5 real stories pohudenii photo

The best motivator in order to align yourself with the form is the real history of the people who it happened to. In this article, I want to introduce you to the girls who have had serious problems is more weight and been able to bring myself to the queue.

The incredible story of the slimming

Christina Taylor


UP to 172 kg, — 90 kg

Constantly foods fast food and your favorite pizza is already 15 years Kristina took over the 170 kg bodyweight. And when his class traveled to Italy, everything went through the epic ruins and Cristina is forced to been a wallow in the room, because of the failed long move of their carcases, and heavily tired. Finally, he firmly decided to change myself. First, he began to indulge in according to their abilities home aerobics, then reached before the gym, and is located in the power workouts.

The first 7 months Kristina threw out 23 kilos of further weight loss will last in the following years. The end of 7 months of hiking to the gym and avoiding fats in fast food Kristina weight up to 90 kg

How the result is found the man and immediately adds nearly 30 kilograms, relaxed and changing your over a healthy food habits. But, took itself in the hands he was able to win back the itself the target level is for him 200 pounds (90 kg).

Amanda Green

BEFORE: 75 kg AFTER: 54 kg

35-year-old mother in Texas questus adip is very simple: after the second child just graduated from the monitor itself, ate what I wanted, did not. Her husband is a police officer constantly missing, and the mother with two children stuck in the stress of French fries. And if your growth 160 cm selected 75 kg, Like any fat she tries to avoid mirrors, calming himself, trying to myself to like, to saw the end of the Christmas family photo. The shock and sure solution is to deal with yourself.

Amanda began to get rid of junk food, got to check the weight of the meals and is located in the heart of the DVD — sweating an hour a day in front of the tv. The first result will always be the most visible and fast - minus 7 pounds in a few months. But over time, in this way, the "vix" was able only up to 61 kg. Weight 6 more pounds Amanda added hours are free weights 3 times a week. All of this is, he has to spend a year and a half.

Courtney Stearns

BEFORE: 82 kg AFTER: 59 kg

17 whether Courtney found in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one, the consequences of which — set weight. And his habits of eating a bunch of sweets and the traditional teen ignoring a healthy diet would want him inevitable — has made his body of the 82-kg. That pretty much girls growth 167 see

Courtney then quickly collect a weight of 1-1,5 kg per week.

He has tried to deal with various activities, but laziness beset products girl, everything was enough for him interesting and annoying, until one day his neighbor did not take Courtney a Boxing workout. He fell in love with, if this action and got to visit a workout day, jump rope, winning the bulb, Dodge blow.

The first month he threw about 5 pounds. The result inspired by Courtney and she continued losing weight, a total of more than 20 pounds.


Katrina Macleod.

UP to: 100 kg AFTER: 59 kg

After school, Katrina eating meat and for ethical reasons. But instead go for cereals, vegetables, fruits, and she became the queen of simple carbs

Output married and given birth to two children has given him yet more psychological reasons for not noticing your overweight. The result is this lovely 160-centimeter female the design of the 100-kilogram miracle. So considering even the movement of the trade center given to him seriously. And if he couldn't even find a suitable size, among the largest sizes in the store.

The first thing to start the fat very reasonable and correct — read the calories and monitor your diet, moved on to complex carbs and vegetables. Only that he managed to get rid of the first 18 kg, After that add in a morning jog.

Year exchange lifestyle Katrina considered already 72 kilograms. But he also did not remain and go up to her 59 kg helped her to the gym and practicing.

Andrea Tinkalyuk

BEFORE: 86 kg AFTER: 66 kg

Andrea always engaged in very different sports and even continued to do after university occasionally played volleyball, hockey and football, but such a life has not prevented him to choose the 86 kg weight, that is still a bit much even so high girls (175 cm). "After the merrymaking, we usually went to drink beer and eat burgers" — said Andrea.

Andrea decided to lose weight take a trip back to the dominican republic and registered for classes with free weights. Before the lesson he has undergone a medical examination and terrified to know that he has a body at the level of 45-year-old woman and 86 kg of body weight.

It startled him so, that he has decided to change your life and habits. The most difficult — he had to overcome in your life aversion to vegetables, she became to make them plant mass, has changed eating habits. But no longer drink with friends, the transition from the beer a little less high-calorie cocktails.

In addition to practicing, he added, swimming and nine months classes even participated in their first triathlon. During this period, he has already managed to loose the first 11 kg, Andrea has not been suspended, and this, and now weighs 66 kg.