How to lose weight — a complete overview of the most effective ways to lose weight

Effective slimming contains a lot of points, if the goal is to quickly lose weight 5 kg in a week, and then keep the new weight, not to damage the health, however, can, and touch her.

There are a lot of very cost-effective express-diets that help lose weight in 30 days, 10 or even week. But this article is dedicated to the slow, smooth thin into a long effect. Is it possible to lose weight, who is only a couple of days? Yes, for sure. The question is only this, if quickly ago extra pounds.

A healthy weight first of all should correctly psychologically in tune. This would mean that the body is indeed willing to part with their "hard effort naedennymi and set difficile, calories" and does not stand, that will put pounds, although gradually, but the melt away. Such training includes:

  • good mood (do not need to make all out power, and clearly see what kind of outcome awaits the end of and aspire to);
  • tone (need to be active, and even if the way to lose weight involves a fitness program, made his, no need to break apart on the couch, until the next training session);
  • sleep (body must be able to restore up to 8 hours of high quality sleep);
  • entertainment (saturat in your life vibrant events and emotions, and then you do not have time to constantly think about how to lose weight);
  • anti-stress (don't pay to start a difficult climb to your ideal body and difficult periods in life, it leaves all of the above listed points).
An effective way to lose weight is integrated approach. The lack of at least one of the details of the puzzle makes a picture is not carried out. Necessarily be followed in all principles:
  • A healthy diet. If we are what we eat, is worth more choosy refers to the selected food.
A healthy diet</1_img>
  • Sport. Accelerates the slimming, keep health and youth, gives жизнерадостное mood, self-confidence, warns of a strong body weight, растягивании and dicent skin (belly-тряпочка or hands-on bat wings, no one is way better).
  • _ The body of the (stomach days, wraps).
  • Active life — this whole salt. How to lose weight in a month, a week/two, three days, — do not pay end to torture. Need to bring in the new has its own rhythm and quality of life, to love all those updates, then weight lowering is not the meaning of life, but закономерной part of her.

2. How to lose weight in a month without dieting — the real story of losing weight, Anne Sologub + secret diet

How to lose weight without dieting? Depends on what it means. If you are planning to eat fast food фудом and "плюшками indulge", then there is no point in trying. Even then, if the increase in workouts this food does not let to lose weight. But if replacing is difficult-selects all the moral force, of the word "diet", then you have a problem, how to effectively lose weight is not so painful.

A lot of результативнее change-yourself approach to nutrition. It's not just to lose weight quickly and effectively, but still gives a lot of useful habits, which, by the way, has shaped a total of 21 days. In order to lose weight, we will help compliance with multiple rules:

  1. Correction power without the extreme reduction of diet: to monitor the quality of the food, the food is поступающим of the organism trace elements; not to participate in large quantities. Good method: the gradual introduction of the rules, and the best, if they sound утвердительной form. For example, there is no "ban is sweet" and "replacement sweets sweets natural". After a week can be added to the "eat 5 fresh fruits/vegetables a day". Such a system clearly shows how to lose weight without the top of the диетам — the process starts in a natural way.
  2. _ The body of toxins. Replacing detox-days through monodiets come enterosorbiruyuschee medications, which allow out the toxins.
  3. And most importantly, how you can lose weight — this is certainly to consume and eat less than is spent on energy. Not difficult to understand such mathematics. And calculate the calorie content of foods and the daily norm offers a lot of online resources.

The story of weight Anne Sologub

Good day to you Anna Sologub! Are pleased to share your secret to weight loss. Up to drafting your methodology pills I испробовала a lot of advice and a widely variety of products and medications for the tablets, which ultimately turned out to be even very harmful to health.

Spent a lot of money and time, I realized that all this did not bring me the desired result! And thanks to all the strict диетам, I realized that there is a need to change the approach. I've researched quite a lot of articles thin meeting, покупала paid courses, I read for free, and in the end I decided to try to develop your technique without dieting, because the time-to-time is both enjoyable to eat sweets.

