Weight lowering: of the most effective methods of losing weight free

Every woman wants be for sale. This want even the most shapely model, not noticing that they so it is already ideal. Therefore, they spend large amounts of money, that their body always looked elegant and attractive, diet, fitness, massage, swimming pool, sauna... Far from every woman to afford such costs. But you can, after all to lose weight is completely free!

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Ways of losing weight

For this purpose it is necessary only willpower. As well as a great desire to achieve your goal and watch your food habits. It is no secret that the temptation is great, tasty food in the form of chocolate cakes and fast-food around a large number of.

But the idea of that pretty soon you can again wear your favorite dress, the development of the course advanced closer, and jeans, who has always looked incredible, it grabs – after all, then the men are admiring the send of the view of the slender shape and girlfriends burst from envy – give strength and patience in the fight against weight.

Start weight need to replace the old habits is new, i.e. starting with the breakfast, everything must be a totally different way. This means that there is a need, not when accustomed or if to take, if there is a desire. And is not something that is in the refrigerator and that I would like to.

First of all, old habits do not let your body to feel your actual needs, but you just need to listen to yourself and not regret it time.

And don't forget the new dress, which soon the time has come. According to statistics, the women in their lives to spend about a year reflects to wear out of your wardrobe. And yourself to think about the choice foods gives the opportunity to stop in the future to think about, what to wear, in order to hide the shortcomings of the shapes.

Food should be eaten with pleasure, making it enjoyable. After all, it is the most effective method of pills – they are the ones that bring joy. As a new lace wash instead of annoying t - shirts - it is not put immediately, and first of all, admire them, look, put, calmly, listening to enjoyable feeling.

It should be remembered that the human body was not originally suited for that way eating the right large quantities of meat, and the treatment of small quantities of food mainly of plant origin – fruits and nuts. And or our for anyone far from ancestors did not have the weight.

To lose weight quickly five and more pounds, enough for only a week. However, the eat must be throughout the this week only vegetables and fruit and not overeating – one and a half-two pounds of food per day is the optimal amount. And also, to improve skin condition, if already we come out of such a case, it is worth to choose such fruits, which are suitable for skin type slimming people – so argue dermatologists.

Combined with dry skin with ripe, sweet red fruit; oily – immature, pretty acidic and astringent; normal and mixed skin takes all kinds of fruit and vegetables equally. But in order to weight loss process I walked faster, in the evenings it is necessary to take bath – definitely warm, preferably with a hydromassage. If it is missing, then self-massage of fifteen minutes is completely replaced by the technique, and the skin begins to rejuvenate with incredible speed.

ways of losing weight

Yet one of the forgotten view diet reminded of the beauties of the last century. If eating unsweetened tea or coffee, 40 grams of cheese to eat one boiled egg, 120 grams of roasted without oil a piece of meat and 20 grams of cheese to eat unsweetened coffee or tea, and eat the same meat and fresh salad drop of vegetable oil oil, then for a week you can keep yourself not to know in the mirror. Pounds, which are toxic to life disappears, as if by magic!

But to lose weight all week – this is boring. Therefore, it is the best method pills – very quick, only one day. The method is simple, as all brilliant – no food all day, but in a special way. He prepares so: thermos pour a teaspoon of leaves and pour a liter of hot milk. And no sugar, of course. Day easily leave two pounds. But lasting this method is not applicable.

All of these diets did not need to special spending, especially when the limit itself, for example, salt. Just to stop the salt to all the food, and the pounds will start to melt because of the tasteless food does not want to eat in large quantities. Also going pounds, if abandon starchy foods and sugary. With much faster than when there is do not salt the food.

But whether there are ways to lose weight, where there is no need to spend money? Yes, of course – there is a huge a lot of similar methodology. One of them – a diet. The essence of this is this, to should choose seven favorite food and distribute their day of the week. And then there is this every day, only one product that is selected. For example Monday – bananas, but if do not want, and only five pieces. Tuesday – buckwheat, a platter of the following: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And do not add any other eat and drink only clean water.

And if you compare all the free methods of losing weight, then this is one of the most free, because there is no need to go to the sports club are simulators or buy fat burning medications. The second method is the so-called "children's ware". He can eat all of that like, but only a very small plate – sockets jam and the path of the frisbee. It seems, and there is food, but serving small. And take food it is necessary, not where it is within the family, and in the other room, so as not to over-stitched in revenue specially get up and go.

In fact, here is a special secret is not. Thing this, that the brain is not immediately perceived by the stomach to signal saturation, always there will be a delay of about five-ten minutes. And if the eating when the platter of cereals, would like still, better to wait five-ten minutes. And only then go over afterwards. The most interesting this is that when a person opens the lid of the pot put still serving, he feels that no longer would like. The brain eventually became the long-awaited signal.

Very useful arrange the stomach days. To this end, do not necessarily need to pace yourself hunger. Can arrange kefir or apple day, and there is today just such a the food, the main thing is that it would be possible less high-calorie. One day a week – this is four-five fasting days in the month, which is four-five days of the weight just goes without more work! But the rest of the days will pay just tell yourself "stop", if the hand is accustomed to the stretched, because the redundant piece of cake. And then weight also to leave, although not as quickly, if at the same time off.

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Yes, it is possible to weight reduce quickly. You can lose weight expensive. You can lose weight interesting. But the most enjoyable option – lose weight for free, the community in doing so and brainy, fun, without excessive penny and waiting to meet your future slender figure!