Effective exercises for slimming party at home

In order to remove excess sediment and to find the wasp waist may not go to the gym. There are a variety of exercises for slimming party at home

exercises for losing weight on the sides

Slim waist - it is the ideal towards which strive for many women. The constitution is we are all different, and if one of the girls, in order to maintain the shape of the practically nothing not need to do, then others will have to apply herculean effort to lose weight waist, at least a few centimeters. In order to remove excess sediment and to find the wasp waist may not go to the gym. There are a variety of exercises for slimming half of the home, which will help to achieve the desired result.

Cause fat the distinctive teeth on the sides of the

A little bit of fat in the abdominal area is considered the norm, as the goal is to protect the internal organs and bones. But the excess fat deposits around the waist creates discomfort and in advanced cases it can threaten health.

Excess fat accumulation may occur in the following cases:

  • Poor metabolism and low metabolism.
  • Hereditary factor also affects a lot of fat.
  • A sedentary and passive lifestyle.
  • Regular eating.
  • Stress and diseases.
  • Hormonal changes.

Tip! Effective slimming is not recommended to sit in the dieting. Food should be balanced. Better to limit the consumption of starchy food, which is sweet, smoked and salty.

The rules of the workouts

Effective workout it is necessary to follow certain recommendations:

  • Practice must be at least three-four days a week.
  • Workout should be carried out with correct diet regime.
  • An hour before the workout and after is not advisable to eat.
  • Before the workout need to do exercise.
  • Replays and approaches to make activities more efficient.
  • Before the physical education of you can wrap the front seats and the belly of a blend of polyethylene and equipped with Thermal endurance. This allows to increase perspiration and speed up the fat burning.
  • Exercises side should be included in the general exercises of the complex, a greater impact.
  • After a workout it is worth to take a contrast shower, which makes the thighs over tightened.

Tip! To organise teaching better in periods of individual of the maximum activity. "Owls" recommended to choose the official training and "larks" in the morning.

A strict diet and shortage of food, which does not lead to the desired results

How to choose the exercises?

The more approaches and repetitions, the faster the swinging press. It is important to choose the optimal speed of the train, so as not to damage the heart. That lower back detrimental to the swing with a deflection in connections. When the swing of the press, the lower back need to press hard to the floor. The best work at the bottom of the press, should be to raise the feet, not the body.

If the problems of the lower back is the need to carefully perform turning and climbing the casing.

The effect is, even if pay 15 minutes a day exercises to remove the fat the distinctive teeth on the sides.

The particular efficiency different for the following exercises:

  • Tilt in all directions 25-30 times and 5 approaches.
  • Jumping rope within 8 to 12 minutes or on the ground 15.
  • Tilt in all directions in a sitting position with a delay of 30 seconds.
  • Mahi ago 30 times. Just such a machs burden falls on the lateral field.
  • Helps to reduce on the sides of the hoop. It is necessary to twist 10-30 minutes each day. Although there are opinions that such exercise will damage internal organs.
Jumping rope - good cardiac loading, which contributes to the overall thin into

Exercises are of two types: anaerobic and aerobic. Recent speed up metabolic processes, speeds up palpitation. Such loads may be due to running, jumping, cycling, and dance movement. Aerobic exercises will help lose weight and reduce the fat layer of the waist. Heart allow to spend internal fat, which accumulates around the makers. Anaerobic load will help to improve the electrical characteristics of the muscles, it also strengthens the lihaskorseti and hair posture.

In order to lose weight such a difficult area, such as boca, an integrated approach is needed.

Tip! If seated work is required each hour to organize a small workout. You can raise the feet of the socks, heels, compacted and restored to the buttocks and to confuse and make the scapula. All of this is done sitting on a chair. In the evening it is recommended to do a long walk.

Effective exercises for losing weight at home

To achieve the result it is necessary to choose a full-fledged exercises in the complex, to the abdominal muscles. The main focus should be to make the obliques.

  • Rotation of the hoop is considered to be one of the best exercises. The execution time of all the muscles of the pingutuvad journalism. Ringliikumist to massage the fat deposits and is a mechanical effect.
  • All muscle groups are used fitball. Load the ball more forgiving.
  • Useful waist different turning. These can be done standing, sitting on a chair or also using the sword.
  • Helps to reduce fat in the distinctive teeth on the sides of the exercise bike. You can drive in to connect to the knee of the opposite elbow and vice versa.

Tip! Fat burning gets better, if the problem areas of distributed anti-cellulite cream and food wrap film. That the body began to burn fat, should be addressed not less than half an hour.


Before the main workout should be to do workout, to warm up the muscles. Such training protects against sprains and injuries. Enough to choose 4-6 movements qualitative warmed up.