Исследовав own technique, all of my close and friends within the first week has drawn attention to a positive change in my appearance! Sharing your knowledge thin into with my girlfriends, they also adopted a decision to lose weight. And... Oh miracle! They managed!) . About yourself I can say that I have, thanks to its methodology is a painless lose weight for about 3 weeks 19 kg, and, of course, I recommend it to your friends and loved ones, who want to lose weight without the hassle!

The trick to my diet was the motto: Want to eat — eat an apple! Don't want the apple, then you're not hungry!)

Briefly tell you their secret of dieting. Thanks to this, is the question of "How to lose weight in a month 5 kg?" is pov, just as you have the opportunity to lose weight 10 kg and more, depending on your willpower and desires.

Secret diet:

  1. Completely abandon: fried, smoked meat, chocolate, is definitely alcohol, pastry, bakery products, including bread. Allowed to consume rye bread in moderation.
  2. Give up the sugar. Because it slows down the process, e.g. energy and accumulates in our body, especially in the distinctive teeth on the sides. Sugar can be replaced with honey. And sweets way to replace the dried fruit.
  3. Eat more dairy products, like kefir.
  4. More eat fiber, its content is more in vegetables, furfur and also fruits.
  5. Eat more vegetables, except for the one of the only vegetables — it's potatoes, because she is a very summus calorie number the product! Make the emphasis on vegetables is those food products that you no longer are pleasing apart from the potatoes, such as carrots or beets. If not to completely give up potatoes, you significantly reduce this consumption.
  6. Eat more protein. This is meat, eggs, dairy products. It is also highly recommend that night to eat cottage cheese with fruit or yogurt.
  7. Eat more apples! They certainly improve the switching process in the body.
  8. In the form of beverages, I would have recommended that drinking green tea with gingerand also add cinnamon. As you know, cinnamon will also affect the positive exchange process in the body. And ginger promotes fat cutting and rapid thin into.
  9. Make the emphasis on healthy sleep and go early to sleep. Desirable 22:00 — 23:00 — the best time to sleep and night be sure you do not want to eat.

An important moment! Do not eat at night. Through the fruit or drink kefir to 3 hours before bedtime.

  1. If you don't have the time to do the exercises, the emphasis on walking, several times a week to give up driving a transport and go on foot to the home.
These are the main points that I would like to stress, that effectively losing weight.

Remember! Dramatic weight loss something that is way in the future. Having decided to lose weight seriously and for long, pay attention to what you consume in your diet.

3. Menu proper diet week

How to make yourself lose weight? Prepare a delicious menu and fill it with diversity, which is not eat and provide the necessary energy. To begin with you should negotiate, how to diet to lose weight:

  • Catering for frequent shots with small portions;
  • Перекусы — the right snack between breakfast, lunch, dinner help to save your overeating;
  • Sustainable ways of cooking: steaming, simmer, cooking, запекание or to use for grilling;
  • One and a half-two liters of water per day;
  • Variety of menu: for each day a person must consume all of the group's products: злаковые culture — an effective ingredient tablets, milk, fruits, vegetables, greens; fish — not only protein, but another source of Omega-3 fatty acids, fats (preferably the animals replaced on the plant), the "bad" sweets to replace the nuts, dried fruits, honey and t. p.;
  • Salt intake reduction, so as not to delay fluid in the body.

4. How many calories need to drink a day to lose weight

Many men and women, especially before the summer, concerned about how many calories are needed per day to lose weight and how to make yourself lose weight take. Simple calculations make a conclusion that in the main, to spend a day more calories, than those with food arrived.

Enough happens to reduce the diet of 300 kcal. It батончик chocolate or сдобная bun, with love побаловаться the owner of the extra pounds. Is almost незаметное the constitution, the diet allows lose per week, up to 1 kg

Hence, and the solution of the equations: the result of such a mode of the month is minus 3-4 kg

5. How to make yourself lose weight — step-by-step instructions + examples of proper motivation

Lack of motivation does not allow the closer to be achieved, yes, and how to lose weight, if the personal desire of all has not yet become a goal, but is left невнятным, without any specificity, the desire. The goal must be achievable and have clear deadlines. Also, objectively measured, that was at all possible to understand their location in relation to this objective.

