The right diet: the menu for each day, in order to reduce the weight

Women who constantly stick to the useful for food, improve metabolic processes and facilitates to eliminate extra pounds.

A proper diet requires the preparation of certain menu every day, you need to follow in order to reduce the weight. Nutritious diet for girls plays a crucial role for those who wish to be permanently part of the overweight.

menu girls

Principles are useful for food

The right diet is always based on certain principles. The menu is so principles be drawn up for the girls who are worried about their figure, each day that is specifically for weight loss. The results are published gradually, but over time they become more and more visible.

  1. Compliance with drinking regime is truly important. Doing this every day is recommended to drink 1,5-2 liters. Precisely water affects the metabolic processes and removes toxins that in the human body.
  2. Breakfast is mandatory. It is important to note that just in the morning a person may be to supply maximum energy for the next day. If people give up the breakfast, he will eat throughout the day. It is recommended to plan a breakfast of complex carbohydrates, namely the porridge.
  3. The consumption of simple carbohydrates is the recommended limit. First of all, the diet exclude sweets and fast food. If you want a snack — can of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, milk drinks. If you want a snack, you can plan helpful dessert, which include dried fruits, marshmallows, black chocolate. But such goodies plan for the first half of the day.
  4. Food exclude fried and flour food. A proper diet based on the properly heat-treated products: cooking, simmer, baking, preparation of the couple.
  5. The basis of the diet should be cereals and solid pasta, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables.
  6. During the meal it is advisable to rush. Otherwise, it may a person to eat too. When you eat slowly and carefully chew the food, can in a timely manner the feeling of satiety. As a result, you can remove the unwanted eating.
  7. Fractional nutrition is preferred. For this reason, the need to eat often and in smaller portions. Such fractional diet helps to digest the food, hasten metabolic processes, to prevent overeating and horses blood sugar levels. Advisable to stand up on a table from low to hunger pangs, so as satiety can be felt over time.
  8. The last meal of the day is recommended 2-3 hours before bedtime. It is important to note, that at night the metabolic processes it is always slowing down and the increased risk of the appearance of fat deposits. Moreover, the close of the dinner a negative dream. Before bedtime is recommended to consume protein products with minimal fat content.

The above-mentioned principles of the pills are universal, so they fit almost everyone. Moreover, this kind of diet help build the work of the digestive and metabolic processes, helps to prevent unwanted emergence of the feeling of hunger.

How correctly to distribute food throughout the day

Every girl should have ready in order that the food is distributed in a certain pattern for the whole day. This largely depends on the absorption of nutrients, supports metabolic processes and the prevention of set of weights.

  1. Immediately after waking up is recommended to drink warm water because it starts the digestive tract to work and improves the metabolic processes.
  2. Breakfast should be hearty and simple at the same time. In doing so, the complex carbohydrates are extremely important because they ensure the appearance of the feelings full. Usually breakfast consists of light useful for cereals, fruit puree, vegetables and fruits, juices. If you want breakfast to eat healthy sweets that will satisfy the need for sweet.
  3. From 12 hours per day and up to 2 hours is recommended to eat richly. Of course you must remember moderation with food. But this time, there are plans in the beneficial dinner, which allows you to experience the satiety and get the biggest percentage of the calories the whole day.
  4. 18-19 pm usually planned for dinner. It is recommended to vegetables and proteins.

The food also includes lunch and an afternoon meal, but they complement the meal should be extremely easy.

Example menu useful power girls

Useful food – this is a special system, which is directed to the effective in the fight against excessive body weight, and prevention of set of unwanted kilograms. Every girl has the right to yourself to plan a diet according to your taste habits and preferences, health status, lifestyle.

Food should be correct and varied. For this reason it is recommended to add proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins, macro -, microelements:

  • complex carbohydrates – pudrud and macaroni;
  • protein products – dairy products;
  • beneficial fats – fish, nuts, vegetable oils.

How can you understand the, varied diet is considered to be truly important, because it determines the possibility of effectively slimming and at the same time to get all the necessary substances. It is very important to develop the right menu for each day, in order to reduce the weight. In doing so, is that the girls have their own eating habits, which is advisable to get accustomed to.

