The actual wasting. Find out the 5 main characteristics

Most women just and day can not live, not to get the scales, so they just make them hostage. The pursuit of weight loss makes weighing every day in the morning and in the evening, in the hope that the character goes to the reduction. Not observing desired, people are upset and the only upset yourself, sometimes under the breakdown of the encounter itself also scales. But only, whether the scales show actual wasting?Find out the 5 main signs that your body is losing weight, even if the scales not see.


The actual wasting it is not only the indicators of the scales

Indicator body weight of course important, but in addition to this there are also many other important parameters, which are responsible for the beautiful body and confirm the actual weight. Fitness - trainer is convinced that losing weight does not need to pay attention only to reduce body weight. The reason is simple: the training process will increase muscle mass and body fat layer, of course, goes.

It is thanks to the increase of muscle mass indicators, the weights may change, or vice versa, the number can be increased.But in the process of losing weight is going successfully!

1 mark – the daily clothing sits much more free

The easiest and most clear sign that the body is losing weight. The lack of change scales pretty does not mean that the weight of the stand still. Pay attention to your clothing, if it was free, your favorite pants or skirt dangle at the waist, belt pants staying closer and dress hips more squeeze, then weight lowering accurately. Faithful proof of the may be a centimeter tape, which can be easily self measured.

2 character – appeared in strength and endurance

If still persists the belief that the weight of the stand, it is worth thinking about: did you used to do 20-30 sit-ups are simple, so that even the mass, perhaps the burpee did 10-15 times, without rest or bar 2-3 minutes? If the past did not know how to fill and half of the claims, but now do so comfortably and easily, then progress is obvious. Then the body is changed, the play of muscle strength and endurance, in addition to went to the apathy, fatigue, increased physical and mental performance. All of this is certainly said, that the body fat layer takes and the body is losing weight.

3 identifier - quantity of food is decreased, is generated useful products


Of course, it is very difficult to re-design their customary food, which has been developed for years. But this, that you go around the supermarket departments, pastries, soda, semi-finished products or confectionery, I realized, is already a big victory.

Moreover, the common portions greatly reduced the amount, and this is one of the most important signs that the body will continue to shed the weight.

Going on internal control, but hunger has not, because food has appeared on the right products, which adds energy and helps to get rid of the hated kilograms.

4 identifier – more images

The most direct proof of pill – taking and regular selfie. The appearance of confidence in his own attractiveness and strength creates love for yourself, and you frequently captured. Even if the photo, which is made just only to itself favourite, just your favorite – it speaks to the fact that you will start to like you see what you see in the mirror. The main thing is to pass it to perfection and certainly arrived at this long-awaited moment, when you just able to boast before the girlfriends in your pictures before and after.

5 character - mood and self-confidence

With the strength and durability is added to planning each day, which is related to active workouts. Appeared reasons sports 10 important facts. Every morning the editor of the pleasure of compiled with you in order to make yourself better and perfect, and it definitely improves the mood. Changed gait, it has become more of happiness and light, improved well-being. Self-confidence, which is felt, which will force the forward to go to, which means that definitely all succeed.


Not weighed every day, the best is to do it once a week. Follow proper diet and buy only food, which is conducive to thin into and strengthen health.

To get the actual weight of the head is not only the desire, but clearly built on the action plan, which consists of a regular the rules of proper food and high quality products, and self-discipline.