Wraps for losing weight - a detailed description, types, tips, contraindications

For the first time wraps the application to fight cellulite, but over time, it has been observed that every procedure reduces the the body of 1-2 centimeters. Homemade wraps pills useful whole body and to individual paragraphs. Some experts argue that the effect of reducing the volume of held fats burning interlayer, but others think it's the result of o a large amount of water then recover.

Whatever it was, resulting in skin firming, young and as a result increase the metabolism of the channels improves lymph circulation becomes more intense. Tone, lose the orange peel, the skin performs minerals and vitamins. To ensure that the result of body wraps to better connect the physical loads and proper diet. At home, you can use any specialized tool, as well as different configurations of cooked itself. Best of all is homemade to spend packing procedure using normal food film.

Wraps pills are divided into hot and cold. More effectively warm, when through the open pores are cleared of toxins and waste products. Cold procedure excellent for toning and to rejuvenate the skin, collapse through the blood vessels, and redirect toxins to the organs of internal cleansing. These procedures are shown, as swelling, fatigue, perceived of severity, useful for pulling loose skin.

wrap slimming

Wraps slimming belly at home: o in accordance with the procedure

Best of all, this procedure works, if you do it on an empty stomach. In this day of the boundary of the liquid yoghurt, yoghurt, tea, in general, drinking diet. Advisable not to eat before and after the procedure, about 2-3 hours. The Norm of the liquid it day - by- 2 - 2,5 liters, drink small portions. The manufacture of mixtures of home wraps is able to take different ingredients, it is best to experimentally find the most effective recipes that fit just right for you. Choose a time, preferably in the evening, and spend the procedure, at bedtime day.

Wraps for losing weight - a couple of original recipes

The recipe is 1: šokolaadimähis. Melt the two plates of the chocolate in a water bath and transfer the warm mixture to the abdomen.

Recipe 2: Blue clay - the most effective kind of all types of colored clay. Dissolve the powder in a bowl with water until the consistency of sour cream.

Recipe 3: sea Algae (kelp or bladderwrack), acquiring the dried form from most pharmacies. Pour the hot water about 3 tablespoons kelp and infuse for half an hour. The mixture should swell, then about half an hour after the transfer onto your body.

Recipe 4: Wrap the pepper and cinnamon. Take ground cinnamon (10 grams), ground red pepper (1-2 tsp), sunflower oil (2 tablespoon), essential oil of citrus (6-7 drops). Not to drink before and after the procedure to make 10-15 times within one month. Pepper cannot be used when the varicose veins and vascular sprockets.

Recipe 5: Coffee - a very effective wrap for weight loss based on the action of caffeine, actively to promote the breakdown of fats. Dilute 3 tablespoons does not boiled coffee, dilute until you get a thick gruel with warm milk.

Recipe 6: Oil wraps the body weight – 20 ml of the underlying oil (almond or olive oil) add 3 drops of one species of juniper, lemon, lavender. Heated in a water bath, a mixture of up to 40 degrees and stir well.

Recipe 7: Another option for algae in the recipe. Kelp pour hot water and let steep for 15-20 minutes. Add the egg yolk, and 10 drops of citrus oil - lemon -, orange-or grapefruit juice, 20 drops camphor oil. A mixture of gruel until homogeneous.

How to prepare your skin once

Wrap weight loss takes place only on clean skin - can even be used to brush. Massage the wool of the abdomen, steam his and dry, then apply the selected blend. Tightly wrap the stomach thin layer of food and a roll of blanket or blanket, lie down and try to relax. Keep for 40 minutes. After the procedure, a shower, to wash the mixture and transfer to the desired place nourishing cream.

Honey wrap slimming

Course honeymoon wraps till a month will help to achieve some wonderful results. Skin, how and if any other recipe, the pre-cleaned. Honey slightly warmed and to transfer the purified skin uniform layer. Film food wrap problem areas. The first round of film around the waist must be tight enough, the width of the material – 30-35 see

Two additional a few turn go to the right leg, stopping at the level above the knee. Then go along the right leg at the level of the waist. Order wraps repeat over the left leg. Not passing the limbs do not cut off blood circulation. The completion of the we make several turns around your waist. Cover with warm blanket or put on warm. In the end, if the aid is contrasting the soul to wash the honey and transfer to the skin anti-cellulite cream.

Honey wrap for losing weight – popular recipes

1. Honey +essential oils. Heat the honey and add a few drops of essential oil (50-60 grams of honey 3-4 drops of oil of pine, mandarin, grapefruit, orange). Dissolve, mixture. Don't overdo essential oils - they can cause burns to skin. Wear composition soft ringliigutustega, rubbing its skin. The Film revolves around along the spiral.

2. Honey-mustard wrap for weight.Mix honey with powder mustard (two parts honey to one part mustard). Add the powder to a small amount of water, that the whole powder is full of moisture. To only problem areas. Mustard may be the cause of burning excess body. You can change to a sporty suit and work in the home or moving exercises. This increases the effect of further leveraging the impact of the circulatory system. Repeat wraps 2-3 times a week. Honey is best to take only natural and liquid, because then, if his ignis mollib of the nutrients are lost. Be careful and do not use honey if you have allergies.

Acetic acid wrap slimming

Before the procedure with vinegar it is worth to make a warming massage using gloves or massage brushes. Prepare a solution of vinegar and water, wet linen, wrap it completely or part of it, which is more problems. Even if you spend the acetic acid to wrap the tablets in the home, the best is assistant, who can be well to wrap each hand), in order to limit air influx. Pages to close the several layers of film. Keep about 1.5-2 hours, partial wrap weight - 40 minutes.

Another option, to partial wraps - instead, that the linen used for shirts and short pants, wet wash solution of vinegar, the dress is above the heat pants. Is the cervical zone cable scarf and wrap wool scarf. In this case, it is possible to move, deal with things, but try not to make sudden movements that the body would not have made it into the air.

It should be noted that such a wrap pills body reacts in a certain way. The beginning is cool, then your body starts to sweat. You can drink more and work diaphoretic herbs - lime, mint, raspberry, thyme. This variant of the well to help eliminate the capillaries of the eye. If there is such a problem, can be after the removal of the things that had vinegar in the shower and cause capillary cream. Acetic acid wrap will help you lose 1-3 kg of body weight.

Wraps slimming: contraindications

  • Does not carry out the procedure if:
  • maternity leave;
  • gynecologic diseases;
  • tumors;
  • deviations in the work of the kidneys;
  • cardiovascular failure.

Through the hot wraps pills are several major contraindications.

Women who have varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and other vascular disorders can be made only with the cold coil. Note – do not do procedure if you have an allergy to at least one of the components, as well as temperature, painful can, dizziness. Stop the procedure immediately, if you feel malaise-era.