Lemon pills: reviews benefits, recipes

Also, this citrus relieves headaches, lowers blood pressure, is indicated for use in diseases of the kidneys. And how many there are effective cosmetic products in this fruit!

lemon tablets

Apart from all this, the lemon, nutritionists, is also a great tool for losing weight and citric acid are very helpful and the digestive system. The acid interacts with enzymes and other acids, stimulating digestion and maomahl the excretion. Pectin, which is sidrunis, leaves the intestinal wall. There is another fact in favor of the lemon for losing weight - it is its ability to mute the hunger. And lemon juice is fount in vitamin C, enhance immunity, it also helps in digestion. In addition, lemons are rich in vitamins A, b, P, contain potassium, zinc, boron, copper.

If you're not a fan of lemon, and rarely add it to your diet may be, it is time to try the wonderful lemon diet? People who have tried this, gave mainly positive feedback. But be aware, that all your virtues, the lemon pills is enough for a lot of contraindications. It is not recommended to acidity, teeth sensitivity, diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. If you are one of these factors lemon pills use is not recommended.

Water with lemon slimming

Water with lemon helps to increase the acidity in the body, as a result of which calcium is absorbed faster. According to studies, this element is needed in the body to burn fat and gain energy. That's why all those who want to lose weight just need to consume calcium in large quantities. But the best is to get it not tablets, but products which contain proteins. Water with lemon slimming result in the fastest absorption of calcium and thus also the rapid burning of weight loss.

Some scientists have come to the conclusion that the main reason for the sets of weight problems in the system of digestion. Many diets do not status to improve the digestive tract, and here is water with lemon the way back to the digestion and cleans the body itself of toxins. Lemon tablets are convenient to use also, because it does not have to sit any kind of hard diet and indulge in treats. Apart from the lemon water, nutritionists recommend adding to the diet of the also the flesh of this tsitrust and its juice. Through the lemon tablets might keep the shapes in top form and at the same time the body clean.

Lemon pills - when to drink lemon water

Water lemon should start to drink in the morning. For people whose weight is about 70 pounds, is a serving of half a lemon juice, diluted in a glass of water. A day is recommended to drink two such portions. People with weight over 80 kg, the amount of lemon juice need to double, squeeze in a glass of water with a whole lemon. The water quantity can be adjusted to your liking, if your for is a drink, not enough sour, salty or, vice versa, too intensive. Apart from this, you can add a spoon of honey. To help the body to maximum benefit from the food consumed, the poison pills in the form of such a drink may be used on a regular basis. E this is one of the most affordable and effective tool to promote the body and maintain your figure in good shape.

Lemon pills - diet intense weight loss

There is another method of "lemon". The first day is necessary to drink water or juice the fetus lemon (one lemon a cup of water), in the second - two lemon, two glasses of water. Thus, the amount of lemons increases by the day for one to seven days. The eighth day - unloading. Is ready to drink 3 liters of water, the juice of three lemons, add three tablespoons of honey. This quantity should be to drink throughout the day. The ninth day starts with a countdown. This day are required to drink seven glasses of water with lemon, the next day - 6 cups, and so over the weeks to one. Apart from this, during the day it is recommended to use lemon tablets of slices of various foods buffet.

Within two weeks, no limit on the food is not. He can eat all you want. However, during the application of the lemon pills is recommended to follow some rules. First of all, it is mandatory addicting water with lemon in the morning. Citric acid is an excellent stimulant to digestion and water helps to expel the body of excess substances. So easy to water should be to drink at least 6 glasses a day. Also can consume red wine, but not more than a couple of lenses. Should be avoided coffee, tea and also a variety of soda and not the natural juices.

It should be consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables. They do not in calories, but have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, which confirmed the immune system supporting hormone balance. They also soothe the nervous system, the fat and toxins from the body.

Lemon pills and sugar

The lack of blood sugar provokes irritability, diffuse attention, headache, fatigue. That is why it is important to keep the blood sugar level. Excessive amount of sugar leads to fat formation. However, if sprinkle the lemon juice cooked the food, then the level of absorbed sugar significantly reduced (30%). Dietoloog recommended to add cream to soups and salads and the juice dip the fish and chicken. Also slows the absorption of carbohydrates and fats and maintain a desirable blood sugar helps protein.

Experts recommend to refrain from eating foods that are high in sugar, such as rice, white bread, cornflakes, potatoes. A large number of fruit to sugar may also negatively affect the body, so the best is to eat fruit with nuts or seeds. Apart from this, you should avoid sweeteners. To repeat such a diet should not earlier, than a month.

Lemon tablets - essential oil

Essential oil of lemon, along with its low price, is a useful activity in a very wide spectrum. This helps to prevent the common cold, maintaining emotional balance, as well as in the fight against excess pounds of goods, cellulite and varicose veins. Lemon oil gives a stunning effect. This is a great alternative for those who are contraindicated with alcohol lemon food. Essential oil can be used for massage, aromatherapy, decisions, baths of body weight.