How to lose weight in the stomach the woman

The first place where the fat deposits will provide a known change in the waist. So if you want to lose weight special attention will be given just in this area. And not just pump, press, coaching abdominal muscles. Wife to be still and to verify products which come into the organism, because only a lean diet along with physical load and wraps helps to throw those extra pounds.

For many women, the most problematic area is the stomach and sides. Slender waist – a guarantee of femininity, grace and youth. Unfortunately, in the deposition of excess fat in this area face not only the owner of a physique "apple". The paradox lies in the fact that just the sides the most difficult drive of the fat deposits, although it is there, is the most commonly they are introduced. Let's try to deal with it, how to lose weight in the belly of the woman and whether it is possible to rediscover a perfectly flat stomach.

The main reasons are set out in the excess fat in the waist area


Usually, young girls enjoy a flat stomach and a smooth side, is a 42-44 size clothes and not think about the fact that sooner or later this zone the body becomes the most problematic. Thirty years already makes it impossible to get into your pants or jeans without the appearance of ugly "rolls" over the belt. Makes it difficult to choose a wardrobe, you must make a choice in favor of dresses for women age, maximum hide the error shapes. These extra fat deposits can ruin the self-esteem of each representative of the sex. Is it possible to prevent the predominance of the waist area? Yes, but have to follow the following rules:

  • Eat must be in moderation. Overeating and violates the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates – the main cause of fat deposits in the abdominal area. And the best are not painfully to change your eating habits at the moment, if the problem already is, and to avoid problems, starting with correctly and in a balanced way to eat yet youth. If the parents have failed to teach you proper eating behavior – to develop this yourself. You are one of the acts for the health of your body and beautiful waist. Eat abuse of simple carbohydrates and saturated animal fats – the straight path of a big belly.
  • Alcohol: beer, cocktails, wine, liqueurs, and all alcoholic drinks contain sugar and this is not only a blow to the body, but yet a more direct path to both the source point dry beer. Do not pay to believe that it can occur only in men, abusers of beer. Slender, pumped sars is possible only if the full exception of alcoholic beverages in the diet.
  • Food eaten less than three hours before bedtime, do not reach to digest. This encourages gas, bloating, appearance of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Such a load of digestion with the death. Still need a young age to instill in yourself the habit of nothing for three-four hours prior to bedtime.
  • Athletic load. It should not be for you a burden – physical education must bring joy. Please note, games, sports, yoga, pilates, Latin-american dances. The main condition – is the need for persistence. Two-three workouts the benefits no. You find yourself in this kind of physical load, which would have brought joy, to burn you to the excitement. Might not exhausted the pump up the muscles of the press gym: the fat belly is just melting, even simple aerobics! Most importantly – correct.
  • Drinking regime is important, because it leads the body out of toxins and helps to get rid of swollen tissues in the waist area. Body weight per kilogram should consider not less than 30 ml of pure water.

What to do fat belly

beautiful belly

If you, however, missed out on at the moment, if you can help preventive measures, and now the volume of your waist is far from ideal – not in a hurry to upset! How to lose weight belly wife, if the weight is already collected? Always can ensure a slender waist – but this requires some patience. It is necessary to re-design your lifestyle and eating habits.

Here are the products, which can be eaten in unlimited quantities at any time (excluding. time three hours before bedtime):

  • low-fat curd;
  • cooked egg white;
  • omelet egg white and milk (without oil);
  • boiled chicken in soya sauce;
  • braised beef, previously marinated is onion sauce;
  • low-fat yogurt, sour milk and other fermented beverages;
  • home cheese 1.5% of th milk.

As you can see, is the main condition for selection of products – this is the minimal content of carbohydrates and fat. All is the most popular and fast acting diet based on protein food – take it. From valgutoodete can prepare nutritious and appetizing food for a long time. The main thing – not to break and not hold your body "carbohydrate explosion" in the form of cakes, pizza and chocolate. Half a year later such a diet, you yourself will be surprised of the results.