The actual wasting: an inspiring story for girls

The global network, the journalism we and you will meet a lot of ways to diet that do not always seem to us the people and more effective, forcing to doubt the benefits of the body. Unfortunately, almost every woman is the face of your life set the weight, which prevents to move forward, raise your self-esteem, be confident and attractive. Someone this kind of weight only a few pounds, and others – dozens, remove the which is not easy. If a woman has a big overabundance of excessive weight, he fell spirit, jammed his woe to the flour and sweet, thus further adding to the unfortunate pounds.

However, not all will go this way. Foreign celebrity and then show the wonders of self-control and make outrageous weight. Our country is also a women, an example that inspired millions of people, helps to understand that the human organism can be all and even tiba more. Today to view we are dedicated to stories of girls that have dealt with excessive body weight and has a beautiful shape, becoming a model for the countrymen.

The actual wasting. Tatyana Fishermen: minus 55 pounds

the result

First our heroine is proven not only yourself, but also to other, well-known axiom, that a balanced diet, regular workout, and most importantly - a great desire to give the opportunity to reset by body weight, which is redundant. Tatyana Fishermen still at birth received the wrong diagnosis ALWAYS. His parents decided that the maximum to improve the daughter, and the before school years, he lived outside the city, the foods, only natural products, including meat, milk, and rich pastries. Is it worth to talk about, in order to achieve a girl of 14 years he weighed over 100 kg, And the reason for this was not only good food, but became classmates, the bitterness of which Tanja stuck sweet. If a girl faced with shortness of breath, accompanied by your normal climbing the stairs, then took an important decision – it is time to throw the weight of the ballast.

All sorts of diets, which test I Tatyana, though helped, but often due to the girl breakdowns. Then she thought about the question, is it possible to weight reduction and in doing so, not to risk health, well-being and mood? Reading a variety of intelligent literature, Tatyana gradually built their diet, which in fact subject to the laws of a balanced diet. Tanja began to carefully count the quantities of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are needed to consume, then comply with the parameters and daily activity for the girls. According to Tatyana, his system was quite simple: breakfast and dinner it I have used complex carbohydrates and protein, and dinner - only proteins. As regards the sugary, then he Tanja promised to afford quite a few and only on the day, and the last meal of the day should be so, that he was not less than three hours before flying to the kp of the bed.


If the first time Tatyana did not have time to physical load, because he studied and also worked, after graduation, the girl registered hours in the fitness center, which is focused on cardio workouts and resistance loads. The resulting large weight loss – 4 years Tatyana threw 55 kg – the girl had to turn to the surgeons, which, through the skin, lifting power, without which there would be a handle.

Now Tatyana Fishermen are not the only happy owner of a slim figure, but also popular videobloge your author, several tips for quick and the right weight. The main rules that Tanja recommends to follow for all, who want to lose weight for girls, is directed by a specific purpose, the choice of diet, taking into account the personal data, but also faith in yourself.

The story of the real weight loss Cute Gritsenko: minus 38 kilograms

Childhood Mila Gritsenko separated by lush and in great shape, it is meant that for 14 years he weighed 70 pounds, if it's that economic growth that does not exceed 154 see Ridicule classmates has become an everyday thing at the start and the end of the day, that could not a frustrating girl, and when he first fell in love, then decided to change the situation. The more that the object of his love did not respond to reciprocate by offering the girl first zero a few tens of pounds. Milo I tried the orange diet, led him to hypervitaminosis, on an empty stomach, due to fainting and constant weakness, laxatives and special tablets, psychotropic means and enema, but the result was not.


When he met his future wife, who loves it in every weight and categorically refused to lose weight, is the life of the girls has totally changed through the 4 years Mila pregnant. It has become is night in a row, the general hormonal background if the hospital kojutuleku the weight of the girls have reached 90 kg, Milo began to look unkempt lady middle-aged reflection in the mirror on him at all. Milo turned to the mode of nutrition, which requires small but frequent snacks hour. The total received weight 36 kg of literally five months. At the same time, Milo has developed its own system of drafting, the purpose of which is not only losing weight, but also to change the food habits of the people, as well as destruction, depending on the meal.

The result of the work was so amazing that a Mile for the tips were for girls, who want to lose weight. Over time, he realized, that may make your profession achieve, have completed the iu fitness, opened his studio real weight loss and wrote a book of recipes "Eat and lose weight Cute Gritsenko". He is currently the lead author of motivational seminars, is the food for the program stars are ordinary girls, improving the efficiency of your method. Nearby points of interest also tips Cute can distinguish the following: the continuous conduct of practicing with the increase of working weights, cardio-workout, a proper diet the use of food 4-5 times a day, using a coffee scrub three times a week, sports nutrition.

The actual wasting Sony Rudenko: minus 20 pounds


Sonia Rudenko yet in kindergarten was a girl with chubby cheeks. Despite the fact that the school years its not apart is due to the excess weight, only prom she ever knew in good form, thanks to a restricted diet and I can, after school, the problem of excess pounds still conquered her. First of all, the weight came gradually, then it became attached to the all the faster. Sonia even specially code to eat, after the hypnosis he has issued methodical support in the normal diet, where he has been, but in a very short time.

