slimming tea

Recently great popularity acquired, the path to weight loss. With this you can buy from the pharmacy and prepare yourself. A definite plus is just a homemade way to weight their absolute naturalness. And even if they have side effects, then they do not pose a serious threat to health.

Slimming tea with ginger

Recipes slimming tea is very much and you can choose exactly what and brings the desired result in the form of reduced weight and enrich the body has the useful features and the enjoyable process of its consumption.

Recipe for slimming with ginger. This recipe is one of the most well-known, because the have helped is not for one generation to get rid of excess weight. Among its useful features stimulate blood circulation, acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, which takes a direct role in burning fat cells. To prepare ginger tea tablets should be cut into small pieces ginger, fill it with water and put on fire, let boil and simmer for another 20 minutes. After this, if the tea chilled to room temperature, it can be used inside, in advance of adding honey or lemon to taste.


Recipe for green tea ginger. Boil the green tea for 5 minutes, then pour it in the container and add a few slices of dried ginger. After half an hour the way can be to drink. With such a recipe for slimming tea helps not only to get rid of extra pounds, but will slow down the body's aging process and get rid of a runny nose and cough.

Slimming tea to your taste

Recipe slimming grass. A mixture of one part of the root of the dandelion, mint leaves, fruit, parsley, fennel and the three part is the crust buckthorn. Pour the herbs with boiling water over and let the road within 15 minutes. Then filter the herbal tea and eat it 2.l. in the morning on an empty stomach. In taking such a slimming - 2 months.

Recipe slimming tea raspberry. Pour the 1h.l. crushed leaves, raspberry a glass of water and boil. Then remove from the heat and leave to pull in 15-20 minutes. Then add yourself to make pureed berries, raspberries.

The tea recipe is the pill in mountain ash. A mixture of a total of 7 pieces of dried berries of mountain ash and 3 parts rosehip or nettle leaves and pour 2 cups of boiling water. Leave pull in the broth for 4 hours, then filter and take half a cup of drink three times a day between meals.

Recipe slimming tea out of the apple. Apple should be small and sour, which best suits the variety antonovka. Boil normal black tea and add a finely chopped apple. Leave pull in for 5-7 minutes and drink. This road is to take care of not only their extra kilograms, but save the cholesterol and strengthens blood vessels.

Recipe slimming tea, you can choose any according to your personal preference and the possible contraindications. The main thing is that the effect is of each of them do not care is achieved, and do not require much effort.