Cocktail pills home - recipes

Nutrients food drinks cleaning and support - the integrated weight reduction program, along with a proper diet and sports, delicious fat burning drinks can help calm the bear, the reduction of food, five hungry sense and will speed up the process to get rid of extra pounds.

Cocktails slimming

cocktails slimming

Cocktail – a great way to fill the body with vitamins, fill the stomach and make the process of losing weight is quite handy. Now buy a ready-made cocktail is not a problem, they are sold is a distributor stores sports nutrition, pharmacies. Drawback to buy drinks is considered to be quite fictitious security and the high price.

These are all well-known Herbalife, Oriflame, Energy is diet, Chocolate slim, Dr slim. They have good, that fats burning takes place slowly, so that the appearance will not suffer, especially not cases of sagging skin. But these tools have several limitations, used by the manufacturers and distributors do not always understand.

Drinks that is made at home is much more useful, you always know that you put in the cocktail. There are no preservatives, dyes, fresh food, inexpensive – by far the additional benefits. If the contraindications of a particular ingredient it is always possible to replace or choose another recipe.

Domestic drinks based on herbs, milk and yogurt, vegetables, berries and fruits – effects on the body these different.

Choosing the recipe, to be considered, is the goal. According to the effects, drinks that reduce weight, is:

  • Diuretics. There is a significant positive impact – take the excess liquid out of the organism, eliminates edema. At the beginning weight loss work quite effectively. Made using herbs, green tea, often based cocktails make berries and vegetables, with a diuretic. These include watermelons, cranberries, Goji, tomatoes, hawthorn. Eating drinks are diuretics, should be taken into account that the convenient way is to take your home, because at work, in public transport may arise from a simple problem. Cautiously data to the cocktail is used for the seasons.
  • Energetic. The best is to eat in the morning, having a full of energy day. Based drinks is citrus juice of the leaves aloe, other products will increase activity, toning and improve mood.
  • Cleaners. Favorably the functioning of the bowel, improve motor skills, of course, to say the release of his overconfidence. As a result, the stomach starts working as see, because some recipes for homemade cocktail contains ingredients that help normalize the environment and to cope with constipation.
  • Improve the metabolism. Very effectively helps lose weight, speeds up metabolic processes, scattered blood heats up. Based drinks are spices, often stinging.

How to prepare cocktail slimming

Weight loss process should be fun, so the task facing us is to make nutritious and delicious drink. Prepare beverages there are some rules, following which you achieve the desired and greatly reduce weight.

  • To prepare food for the cocktail using a blender and combine. In some cases, be sufficient to latch or mash with a fork.
  • Prepare drink immediately before use, to ensure their safety, the valuable substances. Note: if stored in the refrigerator and have the lid closed, some useful products lose vitamin component.
  • Fresh berries and fruits are allowed to replace the frozen, because they have all the vitamins.
  • Dairy products, which are designed for the shakes to reduce weight, buy low fat.
  • Do not put sugar, want to improve the taste add a drop of honey, dried fruit.
  • We decided to use the recipe, condiments, I recommend you chop them yourself. Cinnamon take sticks, pepper peas and pods.
  • Drinks, regulators of metabolic processes, it is permissible to adjust the number of burning spice to your taste – reduce and add.
  • Do not be frightened then, than after the infusion, the volume of the cocktail has become smaller.

Protein (protein) and a cocktail of slimming

protein shakes

Actively burn body fat, support toned muscles, reduces the hungry sense of protein, or protein shakes. For those who don't know, protein and protein shakes – marked one and the same drink. Protein – brick, that the human body is presented, the recipes are a great combination of protein and additional components.

To be considered, that by eating protein drinks is necessary to increase the physical load. Because, if there is no load on the protein turns into fat, resulting in the physical exercises – the muscles. Want to lose weight – place the nutritious cocktail, diet, and aerobic activities.

Recipe no 1. Kiwi and honey.

Take a cup of yogurt, 300 ml of milk, kiwi and 2 large tablespoons of honey.


  • Before warm up the honey bath, that has become a liquid. Add to a blender, add the kiwi and whip.

Recipe no 2. Raspberries.

Take: a glass of milk, 100 g. raspberry and glass keefiri.

  • How to make: mash with a fork the berries, pour the yogurt milk and whip at high speed.

Recipe no 3. With strawberries. Burns fats, great thirst, and hunger.

You need: 100 gr. strawberries, half a cup of milk, 120 ml. yogurt and flax – the big spoon.

  • How to make: chop the blender seeds and berries, add the remaining ingredients and again whisk.

Recipe no 4.

We take: soy milk – 2 cups, mandarins – 3 pcs, a teaspoon of linseed oil and 125 ml. yogurt.

  • How to prepare: peeled mandarin slices put in a blender, add the other components and whip.

Recipe no 5. Green. Oppressive feeling of hunger, burns fat. Recommended for use after physical activity.

Take curd cheese – 130 gr., milk – 150 ml, celery, a few branches of parsley, garlic, ginger and pepper to taste.

  • Whisk: cut the herbs, add the curd and pour the milk. Beat, add spices, try and adjust the taste by adding spices.

Recipe no. 6. The classic protein cocktail.

Take egg whites 2 pcs., a cup of yogurt, a banana, a pinch of cinnamon.

