5 effective exercises for slimming belly

Proper diet and physical exercise can help people keep the body toned, and a high level of health. The important thing is it actually — balance and systemic approach. It is important to pay attention to the regular execution of the use and selection mode.

The first thing to begin with — it is the food habits. And the sooner the better. It is advisable to run the process in the exchange diet for a couple of weeks before the workouts. So the body time, than to be cleaned and to give the maximum amount of energy with sports.

The Press are doing in the kitchen — nutrition basic rules. The best dinner slimming

Your diet should be approached with all gravity. No single workout will not bring the result, when there would be times in the kitchen. A healthy diet will switch itself, how to choose a quality, low-calorie food, so and is suitable for the selected mode of the meal.

Not in vain is not to say that journalism is doing in the kitchen.In the first stage it is necessary to understand your refrigerator. Many slot machines Breakfast, had dinner, and dinner, and don't think about always, which developed the product in the shopping cart.

Important to drink at least 1.5 liters of water — to-water starts the metabolism and losing weight go faster.

In order to eat properly it is necessary to remember the following golden rules:

  1. Food must be diverse. The more variety of fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, various cereals and nuts is on the table, the better.
  2. First of all, the food chain does not include products which are high-calorie (for example, bread, mayonnaise, potatoes).
  3. Eat better for less, but more frequently.
  4. To eat is desirable to slow, meal charges to be paid not less than 30 minutes, all carefully chew.
  5. It is desirable that the basis have a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Protein food is recommended to use breakfast and dinner.
  7. The body's normal operation for at least one day a week off (it is possible to dairy products, fruit).
  8. On the table was supposed to be only that of cooked food. Any canned food. The products only even and natural.

Lunch may include complex carbs (buckwheat, rice, macaroni is from durum wheat. Important to add fresh vegetables.

If a dinner of experts in nutrition recommend the use of only vegetables, meat and fish, steamed. They are quickly digested. Two hours before bedtime is best not to eat at all. At night is the body is to metabolize the substance, which is obtained in the day and expel toxins, its not in any case not to overload.

Exercise in a vacuum — how properly do and how it works

After that, when the power supply is the norm time to think about to add physical stress to improve your feel and get rid of the extra pounds.

Exercise vacuum

Exercise in a vacuum — it is one of the most effective class of pills waist area. A flat stomach can be done by yourself at home, without the help of a fitness coach and a hike in the gym. The important thing is it actually correct.

Note whether the vacuum has some contraindications: pregnancy, period after surgery or childbirth, menstrual periods. If the activity has caused the pain in the abdominal area, then this kind of physical activity better to postpone or to consult with a physician.

If assistance retracting it turns out, massage the internal organs. Metabolism improve, thanks to the rich vereringele. Generally improve your health authorities of the pelvis and abdomen. Going to stimulate the digestion, the intestine starts to work in the right mode, and strengthen your abdominal muscles. A couple of months if proper nutrition, appeared in the press.

In addition to the mandatory conditions, when you perform the exercises till the end of eat food, because four hours. If one of the days is not possible not to eat for such a period, then fill the vacuum should be in the morning before breakfast. A repeat task is the need to systematically every day.

Do the exercises need to put the feet shoulder width in the pelvic region, followed by slightly bend your knees. Hips best is to support the hands. The body weight bears to the area of the hands, it is important to feel the support, the wall of the abdomen and lumbar ice. After doing the locks. The first — Slipper-Bandha, in which the muscles of the perineum, first together, then stick a static position. Thanks to such activities, you can perfectly pull a little of the abdominal.

The throat of the castle are carried out pulling the hat up, chin close to the jugular notch. Need to try to swallow saliva. Such a lock writes hingekõrisse.

When doing linguistic castle to be flipped up on the end of the language and put its top in the sky teeth. Performance during the practice the body should be met by the heat, which means that the movement is in the right direction.

Exercise straps — how to properly make the slimming belly

In order for significant muscle shoulder area, hips, thighs, buttocks and back filled exercise band, that means work almost the entire body. Bar — this is a great option for those who have limited time for sports. Most importantly in this case, to properly hone the technique.

That as to be developed abdominal muscles, which is the need to put the brush hand under the shoulders. The knees must not bend, the spine is the only direct. Have to be sent strictly on. Press possible tenses.

Novice, experts recommend to deal with the use of the planck no more than 1 minute. Through every two days during the performance can be gradually increased to 30 seconds. Climbing is gradually brought to 3 minutes. Effects of reinforcement may be used in a more complicated variant, for example, fill the bar with the elbows. To do this can be at any suitable time.

Exercise bike journalism

Exercise bike

For the effective pumping of the press fit excercise bike. The task is completed at home, and gives you much more benefits, than the intense training of high-quality heart. The Bike helps improve metabolism and blood circulation in the body and work out your abs.

Some people after the system performs the exercises for several months more productively working digestive disorders. The additional load from the gluteal muscles, which helps to remove the superfluous centimeters and visually raise the hips.

In order for the bike, it is necessary to take a position lying down. The hips are strictly perpendicular to the surface of the mats. Hands during the performance of physical exercises must be strictly kept to the head, as otherwise the muscles are not developed enough to take advantage of. Fibulae hands lock also is not recommended, because it may injured the neck.

On can safely start to simulate driving on two three-wheel vehicle. First, to improve on one leg and after the second, and vice versa. One foot must be received from the flexed. The movement repeated in a circle.

Coaches recommend in the first stages to do no more than 8-10 reps, gradually increasing the load. The optimal number of approaches, from 3 to 4. The maximum number of repetitions is 20.

Lying down turning — the rise of body slimming belly

Exercise turning on the floor to train the muscles of the press. This task is fulfilled both in fitness-club, so and home. Depending on the selected option to make the physical burden of the chakras are also treated. different parts of the body.

If the classical turning on the floor running in the upper part of the press. That run used to be to lie on her back. Forward at right angles to compressed knees. Feet located on the floor, hands on head behind. The first exhalation to interrupt the scapula gender, abdominal muscles pingutuvad. Back to its original position should be exhaling.

To meet the tendency in twisting must lie down on the right side. Feet push upon each other and knees bent, the left hand goes over the head. First, you need to tighten obliques, then twist them before the highest point. Gradually the body sank down. The same many times repeated on the left side.

In relation to the execution of turning the norm everyone has their own. One of the people for quite a number of approaches, the other has enough strength of several dozen. All depends on the run level of the essential muscles and their strength.

The miracle of the roller or the method Fukutsudzi belly

Japanese method of weight loss reduces the waist and enhances the growth. The foundation of the method contains the doctrine, that the people just wrongly placed in the pelvic bone and hypochondrium, namely disturbed in their natural state. Dr. Fukutsudzi was sure that the posture is able to make a more slimmer and the waist thinner.

Exercise with the roll with

In order to properly perform the exercise, the need to twist the towel (reinforced by means of conventional threads). This is best done on the floor. Feet is bred in the width of the shoulders. The legs should be tilted so that thumbs are touching. The hands are the head behind. Palms on the floor in such a situation, that it is possible to touch only the little fingers. On relaxes the spin, in this position, it is recommended to keep at least 5 minutes. If not patience, then it is advisable to start even 1-2 minutes.

This kind of exercise specialists recommend to do not less often, than once a day. Only in this way is achieved a visible result. Remember to remove using the method Fukutsudzi from the extra pounds is not, for this purpose you have to regularly deal with cardio workouts. Exercise helps to create a good flow of blood to the waist area, improve posture, increase relaxation places, which in the past would remain, and visually adjust your figure.