Diet pills belly

Diet pills abdomen and hips

Because of the sedentary lifestyle the stomach is too full in the hips has become a problem for many women. But NameWoman is of the view that all problems are resolved! Weight loss diet abdomen and thighs as such does not exist, but there are complex rules, which will lead to the decline of both unwanted volume in the wrong places. That the same rules be followed?

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To rule out diet pills abdomen and hips

Reach of responsibly and think of the weight of the abdomen and the hips separate, from each other regardless. Slimming belly logical to give up what he grows: this white bread, each cookies, pastries, cakes and cookies. It is forbidden to all fast carbs, including fast food, milk and overly sweet fruits. And here are the complex carbohydrates which include legumes, porridge with characters and paste to the flour meal, on the contrary useful. To add diet the diet is the abdomen the same necessary for the oranges, lemon juice and salad. Don't overdo the coffee, often drink simple pure water.

Pills thighs the coffee is better at all. As per the alcohol and fatty food. Add to the menu more fruits and raw vegetables, drink more water.

By the way, make sure also that your hands before eating has always been clean and are not lazy to wash food (vegetables, fruits, bottles, drinks, holy packaging, yogurt, etc.). Why are we suddenly remember it? Neglecting basic hygienic norms, the person wearing the intestines a lot of bacteria, which causes bloating.

Diet belly and hips: the basic rules

Sitting diet pills abdomen and hips, should be the first place to reduce the calories consumed. Remember to let the bars down, than 1200 kcal is not recommended by doctors, since in this case, is the body of the switch to be active to shell out for the extra pounds, not them getting rid of.


Be careful with the consumption of fat. Day do not eat more than 12 g of fat. It seems to do is very difficult, in fact a breeze. We consume huge amounts of fat, in itself this is not noticed. Pampering yourself with chocolate, French fries, nuts, candies, we can get up to 100 grams of fat per day! No wonder, that our character loses the attractive lookeid. Indulge in little pleasures – stress, so try to replace the harmful sweets useful. Diet abdomen and hips instead of the treasured bar to buy (and better prepare yourself) bar-muesli instead of candies take dried fruit, milk or white chocolate, replace the bitter. And let you does not surprise the predominance of fats gorky chocolate compared with the milk. Unlike milk, dark chocolate does not harm your figure, and in moderation, can be part of the weight loss diets abdomen and hips.

If the tea with sugar give up does not, then replace sugar, honey. He is not inferior to the taste of sugar and brings benefits to the body. By the way, Apple honey improves digestion and just that can be recommended to those whose problems – the volume of the abdomen and thighs.

Train yourself not to load up at night. Last toidukord shall not be later than 6-7 hours at least 3 hours before bedtime, but not before, when you lie down on the bed. An empty stomach is bad to not sleep? Then your save-the diet that the belly and the hips lies a glass of yogurt with a little fat. By the way, it is classed as a fermented drink of good, that figures are not only the fat content is, how to correctly choose and drink keefiri, we talked about other topics

Don't forget to drink plenty of water every day.

Observe the following rules is necessary, not this time, if you do not achieve the desired result, but for the whole life. Diet pills abdomen and hips does not mean the hardships, starvation, or strictly limited, so stick with it to one degree or another not at all difficult.

If you follow all the tips mentioned above, then the results will have to wait – for over 3 weeks, then greatly around. The speed of the ward of the shape of the ideal state can be increased by using physical exercises (faithful assistant, then makes hula hooping, or stupid, hoop), and various wraps. Diet pills abdomen and hips will work better, as apart from the dietary restrictions you use creams and scrubs problem areas. In particular we recommend the anti-cellulite honey massage, as well as read the articles honey in the salon you are at home, honey in accordance with the procedure and the wonderful properties of honey.