Diet for beginners lose weight: the menu according to the day

Diet for beginners the less stringent, but still effective. The main task – to change the attitude of the useful products that they were adopted there is no cure, but the result of the culinary creativity. More important is a skill you need to master for the beginners, it is the use of spices. Thanks to them, the usual foods play the new flavor smelled and tasted.

The stages of nutrition

diet for beginners lose weight

The duration of each diet is determined by the original data to achieve the goal. This means that the sequence of actions, that who want to get a bit slimmer and delete several cm waist and hips has a different approach to the representatives of the weight class in the "100+".

Phase diet for beginners probation. Each stage is designed to solve one of the tasks that the body would be easier to adapt to unfamiliar conditions. Below their description.

The first stage – this is the body's preparation to diet. Many decide to start a new life Monday, so the rest of this day trying to meet a future deficit of calories, and the "loose" end. This is fundamentally wrong. Not here so sharply to change the food cravings and give up traditional dishes. In the best case of beginners constantly in the agony of hunger, and seeing that a small cake can lead to interference. In the worst case beginners threatening eating disorder (bloating, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea).

Where to start: two-three days before the diet to give up heavy products. Switch to a diet of more fruit and vegetables. Don't forget the protein – curd, lean meat, legumes. Portion sizes may be familiar, the cut only need the amount of food used in the dinner. Alcohol should also be abandoned, that the organism is not garnered excess water.

The second phase - to gradually reduce the calorie intake. Understand the optimal number of calories a day can be a special applications and formulas, but generally is considered the following indicators. Athletes menu the available energy is 2000 kcal. For beginners practicing 2-3 hours in the hall or at home week, when a seated work calorie diet per day to 1500 kcal. For those who duty is constantly on the feet, get rid of excess weight 3-5 kg per month can be lowered by conventional diet of 300-400 kcal.

Where to start: first, restrictions in the diet should be concerned, mainly sugar. Throw redundant due to coffee or tea without sugar. Replace the can of honey. The same applies to added sugar dishes. Casserole honey instead of sugar is the same sweet, but is much more useful.

The third step: "throw superfluous" (cleaning). It lasts 1-3 days. Due to the fact that the previous day's menu is not difficult, it is the body much easier to expel excess fluids and toxins. The main ingredients of the menu at this time should be the foods that contain fiber. The latter constitutes the fiber, which swell in the intestines and ensure satiety 4-5 hours. On the other hand, the menu is based on fiber stimulates digestion. Pills are very important. The Organism is not energy deficit, but full of power, not to let the class of sport in the gym or at home.

Where to start? Breakfast need to add to the menu of each grain, in addition to the rice (rice should be and keep the water). For beginners to lose weight porridge can be boiled in the milk in half with water. Allowed a small amount of butter (teaspoon per day). The day – steamed vegetables and fruit salad. Dinner menu should include dairy products. Kefir and . you can take any of fat.

products slimming

And finally, restart the. If the phase "throw redundant" off the stay, can the organism get food a lot more nutrients (in the past their absorption into the bloodstream brakes accumulated toxins). The ideal way to – eat foods, which does not require thermal processing. Many professionals, teaching oriental practice, claim that the products are harvested without the violence nature, can be the organism to get a lot more benefits. According to their teachings, the milk of the pack is considered "dead" and meat – hardly though not poison. On the other hand, addicting one of the only vegetarian food, as too fanatical can be subject to five status, such as anorexia nervosa (a syndrome, consist of the complete lack of an appetite, if the objective body needs the nutrition). And it is exactly this kind of diet is suitable for athletes, for whom is a nutrient for the scourge of injuries.

Comment doctor-dietician. Many people mistakenly believe that the call to "throw redundant" means refuse, in principle, not only fatty food, but also basically eat. In fact, those who are losing weight at home need to understand a simple fact: if the body gets enough fuel, so that it can work to the maximum, which means that its energy increases. Calorie deficit slows the metabolism, and it is filled with a set of rapid weight after the diet. But fat foods are some nuances. Give up the need to fried food and anything that contains transfats (modified molecules, which appeared in the unsaturated (plant) oils and fats in the process of high temperature processing). But the diet should contain fatty fish, avocado, cheeses, cottage cheese, milk, not fat-free. Thanks to them, the organism synthesizes growth hormones. It is particularly important that the active athletes, but also for women in the climacteric term.

To maintain the profile of the right diet. It is believed that the formation of any habits take place within 21 days. The first 7 days he experiences stress. During the subsequent weeks adapts and remodels its activities. Only within the past week over days have been observed in a qualitative change (the condition is improving skin, nails and hair, eliminates swelling, restores the water-physiological balance, and so on). Usually during this period, even the sweet tooth, the end of the I want chocolate, chocolate, and cookies, because the organism studied, in order to get the missing substance useful products.

What to do? Motto: "Throw redundant – tighten to strengthen the belt" at this point it is no longer important. Here, you can, on the contrary, to give a little later mode. One day of the week it is possible to do, "the boot" - there is everything, what the heart wants, and any number of, but until 17:00. Thanks to the recently formed food habits of the organism on the feelings of the saturation is needed much less food than before the diet.

Diet owners a variety of shapes

According to one of the classifications give off this type of imagery: "the apple" (slender feet, large stocks of fat in the abdominal area). Type "pear" (narrow shoulders, wide hips). Type "rectangle" ( thalia, what is almost not to see). Type "triangle" (a variant shapes "apple" - broad shoulders, narrow hips). Type "hourglass" (in proportion to the developed shoulders and hips, narrow waist).

Particular diet for each shape the following:

The characteristics of the diet Body type
Apple, triangle Bulb Hourglass, rectangle
Exclude Fast carbohydrates (pastries, sweet fruits) Food rich in starch (rice, potatoes, pasta) Sweet, bakery-white flour, dried fruit and nuts
Lean Soy, fish, nuts, raw vegetables Tomatoes and tomato juice, cottage cheese, fish, seafood, herbs, merikapsas Protein foods (meat, chicken, eggs, fish), fresh vegetables, herbs
Drinks Natural coffee, tea with ginger (a teaspoon of grated ginger l of water) Cranberry morss, green tea Fresh juice, diluted with water in the ratio 1:2, compotes dried fruits
Unloading day A Kilo of cucumber or suvikõrvits, 2 apples, green tea 500 g curd, 2 l keefiri or buttermilk 700 g boiled beef, 2 liters compote

Diet I will in middle age

It is for those who are over 45 years. In this case, lose weight help activities at home and a special diet. The goal is not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also normalize hormonal levels.

Cook best is at home several days ahead, because each has to perform its function.

weight lowering

What food should be in food:

  • Fermented. First of all, cottage cheese, because thanks to the higher content of calcium makes the bones more durable.
  • Fatty fish. Sardines, salmon, mackerel, trout will not only help lower blood pressure, but to stimulate the hormone synthesis.
  • All the hat. They are rich in iron and b-group vitamins, potassium and magnesium, which are positively affected by the possible cardio-vascular system.
  • Vegetables. Parsley, onion, garlic not only strengthens immunity, but liquefy the blood, preventing thrombosis. Cucumber, tomato, cabbage are the best sources of fiber, which is necessary for the digestive system.
  • Berries. Blueberries need immunity and digestion, raspberry – heart.
  • Dried fruits and nuts – a source of potassium and magnesium.