For example, if a person thinks, how to lose weight in a month, it is best to make a clear plan of action (just common sense "I want to lose weight" sounds abstract and blurry, but the "20 push-ups and 30 sit-ups every day" — is already quite accurately determine how much is necessary to lose weight and set a time limit. On the remains just to solve the put task, approaching success.

How much is possible to lose weight in a month depends on the motivation худеющего. So here are examples of the proper motivationthat will help you want to achieve:

  • The emphasis on the clothes. The most simple, he is after all one of the most effective. Everyone wants good looks, but the clothes it is a good helper. It is, after all, so pleasant, if not no problem "scander" clothes.
  • Emphasis on catering. The theory is extensively developed and evolved very much, remains to be to choose what likes.
  • The emphasis on the environment. The incredible story of the tablets can get a good example, but can also completely displace the desire to continue to deal with your own body, if the result is visible immediately, do not.
  • The emphasis on lifestyle. From the beginning is to focus on constant change: how to get rid of the negative stereotypes and creating new, useful templates, and habits. After all, this will require only 3 weeks.
  • The emphasis on thoughts. It is necessary to review his attitude to the whole situation. To understand why all thoughts are only on how to lose weight, and the at all if is need it weight. Possible, mix with it the fear of a difficult and long "tormentis sui," aircraft simulators and невкусная meager food. In fact, it may be that there is a need for something to lose a couple of kg
  • The emphasis on health. The maintenance of tone, strengthen the muscles and ligaments workout strength and endurance — whether it is not important that сбережению youth, beauty and health?!
  • The emphasis on incentives. How to make yourself lose weight without compulsion? Choose incentive: to get into the dress, to be healthy, ago thrilled to believe it is man — whatever. Every time, when the inner demon trying to downgrade the way back mentally to this incentive, and count up to 20.

6. Exercises to get rid of excess weight

How to get rid of excessive weight take place in a completely different way, and usually they depend on the walk financially and personal preferences. You can visit gyms or swimming poolsin which to engage independently or with teacher guidance.

7. 5 real slimming techniques + secrets weight loss stars

Stars are talking about how to properly lose weight:
  1. Pelagia vocari in is to change your diet, deal with in the coach in the hall, starting to run and swim in the pool, a lot of the weight down thanks to the traditional Russian sauna and massage and also сеансам acupressure — stimulation of biologically active points.
  2. Jennifer Aniston's ideal character is required to relentless control of the power supply and yogalosofii — a combination of yoga asana from kardionagruzki. Filming of the movie learned stripplastiku, where the load is huge.
  3. Rene Zelveger serious weight achieved extreme diet: 1 grapefruit, apple and aurantiaca + 2 liters of water per day. And how to lose weight, support the result is already a more sustainable way. His food is meat, fish, pudrud, veggies/fruit/greens. Pastries and sweet under is prohibited. And most importantly, before and after eating drink a glass of grapefruit juice — very good pinguis exu's.
  4. Victoria Beckham makes use of a large number of seafood, which is so much protein.
  5. Natalie Portman vegetarian diet should be all of the younger years, and how to make yourself lose weight knows yet 12-year-old, when the "Leone". His diet пловы, pulses and vegetables, soups, rice, pasta, salads, cheese, tofu, soy milk, fresh juices and tea. Sweets replaced the natural: honey, plums, berries, etc. on the sp, drinking a lot of water.

8. Tips for quick weight loss away from Anne Sologub

To lose weight quickly have to make some positive changes in your life:
  • Seriously limited selection of products supply;
  • Drink a lot of water;
  • Add an intense daily physical exercise (for all of half an hour you can drive about 300 kcal);
  • Pro перекусы between the main diet must not forget (suitable for fruit, злаковые bars);
  • And sleep at least 8 hours (has been proven, sleep at least 8 hours adds up to 2 kg).