The recipe itself is effective for slimming

The question is not idle. If aesthetic considerations for does not play a role, keep in mind that here is: a healthy lifestyle is the best cure for the crisis of middle age. About thirty-five to forty years the amount of testosterone in the blood begins to decline. Every man is a very vulnerable age.

"It is this period in the life of a correct diet and physical exercise may literally spice up a person, — says Yuri, therapist-nutritionist, a researcher at the clinical department of the Federal centre of the institute of medico-biological problems of WOUNDS. — I look at it, for example your customers. One of them is a former entrepreneur average hands, sitting without work, and drank, was a bold and scary. 30 kg overweight. The relatives brought to the reception. We are with him together make up the programme. Put it to go to fitness three times a week. First of all, as a schoolboy, could not do anything in the gym. But gradually taste, lose weight, pumped up muscles and got the look 15 years younger."

weight lowering

According to statistics, a healthy and athletic man at any age will feel more secure and are happier. More serves and longer lives. It more beautiful in the eyes of the woman more often than having sex and it becomes more fun.

Three strong advantages

"In my experience, when men decide to lose weight, they are suitable for responsible, as women, often bring the thing to the end, — notes Yuri. — Me as a doctor is to them easier to work. Wife ten times violated mode, but nothing is recognized — drank keefiri, and that's all. The man did not lie. Both directly and notify: weekend ate 10 kg of the grill and drank five liters of vodka."

In addition, men lose weight faster women, especially doctors, according to the heart and power simulators, swimming. Work in all classical food program, where it is necessary to limit fat and carbs, especially alcohol. "Three-five months is possible without harm to health lose 20-30 kg", — said Olga.

Plus, according to the research, men are not so impulsive, as the beautiful half of humanity, and are easier to resist the temptation of Goodies. (Girl, don't get discouraged, thanks to the impulsivity we have a faster reaction and slimmest intuition!)

The main rules pills for men

1. Find your personal profile eating


Yes, fractional catering — four-five small meals during the day — optimum point of view. But if you this for any reason is not satisfied, it can be a diet in a different way.

"I eat two times a day, my body is so comfortable," tell me Oleg Malik. In the morning it tight breakfast: curd with fresh herbs, radishes, salt and pepper. Or oat porridge with apple and honey. In the evening — two chicken cutlets, chicken breasts or fish and lots of vegetables. In case the momentum of the hunger-refrigerator is always available fresh cheese.

2. The drive in the fat cardio and power workouts (running, soccer, bicycle, jumping rope, athletic walking, exercises loads to legs -, arms -, journalism -, chest-and back muscles).

"I started to run — the first 2 km, then 4 km three times a week — will share their experiences in losing weight Novel. — Currently, I play football three times a week."

Oleg Malik goes to the gym in the neighborhood with the work and the swimming pool for 45 minutes three-five times a week. If to lose weight, dealing with his heart an hour-one and a half five times a week. "To walk on the treadmill — quite a boring activity — he warns. — The guys in the hall of me teasing and said that more than a month still do not have!. And a half years later, applauded the standing — was nice. Must adapt itself to and not to retreat".

3. Does not exclude favorite foods and alcohol is good

A couple of times a week can eat cake, fried pork, sour cream, or a glass of wine or beer. But the rest of the days follow mode. Novel : "I have abandoned the sweet, bread, sausage, canned food, red meat. Replaced all of that cheese, yogurt, yogurt, fish, or vegetable salads. Do not eat after six in the evening failed". Track your meals: one meal — no more than three of your fists in volume.

4. Try diet

This is a very effective way to drive overweight. By the way, among the raw foodists quite a lot of men. Paul, the author of the New book "the raw food diet, or Why cows predators", went to leave is the raw food diet 25 excess pounds of goods, explains it this way: "it seems to Me that women are more prone to cooking, they love complex dishes. Men tend to simplicity, which makes them easier to eat fresh fruit and vegetables minimal processing. Women need a table and served. Men can gnaw go'.

5. Get enough sleep

"Lack of sleep dramatically inhibit the metabolism of, — said Olga. — Besides the main male hormones are produced at night. So sleep is necessary for at least six hours a day".

6. Track your progress, in order to pay a visit to the doctor for your fitness-club in that it is measured, how to make your strength, flexibility and durability. But acting in good faith, you yourself will feel the changes: breathing becomes easier, the spine, need to tidy up.