The girl tried to have a lot of diets and even tried to do so love this sport, but nothing helped. One result gave the popular "the Kremlin" diet, by Sonja endlessly happy, but over time the weight will no longer fall, and at some point even included, despite the reached faithful observance of the rules of the program. Then Sonia Rudenko switched to low-fat cottage cheese and boiled chicken, which is helped to achieve her cherished numbers 50 kg, to Keep this kind of weight was simple, to this end, Sonya had to open for themselves a lot of healthy food and kalorivaesed foods on their basis. The girl fell in love with fish, eggs and vegetables that currently form the main part of their menu along with nuts, avocado and seeds, flax.

Now Sonia the way to successfully blog, which gives an example for many women. This will help them really lose weight and acquire a new life in a new slim body.

Sasha Versailles and the story of her actual weight loss: minus 20 pounds


It seems, growth 176 cm, weight 73 kg doesn't seem too big, but Sasha Versailles two and a half years ago, he was very clear and unpleasant. He has tried different diet, but the weight stands still. To get rid of excessive fat from stomach and hips, he found that a very good coach, who more and fell in love. Such crazy motivation has done its job. Now the girl can't imagine life without sport and exercise and the coach, who simultaneously is her husband, in all things to support a Sasha.

Now Sasha Versailles five pages on social networks, which motivates and inspires thousands of people use the weight loss. The main secret here is self-discipline, believes Sasha. Proper diet and workout – here is something that will surely help you lose weight, but you need to not give and not to feed yourself and search for the strength to work. This, that in the beginning it seems difficult, over time, becomes a habit. And if you manage to find a good mentor who will tell you what direction to move, then is success guaranteed.

For those who are just starting a complicated way to reset the weight, Sasha Versailles gives some advice:

  • Better to avoid strict diets, but adjust the diet and do sports should definitely;
  • Mandatory the right mood, where you do not feel, as if to deny yourself the pleasures and limitations of time, delicious food;
  • It is important to find your sport, the exercises, with whom is joy.

Marina: minus 35 pounds


Marina's childhood is no different thinness, the 15 years the scales showed a number of 75 kg, and all the barbs in your address is it already then looked jokingly do not show their pain. A girl trying to lose weight sufficiently rigid manner: it was only the apples, then did not merely water. Of course, such a diet impact on the health and well-being, appearance also stretch marks. 19 years, is Marina married, and then became pregnant, and like all future mothers, strong has added weight. When he checked out of the kojutuleku, the weight of the girl was 92 kg, which he intended to throw closer to the time. But this dream had not been determined to meet the weight only came to him immediately added to the depression and horrible breath, which lasted for another three years.

One day, Marina comes to mind came the idea: that if his son is the shy mother, her impressive shape? The inside is all turned upside down, because before he drew in his head the pattern of cooperation, active recreation, ice skating and hiking, in a word - full life, which is difficult to afford such weight. Therefore, there is a small son became a motivation for girls. About a year and a half in the Marina sat on the rough diet: in the morning the promised yourself but oatmeal, the day – one apple, and for dinner lightly sweetened with sugar cappuccino. Despite the stress, the change in mood and tantrums, the first month of the girl threw out the five pounds, and all the time – as many as 38! After a long refusal of the meal he realized that there is a need to change the diet, and have learned to practice the right diet. At the same time acquired the Marina and gym gym.

Now he eats five times a day, this diet of porridge, cheese and milk, coffee, nuts and dried fruits, chicken breast, salads, vegetables, cottage cheese, kefir and sour milk. Marina drinks a lot of water and recommends not to forget them in the rule. To eat and loves to physical exercise and its taught the actual wasting and an excellent result, which he was able to achieve. Now the son of the Marina has already been six years and he said boldly, that his mother is the most beautiful.

The actual wasting Eugenia Rakhimov: minus 33 pounds


When 156 cm growth Yevgeny Rakhimov weighing 91 kg, This weight was due to the fact that Ženja has always loved to eat well, his favorite was the delicious chocolate, why he did not become overlooked. First of all, the weight of him somehow not interfered with, but the course of the investigation turning girls girl taunts the condition has become frustrating and offensive. Young people, Evgeny attention did not turn, he is experienced without sharing love. If, after high school graduation, he moved to st. Petersburg, there Yevgeny discovered a number of network of fast food, went to the gym – but only birdies.

One day in the life of Eugene has become, one of his familiar, who long engaged in fitness participated in the competition in bikini. Yevgeny surprise and struck him in the press, he realized, that do not want to walk into the belly, that forever was see through pants and I took for myself. The girl began to read the calories, began attending classes with the container with the right meal – buckwheat, rice, fish and chicken. It is also dependent on the at I can. The weight began to fall, and clothing size decreases. Whether Eugene immediately appeared followers, who have become his tips to make your meals. Now the girl followed the basic rule: the weight goes then, if it takes more calories than consumed. He has had several programs on a smartphone, who believe in calories, is actively engaged in sport – circular and cardio workouts.

Holiday Ants will try to spend actively – rolls around roller skating, ice skating, a long walk. The more that it supports the more expensive he is a man, who while viewing his current photos can't believe that the pictures are really it.