  • We do: remove the pad liimipoolelt protein, mash with a fork banana, combine, whisk and add the cinnamon.

The best cocktails the tablets out of the yogurt

Drinks yoghurt is directed to the body of the cleaning, the work of normalization of stomach and intestines actively promote weight loss.

Recipe no 1. Classic.

Please contact: glass of yogurt, rolled oats – 2 small spoons, cucumber. The remaining supplements is the way to taste – ginger, pepper, mint, dill.

  • We do: grate the cucumber finely, chop the ginger and parsley, pour the yogurt and whisk all.

Recipe no 2. Apple. Saturate, enriched with vitamins, that fills with energy, suppression of hunger.

Ingredients: 2 cups of yogurt, two stalk celery and one green apple.

  • How to make: cut and chop puree apple and celery, pour the kefir and again you can work with blender. If desired, additional ginger and cinnamon.

Recipe no 3. Cinnamon. Speeds up the metabolism, dispels the metabolism and the blood, cleanses the organism, improves digestion. Recommended to drink for 20-30 minutes before meals glass.

Please contact: glass of yogurt, a teaspoon of cinnamon and grated ginger, red pepper in a pinch.

  • We prepare: grate the ginger, add the cinnamon and pepper, pour a spoon of yogurt and rub the mass. Add the rest of the drink and blend.

Recipe no 3. Cleansing cocktail for losing weight. Eliminates the constipation, cleanses and actively destroys the extra pounds. Drink on an empty stomach one hour before the first meal. If there will be problems with the chair, reduce prunes.

Take a cup of yogurt, a few pieces of dried apricots and 6 pcs of prunes.

  • How to prepare: dried fruits pour hot water, press and hold the cushion for half an hour and chop the blender. Adding fermented drink, froth.

Recipe no 4. Cucumber.

Ingredients: fermented drink – a cup, cucumber, coriander, parsley, dill the number of total, greenery 50 gr., ½ Teaspoon of cumin, a pinch of pepper and salt.

  • We prepare: fry a couple of minutes in a dry skillet, cumin, parsley cut, grate the cucumber. Connect, add a quarter cup of yogurt and blend. Add the rest of the drink and whip.

Milkshakes slimming


Incredibly delicious cocktails is obtained based on the milk, they can provide children with weight problems, as natural additives have little or no contraindications.

Recipe no 1. Kohuke.

Take 100 ml of milk 100 gr. quark, every green – 50 gr.

  • We prepare: chop finely taken greens, mash with a fork curd, diluted milk and whisk smoothies.

Recipe no 2. Sweet chocolate cocktail with banana.

Take: a glass of milk, 100 g. curd, banana, tsp cocoa powder and 2 tbsp. tablespoons of peanut butter.

  • Combine curd, cocoa and oil, add the chopped mashed banana, a pound of mass and pour the milk. You can work in the blender evenly.

Recipe no 3. Honey. Very nutritious and healthy drink losing weight. Can replace breakfast.

Will need: a glass of milk ¼ glass of unflavoured non-fat yogurt, banana, 100 gr. curd cheese, 50 herculean, a tablespoon of honey.

  • How to prepare: warm up the honey until liquid, mash the banana. Connect the components of the mash and pour the milk. Beat.

Energy cocktails in their homes

Energized day, therefore, it is recommended to implement instead of breakfast. If you wish, later half an hour after eating you can eat.

Recipe no 1. Citrus.

Take a large spoonful of honey, several rings of canned pineapple, half a grapefruit, a few pieces of ice.

  • Composition: all components put in the mixer, beat in, add, if desired, a drop of mineral water and throw the ice.

A cocktail of green tea

Wonderful drink encourages and gives strength, acts as a diuretic, relieves excess water, dissipate metabolic processes. Especially good in the morning, instead of breakfast, or a snack, but before noon.

Need: 5 small scoops of green tea, half a lemon, whole orange, 2 teaspoon of liquid honey and a half liters of water.

  • Boil green tea, let 10 minutes to pull the drain.
  • Orange divide into sectors, cut, removing the film, add the lemon juice, stir, pour the tea, add honey and whip.

Cleaning products are a cocktail of slimming

Excellent cleaning effect at home is vegetables a cocktail of body weight, plus an unimaginable amount of vitamins.

Recipe no 1. Beet.

Take: 2 carrots, an orange, a quarter of the beets and ginger.

  • Preparation: finely and grate vegetables, orange key sectors and all put in a blender. Left beaten and need to be treated.

Recipe no 2. Tomato.

The preparation is quite simple: a couple of fresh tomatoes to heat, remove the skin and whip by adding a little water. The addition of salt is not desirable, although it is also not prohibited, but the greens are only welcome.

Recipe no 3. Vegetable. A large number of fiber five times in the chair, to saturate, because a cocktail of a great suppresses the feeling of hunger. Good instead of dinner or snack.

Ingredients: small carrots and beets, celery, lemon juice and yogurt.

  • Cut radishes, celery, chop in when combined, diluted fruit juice and yogurt. Re-whisk.

Recipe no 4. Apple-carrot.

Fee: 400 gr. apples, 250 gr. carrots and a liter of water.

  • How to make: boil compote of apples, let stand for a couple of hours. At this time, rub the chopped carrot and squeeze the juice. Enter the compote and mix.