Diet pills foot: an effective menu reviews

Weight all have been delayed in different ways. Some of it appears in the hands and shoulders, the other – the belly and waist, a third – buttocks, thighs and even shins, but almost never breakdown in the body evenly. Localization of the fat depends on the reasons for its accumulation, and type the number. Women excessive abundance very often occur in the lower torso and accentuates the education brightly expressed "orange peel" – cellulite. But the most unpleasant, that in such cases, even if the strict restrictions of diet the latest usually lose weight feet. So if the shape corresponds to the type of "bulb", then losing weight will be best suited to a special diet for the feet. How to and any other methods of weight loss, it does not give the local fat cleavage and running a general decline in the number of the entire body. But the main emphasis is nutrition and the other events will be made then, that first of all used in the problem zones on the feet.

weight loss feet

Diet rules

The main principle of the methodology of foods in which get rid of the subcutaneous fat of the lower extremities is to promote the three main process:

  • to speed up the metabolism;
  • improve the liver to work;
  • to remove the toxins.

In addition, the effective and fast diet slim feet definitely combined with special exercises and of the upward movement. The right physical exercise provides the blood flow and helps to speed up splitting fat deposits it is in these troubled regions.

The right diet is good for losing weight feet should be based on the following key principles:

  1. The almost complete abandonment of animal fat. You can only eat fish oil and vegetable oils cold-pressed in low quantities.
  2. Derogation from the menu on the semi-finished products and finished products (sausages , fast food, yogurt additives and t. p.).
  3. Preparation of a diet based on plant foods rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, other securities). Improve peristalsis and lipid metabolism should consume vegetables and fruits, raw vegetables – immediately before a meal, fruit in between meals. Then the valuable substances are better absorbed.
  4. Introduction to the menu, spicy foods, flavored with garlic, ginger, chillies. It helps to stimulate blood circulation, prevent edema formation, activates fat splitting, increase in thermogenesis.
  5. Software food muscle tissue a sufficient amount of protein. The best source of this nutrient is considered as the soy, low-fat dairy products, fast kinds of birds, eggs.
  6. Compliance with the correct drinking regime. The daily volume of drink liquid must be at least 2-x l. It helps to bring out the maximum amount of toxins and improves liver work.
  7. Preparation of dishes in the healthy way, while retaining most of the useful substances. Do not use oil for frying. If cooked foods should be put in boiling water and boil for a long time.
  8. Diet. To eat slowly, but 6-7 times a day, does not make major interruptions. It helps in better beneficial substances absorption, and helps prevent the appearance of excessive appetite. To eat 4 hours before bedtime.

In general, it is the most effective method to reduce the volume of your feet – this is a balanced diet with the right distribution of calories.

Most useful for drying feet is such products:

  • raw fruits and vegetables, especially rich in vitamin C and potassium, and brussels sprouts, spinach, asparagus, peas, strawberries, rose hip, black currant, mountain ash, sea buckthorn, citrus fruit, avocado, bananas, grapes and watermelon and melon, with a diuretic effect;
  • dried fruit, honey;
  • quick varieties of white meat, fish.

It is forbidden to use:

  • heavy (fatty, fried, smoked) food;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • sweets, light flour, sugary soda.

In order for you to lose weight the feet with properly organized diet must be regular exercises, lot to walk, climb, walking down the stairs, ride a bike, do a morning jog. Important to load just the muscles of the lower extremities, then they have not only reduced volumes, but can get a beautiful shape.

Sample menu

The duration of the classic diet feet and hips is 7 or 14 days. During this period, you can throw 4 to 8 kg of excess weight, as well as to lose 4-6 cm circumference. Can't say for sure, what kind of diet to lose weight more effectively – for a week or two weeks. In the first case the menu is tougher, on the other – is also not too gentle, but it is somewhat easier. But strong weight loss none of the offered variants did not suit. That the results were more pronounced, there is a need for a longer compliance with the principles of proper diet along with increased motor activity. But pull up the form, make the legs slimmer and reduce the appearance of cellulite can be even through food, which is calculated in 1-2 weeks.

Diet slim legs and hips days are drawn to the above mentioned products in accordance with the established rules. In the menu you can create yourself or use the example below.


The classic diet feet week is called "bony" and requires very strict restrictions on diet, which is necessary to losing weight throughout the body and mainly in the lower body. Physical load and during this period is not recommended because calorie dieting is so small, that the energy should be stored in your body's needs. Your workout should be started only after the departure of the process of losing weight.


Menu according to the day should be this:

  • first day – 1 litre of milk, which is evenly distributed over the days;
  • the second – to 800 ml of juice-fruit and vegetables, 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • the third – the only clean drinking water;
  • four in – 800 ml of juice, boiled potatoes (4 pieces);
  • vii – 5 apples;
  • the sixth – 800 ml of juice, 200 g of lean cooked meat;
  • seventh – 1 l yogurt.

May not stick to this methodology for longer than 7 days. But even in this period of time is enough to get more thin in the feet – loss of volume can reach up to 5 see

In order to increase the efficiency, reduce the harm to health and prevent the return of the lost pounds is necessary to properly enter and exit this diet.

A couple of days before it is recommended to gradually give up all the harmful products:

  • fatty acids;
  • smoked;
  • pickled;
  • sweet;
  • pastry;
  • alcoholic.

Upon completion of the "scrawny" diet legs and thighs already 2 weeks must eat the same products and period on body weight, without prejudice to yourself to collecting, but should not eat too much. Simultaneously it is necessary to gradually introduce foods other foods, not prohibited. Best of all is that it is a hat and plant food. It is also desirable to increase the physical load on the lower part.

