29 HARD errors, if the body weight. How to properly lose weight

the essence of slimming

Sphere a slim body is now in our country and throughout the world acquires a completely new look. More and more people who want to be pumped to the muscles, a slender body, the embossing body, health. An important contribution to the growth of the popularity of the slim body is made for the development of information technology.

Promotion through the internet, information has become more accessible, more clear, more interesting.

Now, every person can find everything he needed, just by writing interesting its application in the search bar of Google and Yandex.

A big jump in the popularity of the harmony is held over the last 10 years.

It is natural that the number of educated coaches and professionals in this field may not grow is directly proportional to the. Although, it should be recognized that the success and in this direction is.

This article is separated you 29 big mistakes people who want to lose weight.

1. Desire to burn fat through the "greenhouse effect" or using the massage

People believe that yet another miracle "cream", belt weight loss and muscle pumping journalism, sauna, waiver fat deposits special simulators will help them lose weight.

Fat loss is the use of a special blood fatty acids and glycerol, which as a result of lipolysis as an energy source.

Now you understand how stupid the liquidation itself the food film use the entire garbage of the type belts to tablets, I hope, that the sauna, or a sauna you lose weight?

No "greenhouse effect", when we talk about burning fat DOES not EXIST!

In the sauna, in the bath, fat and other cells in our body LOSE WATER! But the cells of the kernels do not become less.Guess what happens after that, if, after the sauna you drink a couple of glasses of water? The fat cells are filled with water and the weight comes back to its place.

2. The desire to lose weight only one part of the body

"I have all ok, only here is to lose weight you should thighs and belly".

I think you often heard this kind of their friends and acquaintances.

But, again, not a single "distillation sebum" from one place to another or fat burning in one place cannot (there are a number of studies of local burning fat, but strong evidence of yet).

Fat burning triggers our hormones, which circulate THROUGHOUT the BODY!

The hormone does not only move in any particular court (such as thighs), he will be transferred to the bloodstream, the two circles of blood circulation, penetrating everywhere, where is possible to reach the (capillaries, vessels, veins, arteries) and for binding tissues through receptors.

3. Virtually complete refusal to eat

Another common error.

A sharp renunciation of the meals lead to a slower metabolism, that almost completely stops fat loss.

And after that, if you are not (and it definitely happens) to write yet more fat, because your body starts to think: "And if it repeats? To be to insure themselves in the event of hunger".

4. The battery of the main rules is any diet

The backbone of the diet – it is the creation of a LACK of CALORIES (energy) in our body.

  • If you consume MORE calories than spend, then you gain weight!
  • If you consume calories as much as spend, it has remained the same!
  • If you consume LESS calories than spend, you lose WEIGHT!

Something in our body is taken away.

If you get less power, when spend, then definitely you will get body weight.

5. No fractional diet

Reduce caloric can cause a slower metabolism, to end up with the fat loss.

So we need to cheat, our body, starting to eat frequently, but SMALL meals!

The Organism starts thinking about that: "Eat often, then there is no point slowing down the metabolism, energy missing".

But the amount per day you can eat LESS! So you can losing weight.

6. The complexity of the power initially

People, it seems that all the unusual ways from unusual way.

Therefore appear in the various idiotic diets and power.

The kremlin diet, diet Larisa Valley, chocolate diet, cabbage soup diet, green diet, and so on

The more you have the degrees of freedom (of products diet, supplements, shifts in the diet), the more DIFFICULT to PRODUCE the results of the ANALYSIS.

7. Ignoring the day and other activities after the training session

Many people think that it, how much they lose weight depends on just workouts.

People do not take their physical activities during the day + base pool of energy (metabolism and heat dissipation and so on).

Suppose that he consumes 2000 kcal per day.

He works in an office, all day sits on the fifth point and the evening was going to be working, check the food. And really, it starts gradually losing weight.

And what if this person loader and worn, like mad the whole day, the weight on the hands and the spine?

