Low carbohydrate diet pills: the menu for the week and reviews

Weeks can lose 5 kg, Such way of losing weight is considered optimal for the organism, does not cause him to a strong stress.

The nature and specifics of the diet

Essentially a low carbohydrate diet is a diet of starch and sugar. This prohibition extends to all foods for which the composition of these substances. Instead of using these types of carbohydrates, not only to lose weight, but also improve your feel.

Although sugar refers to simple carbohydrates that are quickly digested and does not bring benefits to the body and the starch is complex and requires more time to recycling, but is also "empty" of the benefits of the body. Getting into the organism, they go to the pancreas of iron, enzymes which quickly "digested" your glucose and throw it into the bloodstream.

Each doctor confirms that improving the glucose level in the body is filled with diseases such as diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, goiter, thyroid.

To maintain the glucose level

To avoid such "bunch" of diseases, must be maintain blood sugar level normal. To this end, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of useful carbs per day. It is not difficult, because the complexity of, or the right carbohydrates in a smaller quantity of available meat, fish and other products. Only need to correctly combine the ingredient for the dishes. And forget the sweet.

Many nutritionists believe a low-carb diet, such as, for example, periodic, binge eating or stomach days, not a short-term system for losing weight and the food system, which applies to some of the diseases and it can be used as the basis for compiling the menu. His diet in the majority comprised of valgutoodete and fiber. These products can easily prepare the dishes and drinks the minimum amount of carbohydrate that is rich in proteins, which apply to athletes burning fat, and saturated the body with nutrients.

diet week

The reduction in the number of carbs

Although the carbohydrates and one of the "construction" elements of the organism, but exceeds their number adversely affect human health. So this diet focuses on reducing carbs in the diet. The level of decline of the carbohydrates consumed provokes the body to spend the stored energy in the form of fat deposits in the body and internal organs.

The low carbohydrate diet different protein diet, to not have to starve, eat small portions or chew salads without refueling or fresh meals. Here are allowed to use spices, salt or soy sauce, vegetable oil in moderation. And then, that can please the gourmet — some of the dishes allowed to fry products.

Benefits and contraindications

Diabetes include the contraindications of the many systems of weight loss. But here is a low carb diet for diabetes, unlike many other diet from, is allowed in addition to is useful. He helps people who have this disease, maintain your health, weight reduction, limiting the receipt in the organism of carbohydrates-provocateurs.

The advantages of the diet

The main advantage of the diet — allowed diabetes have been described above. This dignity of low-carbohydrate diet, which does not end.

  1. Losing weight due to the combustion of the internal and subcutaneous fat.
  2. No counting calories, due to the moderate diet.
  3. Rich meals, normal portions of food.
  4. Easy enough to carry.
  5. The diversity of the dishes is not away.
  6. Smooth the output of the diet to ensure the duration of the result.

Diet cons

Such a diet also has its disadvantages, which must be taken into account and who must be prepared before the tablets.

  1. Long-term in the absence of glucose can affect mental abilities — will appear staditv is civil, it is difficult to focus on.
  2. Waiver products which have glucose lead to a depressive as, fast fatigue, apathy.
  3. The abundance of protein in the diet gives the kidneys, heart and blood vessels.
  4. Increase the duration of the diet over the standard full problems with internal organs.
  5. The lack of the menu of carbohydrates and other nutrients do not affect the person's appearance — there are problems with the skin, to become dull and brittle hair, weak nails.


Low carbohydrate diet pills are some contraindications. Their list is a little.

  • Such a way of the pills is not suitable for children and adolescents.
  • Cannot lose weight of this diet for pregnant and nursing moms.
  • It is forbidden to use the diet for people diseases of the kidney, liver, cardiovascular system.
  • Can't sit, diet, if, after the previous last less than one month.
  • Can't lose weight therefore, people with a special diet, the food or after the operation.

Rules and habits

The rules of the low carbohydrate diet is quite simple and executes them is not difficult.

