Exercise for weight loss

When your favorite dress I can't turn off, and the phrase a Good man should be much more calm, read this article about training for weight loss!

If you mostly do sedentary, experiencing constant anxiety and dubious is diet meals, then it is likely this article to workout for weight loss - just for you.

To have a beautiful body without excess fat wants each and every, however, if you don't have a predisposition genetically do not accumulate fat in excess, you have a lot of work to do. Although due to physiological sex differences, training programs for weight loss men and women differ, there are some general instructions for all those looking to lose weight in weight burning fat.

exercise for weight loss

And now a few words about the process of fat burning. Fat, usually, has the property no longer deposited in specific parts of the body, such as, for example, the men in the area of goudi, in women, the thighs and buttocks. However, in order to get rid of this point does not work, because this process is regulated by hormones, itinerant from the body. Hence the conclusion - if you intend to lose weight, you lose in forms everywhere. The human body is designed so that it contains substances that assist in the breakdown and the conclusion of the fat and prevent the losses. Therefore, the main part of the substances intended for human consumption, during the period of exercise for weight loss, focus on the lock of the last item.

Principles of exercise for weight loss

If you know the basic principles of fat burning, to choose or even compose the workout, which will lose weight, it won't be for your work.

A common workout for weight loss

Your body will give response to the workout and will begin the relief pounds only if you beat the usual balance and load to the maximum. And what can be more difficult cleverly crafted load throughout the body in a band? It doesn't make sense for weight loss raise the arms, the legs, the back, the upper or lower part of the body separately. To build a fire, fat burning workouts for weight loss must be serious for the whole body, not just one part.

Strength training with free weights for weight loss

Training for weight loss should be not only surround the whole body, but and to consume energy by itself, and that can only mean one thing - free weights. The more exercise is performed standing without bending over, to lie down or sit, so much the worse for the fat and the best for you. Rod, dumbbells, multifunction block simulators have more degrees of freedom in contrast with smart, highly directional simulators, which means that it will include the work of the muscles.

Adaptation - enemy of slimming

adapting enemy slimming

During the fight with the fat's worst enemy - adjustment. Once you have got used to the loads, have to stop is for you the stress of a high order, and the body has adjusted and stick with them. In biochemical terms it simply means that the concentration of cortisol in the blood is reduced. Your body starts to feel a little similar isolated exercise, it needs a shake! Try to get away from the standard fitness exercises and to take into account something from the arsenal of weight lifting. And what do you do? Combine fun!

High intensity interval cardio for weight loss

Work with iron can be extremely effective and traumatic to the musculoskeletal system. To make your workout more energy-expensive and safe, enter the coaching plan and the high level of training in cardio equipment.

I bet you didn't know that the modern equipment for cardiovascular exercise are distant descendants of the first medical rehabilitation devices for physically disabled people.

You can perform interval cardio for weight loss at the gym, at home and on the road, all that is needed in this case - the interval timer. Read more about interval training you can read here.

A high number of repetitions

To the glycogen in the muscles is separated into glucose, the approaches we have yen, at least 8, but not more than 20 reps. Approaches will need to be too much, 5-6. Only in this case the body will take over so strongly protected fat reserves.

Power evolution

It is a very large number of iterations will not bring the much anticipated indicators in the scale, because the intensity of these training for weight loss is not measured by the number of repetitions, and the amount of collected pounds per unit of time. You will still need to increase weight work, and as long as will is, the greater the stress you are applying to the body.

A reduction in rest breaks

It is worth add - between sets. If will be continuously preventing the body to recover after exercise, you can finally start to waste the fat deposits - quickly and efficiently. To keep the slim body in tight gloves, keep the situation reasonable energy deficit: makes a great approach with the big weight? Don't try to relax, immediately to proceed to the next approach. 2 hours worked at the gym and spend the whole stock of glycogen in the muscles? Don't even think about large amounts of carbohydrates! Remember the basic principle of exercise for weight loss: anxiety, stress, and, once again, a positive stress for the body! The easiest way to create - with the consequence that the limitation pause rest between sets. This can be done to infinity, turning gradually your workout in a circular, in which there is generally no rest between sets.

Two workouts each other

workout each other

Power training and the right training cardio the next day for intensive weight loss - your body just won't be able to respond to an explosion like that! The deficit of glucose and oxygen debt that has already been created and those overlapping another devastating effect. Watch out, the fat!

Frequency - the key to weight loss

You have to train a bit more, than at other times. Daily workout contribute to the high concentration of cortisol in the blood, and during the combustion of fat. Remember: no less than 4 workouts power the week, and in addition to cardio and HIIT .

It took you a long time

Workout duration 90-120 minutes - this is another reason to focus on the secretion of catabolic hormone during the period of weight loss. Along with all of your favorite exercises, it's time to do it. However, change your fat burning program every 3-4 weeks. Do it more often it's not worth it, especially yourself, in the opposite case, the risk of losing accumulated results.

Accelerate the process of recruitment of muscle mass will help sports nutrition - protein, creatine, gainer, arginine, BCAA, amino acids. These supplements have been specially designed for athletes and fitness active people a different level of readiness. Such drugs are absolutely safe, as well as their effectiveness is already proven.