The less strict option, the menu 7 days may be notifications of such a diagram:

The first day:

  • breakfast – toast with tomato, 200 ml drinking yogurt;
  • morning snack – 1 apple;
  • lunch – 200 g of slicing vegetables, 200 g lean beef dishes, 2 slices of bread;
  • days snack and vegetables, cooked egg;
  • dinner – 1 potato, parsley.


  • breakfast – 200 ml oatmeal with milk, 200 ml of juice;
  • morning snack – 1 banana
  • lunch – 200 g of cabbage lettuce lemon juice, 50 g of cheese, 2 slices of bread, 50 g of grapes;
  • day snack – a piece of watermelon or the last of my melon;
  • dinner – fruits of the grill, 1 apple.


  • breakfast – 1 poached egg, 2 whole-grain-toast, tea with milk;
  • morning snack – 50 g dried apricots;
  • to the south – 200 ml of vegetable soup, 2 slices of whole-grain bread, 200 ml of juice;
  • days snack – banana, 200 ml drinking yogurt;
  • dinner – 150 g of fish grilled, 2 tablespoons of cooked beans.


  • breakfast – 1 toast, 50 g of cheese, 1 tomato;
  • morning snack – 200 ml of fruit smoothies;
  • lunch – 50 g lean pork, 200 g vegetables, whole-grain bun, 1 apple;
  • days snack – 100 g tuna in its own juice, 200 g vegetable salad;
  • dinner – 100 g lamb, 150 g of potatoes, 1 citrus.


  • breakfast – 200 g millet milk porridge, 1 banana
  • morning snack – 200 ml of apple-carrot juice;
  • lunch – 200 g of stewed vegetables pieces, lean meat (100 g);
  • day snack – 1 toast, 30 g of cheese, 2 tomatoes;
  • dinner – 150 g fish fillets on the grill, 2 tablespoons of peas, 50 g of grapes.


  • breakfast – 200 ml drinking yogurt, 100 g melon;
  • morning snack – 1 whole-grain toast with a tomato;
  • lunch – 2 tomatoes, 200 ml of a vegetarian soup, 150 g of cooked fish, 4 toast;
  • days snack – 150 g curd cheese, 1 pear;
  • dinner – 200 g pasta with tomato-garlic sauce, 50 g chicken breast, 1 banana.


  • breakfast – 200 g of fruit salad with 2 tablespoons of the yogurt;
  • morning snack – 1 toast, 30 g of cheese;
  • lunch – 200 g cabbage salad, 50 g of boiled fish, 2 slice of bread, 1 kiwi;
  • days snack – 200 g baked grilled vegetables;
  • dinner -1 potatoes, 200 g of vegetables for slicing.

The second variant of the diet the feet a more balanced composition as compared to the first. Such a menu helps to improve the health and appearance of the hips – this will help get rid of cramps and puffiness, makes the skin smooth and supple.

Varieties nutrition

In addition to these opportunities for low-calorie food, there are several other methods which the authors have placed them, how to diet feet. The most popular of them is considered:

  • cereals;
  • cellulite;
  • tablets calf (special diet, exercises).

So, how to lose weight feet on the ground does not, in any case, it should be taken into account that burning fat reduction and the capacity to first start the entire body. Only if the processes that are necessary for the pills, completely normalised, will actively participate into nahaaluses adipose tissue in the interlayer of the hips.


The most necessary is considered the grain diet feet. Grasses have a positive impact on all the processes, which enrich the body with many necessary valuable substances which help to normalize body weight for 7-10 days leave 4-5 kg and the same number of centimetres to the extent of the hips. Fiber cereals are able to quickly satisfy hunger and to expel harmful substances from the body. This makes this methodology convenient for the detention and very effective. Each of them is recommended to follow the 7-10 days after repeated not more frequently than 2 months. In any case, the grain ready for the mash of water with no added salt or sugar. Cereals, which can be steamed (buckwheat, oatmeal), then it is better not to eat, and pour boiling water for 2-3 hours or overnight in the ratio 1:2. There are also variants, where the cereal soaked in the cold liquid.



Diet feet, which is based on the use, practically raw rice, is quite a rough one-diet. It lasts 4 days, from which anyone can drink only 1 cup of pre-rice. Rulemaking in this menu only two:

  1. Cook the semolina must be a certain way: 1 cup grain-and fill with clean water, next day water change and add in the same way another 1 cup. Repeat the procedure for 4 days. On the fifth day of manna, the first dish need to eat during the day, separated by 5 equal servings. The content of the remaining 3 glass, which will pull in 4 days, consume the next 3 days.
  2. In addition to rice, is only allowed to drink clean water and unsweetened green tea.

Mandatory condition – no salt, sugar or other supplements. If to tolerate hunger is a very complex, should not eat, because on the day of 0,5 kg of green apples.


Similarly, the organisation of the buckwheat diet feet, but krupa is preparing several other ways. Her steaming to boiling water overnight – 1 cup buckwheat 2 cups water. Received porridge need to eat, because the day, sharing several identical portions.

As an annex is allowed to use low-fat yogurt – up to 1 liter per day. Glass of this milk drink can drink occur, the sharp attacks of hunger. Water and green tea in unlimited quantities.


Less strict is considered as the oat diet feet. Rules of loading and unloading such:

  • a cup of cereal to pour in the evening 1 liter of boiling water;
  • in the morning preheat the resulting mixture to slow boil for about 5 minutes;
  • cooler kissell and drink;
  • something does not drink and does not have the 6 hours;
  • eat vegetables.

The next day after the bowel cleansing begins the process of losing weight. Porridge is cooked in the usual manner in water without additives. During the day it can be eaten in unlimited quantities. You can add fresh vegetables.

In addition to the described grain, diet feet can be used with any other cereals the cereals – wheat, wheat, millet. The important thing is not to add cooked porridge with salt, sugar, fat and spices.