Rating brands of dairy products: which yogurt is best for weight loss

Eat dairy products are helpful in maintaining the shapes and the digestion as a whole, but the answer to the question, what kind of kefir is the best pills, everyone knows. Importance of freshness, fatness, kalorisisaldust and even the temperature of the drink. In addition, the use of kefir pills can be the various accessories. There's even a full diet this product. To solve the question, what keefiri drink tablets, that will help you in the following instructions.

What should be the composition of the yogurt

The benefits of this drink can talk a lot. It is not so much low calorie, as much in the composition. The main advantage of the – bacteria-prebiotics, that help to restore the broken-calorie diet microflora. Find a store truly natural yogurt is difficult, so pay attention to the product composition is mandatory. This must not be:

  1. Kefir leaven. The most useful considered contains lactic acid culture, fungi and yeast. If the composition is only one of these two, then the product can be called already in the yogurt or pseudo kefir. Do not pay to choose a drink, which composition is the "leavening flavoring".
  2. The protein composition of the yogurt also is mandatory. Protein makes a balanced low-calorie diet, the diet helps to reduce appetite, accelerate fat burning. The protein in the composition should be at least 3%.
  3. Calcium. This trace element is also mandatory. This prevents the accumulation of fat deposits and helps the body to more quickly spend the calories.

The packaging is the same formulation should not submit such a component, such as dry or reconstituted milk, fruit additives, dyes and palm oil and preservatives. These products make the real kefir is a kefir drink. The most useful and natural in this case, the functioning of the farm products. The composition is good yogurt can be submitted by:

  • pasteurized milk;
  • the leavening living bacteria or kefir fungi;
  • fermented quake and Bifidobacterium.

Calorie milk product

When losing weight one of the most important criteria for the selection of the products are their kalorisisaldust. The same applies to yogurt. This kalorisisaldust determine the fat content. In order to achieve a slim figure is advisable to choose the drink with the lowest of its percentage. The calorie in this case would be about 25-30 kcal per 100 g of product. In this low-fat drink has all the benefits without the extra calories.

Kefir what is the best weight loss

drink keefiri

Completely skim yogurt is not several helpful vitamins, so that such option to choose not worth it. In addition, pretty exclusive to diet the fat also do not need to, because the body is required. The best variant – to choose a beverage with a fat content of up to 1%. Using oil diet this kefir is suitable. If your diet fats are limited fully, then choose the option, with a fat content of 2.5%.

Shelf life

What yogurt the best pill - only that which is prepared or it, who is already a couple of days? Positive properties have only fresh product. Deadline for the unflavoured yogurt is 7-10 days from the date of manufacture. Only such a period of living bacteria in the composition of the drink. More of the shelf life refers to the composition of the preservatives. Sour kefir published in the body the same effect, but:

  • is the acidity, which can negatively affect the digestive system work;
  • has a strong laxative effect.

About a past due product said and consistency. Fresh yogurt is it homogeneous. If the same as the agitation of intoxication distinguishes between two layers of whey and flake, then it refers to the expiry date. This same shows the yellow color of the drink, the bitter taste and strong smell. This kind of drink to consume absolutely cannot. Fresh product slightly sour and do not have a strong smell and the color of it is white.

How to drink keefiri to lose weight

It is important to just question what yogurt best losing weight, but also how to properly drink. Most of the nutritionists recommend to drink this drink at dinner or before bedtime, and not without reason. With its powerful fat-burning effects kefir is bound to calcium, which is better digested than once in the evening. For this reason, a cup of this cocktail before bedtime really conducive to thin into. Furthermore, the pitfalls it is important to follow the following rules of use:

  1. The daily norm. Optimal is 200 to 400 ml keefiri day. Higher volume can lead to oedema, bloating, strong flatulence.
  2. The time of admission. This drink is useful not only in the evening. A great opportunity to breakfast in the morning – buckwheat or fruit to mix with yogurt. The south to maintain the mental activity and appetite you want sweet you can drink a cup of this product by adding honey or cinnamon.
  3. The duration of the. If it kefir mono, then you cannot be detained for more than 3 days, because the body is a major source of stress. A balanced menu using for cocktails, fruit and vegetables losing weight yogurt can last 7, 10, and even 21 days.
kefir slimming


Answering the question, what yogurt best losing weight, it is worth mentioning the opportunity to consume the drink with the additives. This helps to diversify the diet, yes, and yourself to drink do not get tired so quickly. There are many recipes for kefir cocktails, including the addition of honey. Is ready one of them so:

  1. To prepare 250 ml of keefiri fat content is up to 1%.
  2. Add at a teaspoon a spoon of honey. It can be replaced by the same quantity of syrup hips.
  3. At the end add another spoonful of oats or hercules powdered bran.
  4. Mix all to a homogeneous mass.
  5. The use of the product other than breakfast or the last meal.


To increase the fat-burning properties of yogurt can add different spices (e.g. cinnamon. In addition to the benefits, if losing weight is a he still, and improves the taste of beverages. This is particularly important, so as not to see getting used kefir, and it began to dull. Is ready for a cocktail is very simple – a cup of milk drink just add half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Eat it is the best before bedtime, that night in the body is held in the fat burning process.