Spray tablets: if fresh mouth will help to reduce weight?


The market has appeared a new product by which to combat excessive weight, even the most lazy. If don't have time to workout or don't have enough willpower to diet, this means — for you.

It is a spree of tablets, which has already crashed the weight of the criticism, although in some places, the heads of the review and the positive feedback. It is a small баллончик volume of 30 ml, full освежителем, that the foot (as is stated on the packaging). The exquisite taste of mango and mint, which is the selected producers like far from all, because of its specificity and neprivychnosti.

The composition of the

Without breaking the best traditions of the бадов, such спей includes in its composition only natural herbal, thus proclaiming the security of losing weight by means of:

• L-carnitine — the fat burner;
• acai — berries, the superfood of the XXI century to the blocking of the deposition of fats;
• garcinia – dulls the feeling of hunger, activates lipolysis, inhibits the appetite for sweets;
• годжи — berries, another superfood, which belongs to the many биодобавок pills, will speed up the metabolism;
• green coffee improves metabolism;
• citric acid – normalizes digestion, removes toxic substances from the body;
• mango — can help just to tolerate even the most strict low-calorie diet;
• menthol, mint components only fresh breathing.

Many doctors and nutritionists doubt that the spray is an effective tool for losing weight, as the concentration of all these useful and natural components, which is too low. So talk about a quick metabolism and improve digestion of food by the application освежителя, that the foot is not necessary.


Manufacturers (of which, by the way, don't have any info) confirm that regular spree publish the body just priceless favor, and it concerns not only tablets:

• reduces the appetite;
• eliminates hunger;
• accelerates the metabolism;
• promotes breakdown of fats;
• improves the mobility of the diets;
• gives energy and joy of life;
• enriches the skin useful substances;
• long freshens breath.

How it works in practice, to explain is difficult. Even then, if the 1 time to do 2-3 pshi the key, gets into the body the minimum amount of liquid, because a large part of it settles in the mouth.

The only thing, than can work to spray pill, — it is the impact of the departments of the brain through the taste buds. It is precisely because of this, hunger can be prituplyat'sya and people eat part less, than usually.


As each composition, the spray is typical contraindications:

• age up to 12 years;
• pregnancy;
• lactation;
• prone to allergies;
• individual intolerance to the components of the mixture.

In doing so, it is not known whether it can be used if you have стоматита or aggravating the virus herpes on the lips. If it affects the through the taste buds are the departments of the brain, is it possible to connect this reception is a mental illness? Many questions remain unanswered, that does not make honor to this brand.

Instructions for use

The subject of this tool for weight loss is very simple:

1. spray in the mouth by pressing the coffee spout 1-2 times;
2. use between meals, if surprising feeling of hunger;
3. the frequency of alcohol 3-4 times a day;
4. do not use before bedtime, since green coffee, what it contains, has a tonic effect.

The rules of application of the instructions directly on the packaging. Experts and many people who have to lose weight note, that without a diet (we recommend you consider the protein-uglevodnujy) and strenuous exercise losing weight using a spray — not more, than it is to sell.


Those who are already hude using the spray, their withdrawal in detail расписывают all his errors, what to learn to be better known before the costly acquisition of:

• Such sprays are certified exactly as fresh to the mouth, not as a means of preparation;
• the composition needs to be all the same exotic plants (acai berries, годжи, garcinia), of which the effects on the human body to cause professionals to serious doubts;
• the pack is missing the user guide;
• a blend of mango and mint gives too unusual flavor and smell, which is like, not far from all;
• the results are not;
• applies only to the psychological level: people themselves to convince myself that after another by clicking on the coffee she will no longer want to eat;
• expensive: 30 ml освежителя, that in the mouth would give it away almost 1 000 rubles — many complain that it is a fraud;
• side effects: nausea (after the dose), mucosal irritation in the mouth and throat, усугубление стоматита and herpes;
• quickly ends;
• the official site of the mixture classification — questionable quality, where the lack of any information on the manufacturer's data.

There is one more feature, you need to know about them, who are looking on reviews online. Very many tools to publish interviews with famous people who are supposedly you to lose weight by using. In fact, when watch real video of their stars, they talk about the diets that helped to buy them a slender shape, but no word is mentioned pro it is bright баллончик. So be careful and pereproveryaite all the information which can be found on the Internet.