To him, those 2000 kcal per day turned out to be DISASTROUSLY a LITTLE, t. it is a 400 to 700 kcal per day to spend more.

Here you will slow down metabolism and stop weight loss.

Losing weight is the need to smoothly.

8. Use is not an effective type of physical activity

A thousand times have heard: "But what if I don't like to lose weight? This is so stupid. I better going for a swimming or dancing".

It's not that stupid and uninteresting and what is not.

Is that effectively, and that just frazzle you (or to suck your money), taking your time.

Physical exercise in the gym allows you not just to get rid of excess fat, it allows you to make beautiful muscles!

9. Ignorance of your "starting point"

The starting point is this number of calories you need during the day, not to plump and not losing weight.

Need it in order to start smoothly, reduce the calorie content.

Reduce calorie way to burning.

10. The lack of calorie calculation

Is obtained in the previous section.

If one day eat 1800 kcal and the next in 1920, then in 1750, and then 2100, then what kind of fat loss can go it?

You do not understand where to start, to gradually reduce the daily kalorisisaldust so stomp in place.

11. The lack of consideration in the proportions of bzh of

Necessary caloric we can choose whether we eat one of the potatoes, but whether this is correct?

For normal functioning of our body, we must consume:

  1. Proteins.
  2. Fats.
  3. Carbs.

Without taking into account the vitamins, minerals and other macro-and microelements.

Each CIBUS plays in our body an important role. In the absence of any of them may be not quite useful, to our balance.

12. The use of a large number of products with high GI

The glycemic index (GI) is a QUANTITATIVE indicator of the absorption of carbohydrates.

After eating products with a high glycemic index (carbohydrates that quickly absorbed mainly) the blood begins to circulate a large amount of GLUCOSE.

In response to the receipt of glucose, our pancreas begins to produce INSULIN (a transport hormone in our body, which transports glucose in places to use).

Insulin is an antagonist to somatotropiin (growth hormone, which is one of the hormone, which helps burn fat).

In other words, INSULIN STOPS the process of Weight loss.

Therefore, if more sweet and flour you eat, drink this beer, the more complicated you will lose weight.

13. Too frequent training program drying

Excessive stress during the energy shortages of anything at all.

So, the desire to do better, can only make worse.

The stronger is a training camp stress during drying, the greater is the probability of losing more muscles.

The best option: continue with power train unchanged. Plus, add a heart.

14. Increased the number of repetitions, if the shortened holiday workout

Reduce the staff to consider the way to decrease the size of the muscle (why body large muscles by consuming a lot of energy, as they can be and reduce the power consumption?).

Plus the new intensity of the workout causes the stranger to the stress is the organism, which really helps catabolite fat, but, unfortunately, not only fat.

Much faster burn and our muscles.

Thus, if time is limited, and you are not important as much muscle you to remain, then it is basically out, but if the muscles are playing for an important role, then leave your training programme unchanged.

the lack of muscle feelings

15. The lack of developed "muscle and feelings"

Most people are not willing to spend 1-2 month period to work with the reduced weight, in order to develop techniques and learn about reduction in the targeted muscle.

In the end, they immediately start to work with the staff at that moment, the scales, in order to more quickly pump out some sort of certain muscle.

The irony is, that in the end they lose time for much more, t. inlinuntur load, will not fall exactly on the goal can work only at the initial stage.

16. The daily lack of sleep

Wild up has not invented a better way to "restart" the system, when the sleep one way or another.

During sleep our body to actively run the processes of recovery, how the tissues and energy.

If we continuously ignore this process, sleep is still for 4-5-6 hours, then we will consciously we must understand that we can not recover before the end of the.

Especially, if you're still a lover of boobs with your friends on the weekends.

Over time, some of the body systems give up and starts to act up.

17. The lack of training diary

The training diary will give you to understand, how much you need to make each approach. In each exercise.

