The main rules are the pills for men

But isnt looking to slim condition, would suit? In addition, the majority of women believe a big belly and a double chin unattractive.

If you're at least at heart also think so and want to change it, then read our helpful tips and you look even worse, if Ben Affleck is in its 44 years.

We want to notice that rational and proper nutrition are desirable not only to maintain a good physical fitness, but also to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Basic errors in diet

  1. There is more than necessary. Do not have to continue to eat, if already is to feel satiety, but the food on the table still left. This feature is borrowed from our ancestors, who download to complete, do not know when to eat next time. It is also often such a habit of growing from childhood, when the boys in the lecture: please eat – you are strong and big.
  2. A large number of "heavy" food. Many men think that broccoli and fish for a couple – the food is weak, preferring the grove, the fat of meat, white bread, mayonnaise and on top of that, which of calories and quickly saturated. Of course calories need to, but not in such quantities.
  3. Snacks in front of the computer (tv). Often they turn into a nutritious meal of the day, at the same time if a man think that this kind of food is only one clove. The danger lies in this, to grab some lunch under the TV or the computer, lost hours of action.
  4. Calorie alcohol form. Safe way to at first glance, the beer (even in the vial after a busy day) awakens the appetite and reduces satiety. Yes and calories, who have penetrated into the body with alcohol, without a trace does not melt, especially with sugar, that contain sweet drinks (juices, lemonade and so on). Because of this, usually deteriorating the metabolism and the body artificially.
  5. Sport removes the consequences of the wrong diet. It would be naive to think that sport gives the desired result, as before and after them to continue to correctly diet. This fact is confirmed by the study. If systematically to visit the gym, definitely improves the circulatory system, but here are the excess weight did not go away. Need for an integrated program: food + sports.
losing weight for men

You growing belly, but anyone out there do not live?

More specifically, and of the living over: cholesterol, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which is firmly into and not want to leave the organism just is so.

There are three main reasons due to which appears a big belly:

  1. A sedentary way of life. The greater part of the time is a man wanders between the office of the seat, the location of the car and the sofa (obliques become weaker).
  2. Look at the hormonal levels. So it can happen that with age or after stressful situations (stored fat thighs and stomach).
  3. Irrational nutrition. This item includes: eating, harmful meals and high-calorie beverages (generally deteriorate the physical form).

Away fat the body not only does not give any advantages, but is a sign of tendency to disease, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Experts reading: if the growth of 170 cm, waist circumference is 94 cm, the risk of emergence of diseases the average. If the waist size reaches or exceeds 101 cm, then the risk becomes high.

Many an interesting question: "What to do to lose weight?". The answer is clear – diet and exercise. In addition, that food must be not just useful, that given the goal. They need to be to keep the magnesium and zinc in the productive education of testosterone and to support the cardiovascular system.

Foods that contain zinc:

  • fish and other marine products;
  • seeds ( pumpkin);
  • sesame seeds;
  • lenses;
  • cooked beef;
  • cocoa;
  • barley and oats;
  • berries fresh, especially the blueberries and raspberries.

Products that contain magnesium:

  • dried fruits;
  • cocoa;
  • buckwheat;
  • bread wholegrain;
  • the flour is made from soya beans;
  • beans.

Strict diets are not men?

Many men think that the strict diet is not for them. This is a tedious monotony and the need to control yourself. But at all do not need to every time clear time, for example breakfast is only tatraputru. Variety is diet, which consists of useful food – is welcome. So that you can make according to your desire different combinations of meals. In addition to meals, the number of the same as normally the majority of people – 3 times a day.

Opportunities for a useful breakfast

Most of the nutritionists reasoned believe that the breakfast – it is the only option for a meal, if the mono-to eat a more normal meal. It should also be in favor of when a man eats breakfast, because the family table. Women can control the quantity and quality of the meal.

He had noticed that men, lunch house, the less frequently it is observed in overweight compared to those who prefer to breakfast in the cafe on the way to work or fast food.

Healthy breakfast – is a sure way to improve physical fitness and health. We offer your options:

  1. toast teraleib with a reward (a mixture of vegetable oil and butter) or cream cheese, in addition to the greenery;
  2. oatmeal with low fat milk and fresh berries or fruit;
  3. an airy omelette with vegetables (fry need a Teflon skillet, adding not more than 1 teaspoon of olive oil);
  4. toast, tomato, avocado and finely chopped bacon;
  5. 2 boiled eggs and whole grain bread.

Also the breakfast can be consumed as vegetables in the smoothies, such as carrot, broccoli and celery.

Supplement breakfast can be fruit juice or tea, the best green. But if there is a desire to drink coffee, do it after breakfast.

Meal days

Day is best to eat the soup. He has not only nurtured without Overdrive calories, but also beneficial to the stomach. After soup it is possible to dine stewed vegetables and low fat meat and salad. Food does not need to drink, that is difficult of digestion, because the liquid reduces to the consistency of the maomahl. Drink recommended later than 30 minutes after a meal.

Eat to be not later, than 2 – 3 hours before bedtime. Is evening eating may belong to proteins, but not greasy food, but also salad. If the protein suitable for lean meats, cheese, tofu, fish and other seafood.

What can and what cannot be diet diet

That metabolism was complete, need every day to drink ordinary water. Recommended norm – 2-2,5 liters each day. That productively on the basis of testosterone, but of the heart and blood vessels working without violations, is necessary protein, calcium and vitamins: A, b, C, D, E. in this regard, to fully limit yourself to meat can not be. It is important, that it would be bland.

To be abandoned in the semi-finished products, fast food and sauces in the stores, because of these large amounts of sodium and sugar. Not suitable for nutrition and food, has made deep-fried. But you can party with food, cooked, grilled.