  1. Met the circular motion of the shoulders.
  2. The same movement is made with hands.
  3. That hip mobility made pies mahi bent feet.
  4. Use the inside of your socks.
  5. The turns of the torso on both sides.
  6. Squats getting into socks. On inhale done squat, exhaling knees straightened, made rise of the socks and the hands on the blank back.
  7. The feet are placed wider than the width of the shoulders and do the lunges, the legs.
Jumping rope

Tip! That the hours were more effective, be pills consume the following products: apples such as carbohydrates, almonds reduces hunger, avocado is rich in fiber and monounsaturated unsaturated fatty acids, cucumber and watermelon contains a minimal amount of calories, the beans, reduces the hungry sense.

The main exercises of the complex

Each exercise should be done 10 to 20 times. The main workout may include the following options for exercises:

  1. Tilt the made standing. The best hand is located on its side, but the left-through the head stretches the right side. Run 8-15 repetitions on each side.
  2. Do the exercises grinder, it is necessary to put feet shoulder width apart and to bend over forward. With one hand raise up and the other down. The body to be flipped so that each hand alternately touched the opposite sock feet.
  3. Turning is made to lie down in the position. Must lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Then exhaling feet hit one, then the other side.
  4. Side molding allows you to work through not only the side portion but also the buttocks. If doing the exercises is necessary to accommodate the sideways and the lack of a gender bent elbow from the lower arms and legs. Housing is necessary to raise, so she got one line. This situation should be to remain anywhere from a minute. It also made the other side.
  5. The bicycle is completed lying down. Feet bent knee. Need to reach right elbow to left knee and then the left side better.
  6. Sitting on the floor, made the emphasis reserved for the back, hands, buttocks, a bit of a slip, feet bent knee and rise up.
  7. On the floor lying, feet a little raised and farmed by the exhalation. Repeat 20 times.
  8. Ideal for abdominal muscles the following exercise. Lying on its side, is filled to the emphasis of the elbow. Then slowly rises to the foot. The alarm is repeated 20 times on one side and the other.
  9. Sitting on the floor, made to tilt directly at the feet of the. Hands are needed to get a hold of to tip of socks, and my trying to reach up to the knee.
  10. To its original position, as in the previous exercise, but at the same time, the feet need maximum dissolve. Met the alternate tilt one leg, the second and directly. Every time, when the need to reach as far as possible, that the body is trying to hold of sex.

Tip! Incredible results provides a fast walking 30 minutes a day. This exercise of low intensity improves the metabolism and gives a good load of the heart. Have the opportunity many times a week should do the jog.

Exercises of the complex with the contraptions

To practice at home, you can use simple simulators and various tools. No need to buy an expensive treadmill or bike.

You can use the following points:

  • The lever allow to increase the load. They must strengthen the muscles of the press. Even a simple tilt of the side lever in the hand is much more effective.
  • Jumping rope act for all muscle groups. Already a week of regular workouts can be seen in the first results.
  • Is the swirling of the le is done twisting movement. Use this to remove excess fat in waist and train the muscles of journalism.
  • The hoop not only makes the waist thinner, but and firming the skin on the belly, but also gently massage the internal organs.
  • Fitball at can do a variety of exercises. It allows to strengthen muscles of the back, feet, as well as erect and burns excess fat.
  • Sitting on a chair is necessary to raise the feet, flexed her arms in the stomach. Made 15 approaches.
Exercises of the complex with the contraptions

Tip! In order to more quickly achieve the desired results of the workout should be done at least three times a week. The best time for practicing is 11 in the morning up to 14 hours, in the evening from 18 until 20.

Useful tips

Delete folds around the waist by means of a flexible get, if there is no excess food and a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Calories must be reduced so that its value was a bit less than is needed in the body during the day.
  • Food should be taken 5-6 times a day small portions, as well as to consume about two liters of clean water.
  • Every day it is necessary to provide an organism to the training load. It is the main workout can be done three times a week. And every day doing light gymnastics in the morning, do half hour walks or light jogging.

The main workout can be done three times a week. And every day doing light gymnastics in the morning, do half hour walks or light jogging

That weight lowering was effective pays for an integrated approach:

  • Need is to give up habits: smoking and adopt alcohol even in small quantities.
  • It is not recommended to take antibiotics and hormonal drugs.
  • Be well sleep.
  • Massage the belly and on the sides improves the results.
  • If additional procedures may be used for anti-cellulite wrap. In doing so, prepare a mixture of algae, chocolate and honey.
  • Contraindicated is an intense workout pancreatitis, hernia, osteokondroos, cholelithic diseases after cavitary operations and any pain sensation. Exercises should be done only after consulting the doctor.

Tip! Breastfeeding mothers are not worth to throw the lactation for the sake of losing weight. During this period, you can do simple exercises.

Important rule, that if the weight on the sides is correct. Being a rational diet, and doing the recommended complexes of exercises are able to achieve excellent results even in the home.