Exercises weight stomach and on the sides of the home

The bulging belly is with the sagging half of the not necessarily belong to the full – it is a common phenomenon and I have a wicked person. And rid of these problems happens sometimes not easy, especially given the food cravings and a sedentary lifestyle.

But if the decision is made and the goal is to plan, then exercises weight stomach and on the sides in women help in this. It remains only patience and gradually move on to its implementation.

Introduction – why the fat deposited on the abdomen and the distinctive teeth on the sides of the

Why the fat deposited on the abdomen and the distinctive teeth on the sides of the

Nowadays, extra pounds in the stomach area is not uncommon, with this affects how the female half of humanity, and male. In addition to the ugly look, a big belly can bring still, and the emergence of certain diseases. And start must be to understand the causes the fat deposits just in those places on the body:

  • Thanks to the resources of the food and a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, is an infringement of metabolic processes in the body. As a consequence, will come with food energy did not fully achieve, regularly adding a couple of centimetres of differentiation between the teeth on the sides and on the belly;
  • Problems with the kidneys or heart can cause delays in the liquid, which leads to extra weight;
  • The broken piece of the digestive system, which leads to constant constipation, against the existing quality of the conclusion of harmful substances. The body to avoid interference in the work of all systems, you will see the fat stomach and the distinctive teeth on the sides safeguards purposes;
  • The constant stress condition – the hormones produced by at this time in the body increases the appetite and desire to eat sugary foods. In response to the increased indicators of sugar in the blood, starting to secrete insulin. This, in turn, the breakdown of the presented glucose in the tissues and muscles;
  • Regular use of trans-fats, which include muffin, margarine, fast foods and so on;
  • Elevated indicators in the blood bad cholesterol and sugar. It can be both a genetic predisposition, so also the consequence of a wrong lifestyle.

Fat set quantity needs of our organism has the right to produce hormones and energy. It also protects internal organs from external influences.

But do not let the too deposited fat in that area – there is a predominance of greater than 10 kg, said that the problem is the time to decide.

Otherwise, the result will be sugar diabetes, stroke, cancer formations and illnesses of the CAS. So that the fat on the belly it is necessary to act wisely and purposefully, took patience.

Correctly selected exercises and a balanced diet can significantly change their appearance and life as a whole.

Important: this is not a temporary activity — selected healthy lifestyles and the modified rational diet should be adhered to throughout its life!

The gym

Beginners fitness recommended two months as the gym, to master the correct technique of execution, but also in order to the body to retract the process, and hereinafter referred to as by yourself require in the load.

Another plus to visit the gym — experienced teacher to draw up individual exercises complex slimming belly and sides is a woman and also checks the child's accuracy of the fill.

More specialized halls, usually is to use the bike and/or jogging, which is necessary for the aerobic load. It is true that people who are shy to run outdoors.

And one more motivating reason to visit the gym – purchased ticket will not skip to take.

Exercises for the stomach and the sides of the home


Home exercises for slimming belly and sides may be a week delete several millimeters. Their number depends on the initial weight of regular workouts and diet.

Tips and recommendations before workouts

The course begins should consist of aerobic load in the form of light jogging on the street or on the treadmill, jumping rope, brisk walking or bike rides. Then perform warm up your body exercises and stretching ultimately preparing the body's core complex.

Two hours before the start of your eat – it should be a dish quickly digested products, which contain protein and fiber (vegetable salad, boiled chicken breast).

During the exercise be sure to drink a small sip as the simple still water every 10 minutes. And during the day drink up to 8 glasses of fluid, including the first meal, coffee, tea, juices and fruits.

How to correctly work in the area of the abdomen

Due to the excessive body weight is difficult to do any exercises, affordable thin. Plus the presence of dyspnea and high pressure make it difficult to jogging or even fast walking.

That it was possible to do all this, it is necessary first of all to reduce the weight and help this people to static exercises. The complexity is necessary to set time hold the position, gradually increasing the load:

  • Sitting or standing in the wink of sleep the castle the brush hands back behind and pushed head, pointing to the resistance. Enough to be 12 times within 5 seconds 2-3 approach.
  • Snuggle your back is against the wall, taking a hold of all items weighing up to 1 kg – dissolve in the hand, hold for 1 to 3 minutes. Then a bit of rest and repeat – 3 approach.
  • Sitting on the floor, legs straight – raise one leg, hold for 30-60 seconds, then the second. Fill each leg of the 3 approach.
  • The emphasis on the elbows and socks on their feet, raising the casing to the surface, kept him within 30 seconds and more. The strain in doing so, abdominal, gutted itself, and buttocks.
  • To lie on its side – the elbow, lift the body and keep the 30 and more seconds – 3 approach each side.
  • Standing on the surface or a raised platform to climb up socks and stand as 2 minutes. Rest more than a minute and again repeat. And so 3 times.
  • Run squat by setting the position of the minute — 3 approach.
  • Seve on the floor, feet flexed – handed squeeze on both sides of the hips, trying them wink of sleep. The feet are thereby resistance – 3 approach to 15 seconds or more.
  • The same thing, but try inside dissolve the feet.
At the end of the complex so, as a start, do a workout consisting of aerobics and stretch marks the main muscle groups.

There are still exercises, slimming belly and sides offered by the coach is coach Anita Lutsenko, which can improve the appearance of the waist in a couple of weeks of regular job:

  1. I. P. – in the gray on the floor bent legs and rounded arms in front of – go to the right and to climb back through the left side of the I. P.;
  2. Rose to one knee, the other leg to put aside a sock, hands in the wink of sleep, because the head – the slope of the hull is limited to the foot, and the return of Vi Ap the same to the other side;
  3. Rose to both knees, hands on top – the slope of the casing, first one side and then the other;
  4. Get down on the floor, raised his hands and feet – pull each other in the same limb (the right hand is by the right knee and vice versa).
Each of the above exercises are done over 3 approach to 15 times.
Schedule and results

No need to wait for cardinal changes in a short time, but feel and see results already within the next few weeks to meet given all of the recommendations.

Additional methods of fat removal in the world's troubled places

Lose weight and remove excess fat in the belly and on the sides can not only physical exercise and correct diet. It is generally changes in lifestyle, which includes daily walks in the fresh air, the outputs with friends to the wild and so on.


The television may also view the useful in the body, spinning the hoop. In the office every hour to be the rise and do tilt the chassis down and forward, squats, kätekõverdusi to the table. Even sitting in a chair in front of the computer, tighten and relaxing the gluteal muscles, going workout problem areas.

The execution of self-massage or complaint of professional help more quickly to get rid of excess cm, waist. Standing in the soul, to make the massage the flow of water, the purpose of which is problematic zones.

It turns out that in each paragraph is found in the additional options for the major muscles and burning calories.

Fill in all of the above recommendations, it is possible to greatly improve not only your appearance, but also life in general.