  1. A day must be consume up to 30 g of useful carbohydrates. To overcome this norm cannot be.
  2. Must be eat, when really hungry, not when the habit of eating a certain time, called to take the food or treat yourself to a snack.
  3. Full of the obligations "empty" carbohydrates, which is a deposit of fat on the belly, the hips, the distinctive teeth on the sides.
  4. Dieting is necessary to further to drink, a multivitamin.
  5. Should drink a lot of water. Sometimes be resolved by natural vegetable juices and coffee or tea for breakfast.
  6. Dinner should be 4 hours before bedtime.
  7. Any sweets, including grass bars and dried fruit.
  8. If the platter should be equal to the amount of protein and useful carbs. Oil is used in minimal amounts for cooking or salad dressing.
  9. Definitely need to make preparations for the diet and gradually go out.
  10. The energy content of meals a day should be 900 kcal.

Adhering to all standards and requirements to products, week it is possible to lose 5 kg

If the habit of eating sugary meals or fruits prevents sitting on a diet is best at this time to drink a glass of water, eat an apple or some citrus. Self-deception of the organism, which very effectively helps.

The average daily norm of carbohydrates is 120-150 year a Sharp decline in their number several times would be a real shock to the body and negative impact on the work of internal organs. To avoid this, it is necessary every day to reduce them to the standards of 20 to 30 gr until you reach the desired number — 30 yr. After that you can start the diet.

Leaving the nutrition to enter the new product is food, food should not more often than once every three days. So is the body easier to go back to a normal diet and you to save the results of the low carbohydrate dieting.

Mode eating


Eating habits this diet is not complicated — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The more sustainable its variants is permitted to administer between meals one to two snacks. Whenever possible, it is best them to give up.

The approximate power mode of the day looks so:

  • breakfast 07:00-08:00
  • snack — 11:00
  • lunch 13:00-14:00
  • snack — 16:00
  • dinner — 18:00 to 19:00

Low carb diet menu, which is divided into three main meals, may be diluted one snack, if it is necessary. If it takes place in the morning, are allowed to eat 100 grams of cottage cheese or salad. The afternoon can consume the apple, citrus or glass keefiri. Also kefir is allowed to consume between dinner and going to bed at, he is not considered a meal.

The results and testimonials diet

All who have experienced this diet themselves were satisfied with the results. Interference, if the weight was not. If the side effects people complain about the sugar cravings. Those who suddenly limited to the receipt of carbohydrates in the body, confirm the malaise started the diet and the growing problems of kidneys. Although this diet is prohibited, if their disease.

People who have to lose weight recommend sitting on a diet before the holidays with the feasts, or after them. Usually during such gatherings the table is very much a mouth-watering meal of prohibited foods. In order not to ruin your mood for themselves and for the owners, it is best to keep a diet or wear her on a couple of days later

Reviews of low carbohydrate diet in most positive. People periodically sit in the nest or even use their principles as nutrition. Such food is enough productive decline in body mass index, long result persists and there is no shortage, that sends you to other diet.

The list of prohibited foods

Favorite food does not hit the allowed numbers to the list of products? This means that he is a "black" list of low carbohydrate diet:

  • farinaceous products and confectionery;
  • white rice, pasta;
  • potatoes, corn, legumes;
  • smoked and semi-finished products;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces, in addition to soy;
  • chocolate;
  • sweet fruits, berries(particularly grapes, banana);
  • sugar;
  • berry-and fruit juices, fruit drinks, compotes;
  • aerated and packed drinks;
  • alcohol of any fortress.

Give up of favorite foods and foods last for a long time. A week or two of low carbohydrate diet foods and the foods can be gradually introduced, is diet.

Weeks menu

Low carb diet week filled with vegetables, meat and fish,so that hunger does not need to. The additional pleasant surprise of such a diet in the event it is the lack of small servings.

Sample menu week looks so.