18. Effect of "Yes, went for it all"

Is such psychological moment, if people spent some time sitting on a diet, then allow yourself to eat something that is not provided by the menu.

For Example, "Snickers".

Then comes the guilt...

And people instead of just keep eating, eat more, thereby increasing the situation.

19. Excessive self-pity

Try to get rid of this habit. Practically no one is uninteresting. People are inherently selfish.

20. Do not understand why is this needed

Happens such a situation, if you don't understand that what you are doing something.

The girl starts to go gray, but very soon his motivation dropped.


He will be lazy in training and after they jammed all this thing with ice cream.

The success of the zero, the mood is bad (the husband I do not want), motivation is zero.

What to do?

To understand why this is USEFUL to YOU!

21. Too sudden transition to a new type of food

Suppose that the people ate as creepy, but suddenly he has decided to change their body and life.

It limits the kalorisisaldust and starts to eat according to plan.


Explosive energy shortage – it is a STRESS to the body. He by all means contributes to the fact that you ate a little more.

You have the fear of want is available, feel fatigue and sluggishness (metabolism is slowed down, the organism tries to spend less energy), that we want to sleep.

Go for a new type of diet – it is WELL. But do not do it abruptly. How smoothly you make the transition, the lower is the probability that the organism reacted negatively.

22. Masochist the

Many people think that they eat a little, in fact, they eat too much!

They have a nutrition plan, but sometimes things as they will eat then a banana, yogurt, then the candy way.

In the end, they constantly fall out, the corridor calorie and even has begun to gain weight.

It is even not their fault.

Our body has amazing adjustment mechanisms.

If you have decided to lose weight, you eat a set plan, because otherwise there is a risk a lot of time spent wasted.

23. Inadequate water consumption

Almost all reactions in our body take part in the water.

If it lacks all the reactions of course is slowing down.

Try to drink 2-3 liters of clean water per day, and you will see how your success may accelerate.

The lack of analysis and correction of weight loss

24. The lack of analysis and correction of weight loss

Think about your kalorisisaldust to analyze the results of each week (weight, reflected in the mirror), and change bids on their progress.

25. I expect immediate results

If you are throughout their lives as wanted and not workout, wrote 110 kg, then do not expect that the process of losing weight is instant.

Over time, our body is going to be "it" and gets used to your weight and body composition.

Thus, the longer you've been complete, it will be more complicated you will lose weight.

Be patient. If you do all correctly, then progress is inevitable, but do not expect that you will instantly a couple of workouts or useless times to loose weight, which is with you for years.

26. Eating night

All the different schedule, a variety of a lot of free time, but it is a big mistake is the almost complete absence of meals during the day and eating at night.

Such a large difference between eating slows down the metabolism.

And eating before bedtime will do the hard work of our pancreas, injecting the blood of a large quantity of insulin.

Insulin alleviates the action of hormones that help burn the fats arising during sleep (growth hormone, for example), t. up. is their antagonist by.

Such manipulations are not very useful in terms of weight loss, yes, and health.

27. Hope the fat burners, if the lack of nutrition

The girls are buying a lot of different fat burners.

And are wondering: "Why can't I lose weight?".

Therefore, that there are BOOSTERS for weight loss, but are not substitutes.

If you do not control diet, to lose weight it is very and very difficult.

28. Too long to transition from knowledge to action

Is there such type of people: the eternal students.

They are constantly find anything, can any new information, but NEVER NOTHING!

Sometimes, the most difficult is to START to do something.

When you begin to do at least something, then, later, easier to regulate their movement, because the theory is, as usual, VERY FAR from the practices.

29. There is no specific goal, and the mad desires

If you don't know what you want, and the result is inlinuntur and easy.

Many people say: "I want to pump, but so that without the fat, well and a bar I want to be born, and yet the dance I, and boxing to the deal". In the end, everywhere failure.


"The different nature of load gives the average unexpressed result"

It is no wonder that there is a proverb:

"For two rabbits to chase, no not again"