients, can start hair fall out, nails are very brittle, will rise to brittle bones.

Phyto slimming tea

In most cases, a person who is overweight, offer to buy tea herbs. He is positioned as a natural way to lose weight, which do no harm. After all, in the composition of the drink "only herbs", half — known, and requires approval. The manufacturers promise that the grass will speed up the metabolism, clean the body of toxins and disclose the overall firming effect.

Which can actually? Even if you are really making a tea of herbs, to talk about their unconditional will not benefit. Many medicinal plants are toxic, others may cause problems in the work of the body, the third instead cause allergies.

There are tea pills that suppress appetite, which is dangerous in itself. The sale will also be fees, which will increase blood pressure, which is inappropriate when taking the гипертоник.

The easiest ways — to do with the laxative effect of long-term use вымывают intestinal flora, which can cause interference with the natural bowel movement. And here diuretics do, in addition to the main activities to become causes of arrhythmias, which have bad affects on human health.

Diet has been activated coal burning

Activated charcoal — is widely used in medical practice medicine, a recognised tool with the absorb effect. Supporters of the pills is this tool talking about, that it is possible to get rid of, "but of excessive" enough to calculate their "dose" — 1 tablet per 10 kg bodyweight. The preparation of the administration, in their view, improves bowel, accelerates the conclusion of toxins and helps to reduce weight.

Which can actually? Activated charcoal — really useful tool, but only not from the perspective of losing weight. This does not affect fat absorption in the body and does not "issue" the extra calories. That means that to lose weight by using this you will not succeed! In addition to the abuse of activated charcoal may cause operational problems in the gastrointestinal TRACT.

Eating ватных ball

This method of weight loss has emerged relatively recently, but already won an army of fans Online. He is actively promoting the bloggers recommend each other. Here is the only doctors a new trend, frankly, scary. Eating a cotton ball, soak in water, juice or smoothies, can be, and makes people feel well-fed, but causes harm to your health!

Which can actually? Eating cotton ball can be compared to the consumption of the food buttons or coins. If you accidentally swallowing a foreign object, something bad can't happen, but if constantly, wait for the woes! In addition, the risk of damage to your health due to the lack of nutritious foods, it can lead to the blocking of the work of the digestive tract, as well as its clogged. And it is mortally dangerous!

The comment of the expert

Give Ivaškevitš, private nutritionist

— What extreme means to reduce weight you will come across in your work?


Binge eating, particularly long

Do not receipts in the macro - and микронутриентов the body causing it to take their makers.

The body is sort of "eats" itself, and the first thing he will destroy — it is muscle, not fat! After a period of hunger a steep receipts of the food of the body perceived as the source from which it should be as much as possible to accumulate, not to lose. Body fear a repetition of the starvation and contains the accumulative mode of life.

Suddenly the constitution calorie days

As well as the drafting of a diet without considering the data on length, weight, age, physical activity. Each person is different and there is no single approach for all. And suddenly the constitution lead to the psychological pressure diet time.

Diet, предполагающая drinking apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is a acid. The consumption of it in large quantities leads to problems in the lining of the shell, the stomach and intestines, and there nearby and up to gastritis, pancreatitis sufferers.

Raw food nutrition, especially in adolescence

This is the new popular trend leads to hormonal imbalance, sedation growth, development and other health problems due to collection of animal food. And this source of essential amino acids, and saturated fats.

Waivers dinner after 18.00

Here everything depends on your personal schedule for the day. If you wake up at 6.00 and укладываетесь to sleep at 21.00, then must be to plan a dinner for up to 18 hours, in view of this, to get you through 3 hours of get to sleep.

The man who rises at approximately 12: 00 noon on the day and drop it off before 24.00, it is possible to eat dinner for 21 hours. But the undesirable a long break between meals, and here it is 12 hours, it may lead to problems in the stomach, because the selection of hydrochloric acid and enzymes, so how digesting is something.

A diet that is drawn up on one or two products

Organism cannot put him quantities of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, thus the diet is not balanced. Losing weight goes at the expense of the only limits calories. Why yourself torture diet 1 or 2 products, where you can eat diverse, preparing the menu based on your calories for the day?

Many diets are in the long term can cause osteoporosis and немощности due to and muscles. For this reason, not all nutritionists like to spend a bioimpedance measurement of the dynamics that прослеживания changes in the body. Only relying on the readings of the scales, may be to reduce a few pounds, but in doing so lose fat, muscle, and bone meal mass.

A healthy way to get rid of fat is ems-workout and diet is cyclical. In both cases the wasting is healthy, place a set of muscle mass, increase bone density, there is no deficit in nutrients.

Long-term restrictions in food lead to slower metabolism disturbances in sex hormones secretion and the development of the deficient countries, which affect health. The diet of russians suffers from a disadvantage of vitamins A, C, selenium, iodine and other bioactive substances. Deficit of nutrients in worse cases, when a person starts to limit receipt of food pills.

If the glucose level falls, we will appear weak, which may have light treemor, muscle (hands tremble, as if the nerve), we become irritable, and the concentration of tasks already and do not speak. Possible, effort will you overcome these symptoms, but the idea of this is no: the body will send you signals from a real biological threat, and if you provide them does not respond, then включатся protection-organisms. Namely, to decrease the speed of those metabolic processes, which are insignificant in terms of survival — these include in particular the breakdown of fats and the delivery of energy to мышечным cells. Therefore, your fats stock, to which after the fact, all, and have done, remains to be intact and functioning organism will be organised at the expense of the destruction of внутриклеточных structures.

And yet name one harmful way to reduce weight — this is the "boil" topic, but really nothing to do. There are people who вздыхают your weight, know all the diets of the studied proposals in the local fitness-a hall, but still in the evenings балуют yourself a piece of the cake and allow themselves to start a new life tomorrow. Losing weight — it планомерная the work yourself and take care of your body. Something cannot be where you make the mistake of ignorance, but "to achieve a slim figure" does not equal "read the article losing weight". Write everything you know about healthy ways to reduce weight and just start doing it.