  • breakfast omelette with vegetables or 200 grams of cheese, tea or coffee, an apple;
  • lunch — 200 g cooked meat or fish, köögiviljasalat without oil or sauteed vegetables;
  • dinner — rice with vegetables or buckwheat beef;


  • breakfast curd with fruit or an omelet with cooked meat, an apple or a grapefruit, coffee or tea;
  • lunch — 200 g of stewed meat or chicken, salad with lemon juice;
  • dinner — easy meat, vegetable or mushroom soup.


  • breakfast — sauteed vegetables, grated cheese or boiled egg, slice of cheese, coffee or tea;
  • lunch — chicken soup and chop or chicken, vegetables, cheese soup;
  • dinner — baked fish or meat stew with boiled or braised with cabbage.


  • breakfast — buckwheat, can vegetables, tea or coffee, apple or grapefruit;
  • lunch — 200 g boiled or baked chicken or beef, steamed or sauteed vegetables;
  • dinner — 200 gr of boiled fish or chicken with rice, along with buckwheat.


  • breakfast omelet with vegetables and mushrooms or boiled egg, two slices of cheese, tea or coffee;
  • lunch — salad with seafood;
  • dinner — vegetable stew.


  • breakfast omelette or boiled egg and a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese with herbs and vegetables, tea or coffee;
  • lunch — meat or mushroom soup, soup-to-mash vegetables;
  • dinner — baked fish with vegetables or seafood with rice.


  • breakfast — milk porridge, tea or coffee;
  • lunch — vegetable soup with mushrooms or ear;
  • dinner — 200 g pork, stewed cabbage or vegetables in any form.

Low carbohydrate diet is 2 weeks consists of a similar menu. The second week of the diet can be repeated a meal first or improvise, replacing them with their own. Only do not forget prohibited products and the rules of dieting. The result of the two-week dieting is -9 kg

Recipes for food dishes

soup with shrimps

We offer to your attention, and note to all who want to lose weight how many cup of a low carbohydrate diet, recipes that are quite easy to prepare.

Soup with cheese

Ingredients to prepare:

  • 100 g mushrooms;
  • 400 g chicken fillets;
  • 200 g of cheese;
  • spices.

Cheese put in the freezer is 3-40 minutes. Meat put to boil a liter of water. During cooking must be removed from the foam. Mushrooms cut a couple of pieces. Frozen cheese to get and grate or chop into small cubes. Meat in the hands of the water, turning off the do not come. In boiling water throw in the chopped mushrooms and shredded cheese. From time to time in the mixture, that the cheese will not be stuck together and melted. Chicken chop and add to the pot. Thither throw in the spices and boil another 5 minutes. You can beat the blender. The dish is ready.

Salad canned tuna

Ingredients to prepare:

  • 1 small jar of canned tuna;
  • 1 boiled egg;
  • 100 g of cheese;
  • 1 small cucumber;
  • 1 small onion;
  • 1 tbsp vinegar;
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil;
  • salt, pepper.

Onions finely chop, add vinegar, blend. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Cheese, egg, rest. Cucumber cut into small strips. Bow drain any excess liquid. Mix all the ingredients, flavor with oil, salt and pepper. The salad is ready.

Food cakes

Ingredients to prepare:

  • 200 g beef;
  • 400 g lean pork;
  • 250 g chicken fillets;
  • 1 medium-sized onion;
  • 1 egg.

All meat is finely chopped or mince. The chopped onion. A mixture of minced meat, onion and egg. Well mixed the resulting mass, form cutlets. Cook a couple of 25-30 minutes.


Ingredients to prepare:

  • 250 g low-fat curd cheese;
  • 1-2 tablespoons low-fat sour cream;
  • a handful of nuts (preferably almonds);
  • 100-150 g of the coconut.

Curd through a sieve or a meat grinder, add sour cream and mix. You can add sweetener. In a dry pan dried nuts. With the quark mass, make balls, the inside of each place according to the nut. Roll in the coconut. In the refrigerator 60 minutes.