1 day

  • breakfast: kaerahelbe porridge with fruit or dried fruit, coffee or tea;
  • lunch: fruit, a handful of nuts;
  • dinner: lean broth is meat, fish fillets, salad, juice or compote;
  • lunch: yogurt, fruit;
  • dinner: rice, stewed mushrooms, cabbage and carrot.

2 day

the right food
  • breakfast: baked apple with natural honey, walnut, walnut, cinnamon, tea, or coffee;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, salad, kissell;
  • lunch: dried fruits;
  • dinner: baked potatoes with cheese, köögiviljasalat;
  • before bedtime you can drink a vegetable juice.

3 days

  • breakfast: toast with natural honey, tea or coffee;
  • lunch: any citrus fruit (e.g. orange);
  • lunch: pumpkin cream soup with fresh herbs, a salad based on unsweetened fruit, tea or juice;
  • lunch: non-fermented beverage;
  • dinner: boiled chicken, steamed vegetables, apple compote.

4 days

  • breakfast: scrambled eggs, boiled two eggs, salad, juice;
  • lunch: chicken soup, stuffed peppers, cabbage and carrot, any unsweetened drink;
  • lunch: fresh fruit;
  • dinner: potato salad and seafood.

5 days

  • breakfast: curd average fat choices with fruit or berries, make;
  • lunch: ear, rye bread, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, vegetable juice;
  • lunch: boiled egg, apple or grapefruit;
  • dinner: vegetable casserole with cheese, fresh fruit.

6 days

  • breakfast: cereal flaked semi-skimmed milk and berries;
  • lunch: soup-mash of colorful cutlets, dieetravi, cutlet, salad, vegetables, fruit or berry compote;
  • lunch: unsweetened tea, bread a thin layer of oil;
  • dinner: barley porridge (recommended for a small serving), cabbage salad, stew meat, vegetable juice.

7 days

  • breakfast: muffin with yogurt, honey, milk;
  • lunch: a piece of black chocolate or dried fruit;
  • lunch: mushroom soup, salad with tomato and canned corn, berry morssi;
  • lunch: curd casserole berries filling;
  • dinner: fish, grilled, steamed vegetables;
  • before bedtime can drink a glass of juice.

Is a diverse and thoughtful menu is the most priority. In doing so, the diet may be prepared independently, but it is desirable to take into account the principles of a useful food. Moreover, it should strive to balance conformity of the products with optimal calorie and at the same time to get all the necessary substances. Calorie diet is calculated on an individual basis, but in any case, it is necessary to consume less calories and spend more.

The characteristics of the design of the diet of a given type, the number of

Diet is advisable to develop the given type of number. This also depends on how is the correct and effective is the proposed body weight.

Shape-the type of banana

Usually the girls have such a figure in trim and graceful as a and may be less monitored diet. But the diet should still be present useful products.

Recommended to consume dairy products low in fat, cheese. Moreover, the useful foods that are rich in protein and vegetable fiber. However, it is necessary to limit carbohydrates.

It is important to remember that the breakfast is compulsory and before bedtime do not load up.

Body type is an apple

The main task – it is the abandonment of the fast carbohydrates that cause increased insulin, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, sugar diabetes, profit on the extra pounds. All the cakes, tarts and other sweet baked goods is considered to be extremely junk.

The recommended emphasis on complex carbohydrates. The diet includes beans and cereals, fiber, fruit and vegetables.

At the same time, limit animal fats, which may cause profit weight. For example, it is advisable to choose only soy, fish, lean meats.

Have snacks can eat dried fruit, citrus and other beneficial fruits, nuts. Useful are herbal teas, fruit teas.

Shape-type of bulb

The diet of such a shape special. It is recommended to choose natural products, which have a minimal amount of fat. In addition, you can choose nutritious fat burning products.

It is recommended to add a diet of porridge, fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetables, salads. It is advisable to give up chocolate, baking.

A proper diet that each person is special, but it is advisable to design yourself a satisfying menu and stick to it. From the nutritional value depends on how efficient and fast promises to be wasting.