Diet the belly and on the sides

To remove belly fat need to start to explain the reason for the extra inches in this area, especially when the rest of the problems are not.

indicator apple

Excess weight (body type apple)

This type of indicator is different from its roundness. Girl, if this is a fairly bulky chest and slender legs. And here is disabled, type "apple" has narrow hips, poorly expressed buttocks and little noticeable to the waist, where there is still a small belly and sides.

Body type – it is, above all, genetics, characteristics, their structure and metabolism.

Also differ in that they have more problems just internal fat, than the subcutaneous. Visceral fat covering the internal in organs, and its excess can seriously affect the health.

To correct your figure and cause health procedure for women who have this type recommended:

  1. Limit, and is best left at all all the flour (pastry, sugar, flour and oil).
  2. Reduce your food intake of ice cream, candy, chocolate fruit and packaged juices.
  3. Add and eat as much as possible of the fiber, which is products complex carbohydrates: whole grain bread, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, buckwheat, whole grasses.
  4. Calculate your daily norm of protein considering the age, growth and resistance level loads and do not exceed the standard of your diet.

Internal fat

The internal or visceral fat – this is the layer that covers all of our internal organs, ensuring a steady supply of energy to the length of their. Most of this fat around the bowel.

In working order, will consider, this layer is not higher than 3 kg, But if there is excess body weight, you visceral fat is possible to achieve a weight loss of 30 and more kilograms. This is already a way to contribute to the health problems, because the internal organs are just yourself.

the fat on the belly

Calculate how much you will internal fat is quite easy, but it can help or doctor, special or scales. More prone to the accumulation of visceral fat in the abdominal area of people's character "pear tree" and "apple".

In order to reduce the internal fat stick to the following recommendations:

  1. I'm trying to move more, walk, run. Best of all is to find your profession, which is the soul, yoga, dancing, swimming. But when all is very big, then start with brisk walking, running, and stick to put together with the gym work of the instructor.
  2. Increase the meals number up to 6, but the servings need to be much less familiar already to you. It is necessary, that there is no go hungry sense of days.
  3. Drink freshly brewed coffee in the morning and start to take vitamin C.
  4. Try to limit your intake of fast carbs and fat. Fully exclude them cannot be, but they are caused by excess fat.
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Try to avoid stressisituatsioone and no longer receive special preparations to deal with them.

Weak muscles journalism

It is also one of their main problems are a big belly. Sometimes even slim people can see a little belly and all, because these muscles.

If lihaskorseti in this area weakened, then stomach a little bit of sags and is not as good, how be support the internal organs.

To combat this problem is not so difficult:

  1. Increase your workout the amount of use of the press. To diversify their workout, add free weights, the number of repetitions.
  2. Fit muscles may be carefully hidden in subcutaneous fat, so be sure to alternate the power load aerobic, where are actively involved all the muscles, increases pulse and breathing rate.
  3. Popular today exercise the "vacuum" perfectly helps to firm stomach.
excess skin

Excess skin

Usually it occurs after rapid weight loss, if it was originally a large weight, and literally a couple of months took a lot of extra pounds. If diet and workout are lined up incorrectly, then the sagging belly is you guaranteed.

To solve this problem is needed:

  1. Start active take care of your skin maintenance: cleaning, wraps, masks, pull-up gels, cosmetic procedures, massages, wiping the pouring and lots of other helps the skin noticeably develop.
  2. Food you must have to present only the useful and the right products, no fast food, sweets, fried, smoked, salted. All of this is very quickly affects not only the weight, but as of the skin.

Stagnation in the intestine

It is already in rare cases, but also can be found. If there is belly just inflated. This is one sign of bowel obstruction. With the swelling of occurs vomiting, severe pain in the region of the bowel, constipation.

Specifically, the diagnosis can be only a doctor, so if you find yourself immediately several symptoms, you should immediately contact a specialist.

Choice nutrition belly

flat stomach

Diet "flat belly"

It is quite an effective diet that helps to lose weight 7 kg in weight and reduce the waist by several centimeters.

The main rules:

  1. The restriction is daily energy intake to 1600 Kcal.
  2. The menu has added more monounsaturated fats.
  3. Run this diet and 4 days and another 4 weeks.
  4. The first 4 days should not eat salty food and add the flour and salt shall be excluded from complex carbohydrates and the products, which can result in bloating.
  5. Each repast should include; olive oil or nuts or avocado or spinach or Brussels sprouts or fish, or pistachio nuts or almonds.

Sample menu:

  1. Breakfast. Cottage cheese + green apple + green tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch. Chicken breast + cabbage in the form of salad.
  3. Dinner. Kefir.

Diet "quickly and easily"

Different is this, to eat only need to the list of products and they have a total of 12. Take this 6 weeks and allows you to lose weight already in the first month of 10 kg

The main rules:

  1. Eat need at least 6 times a day, to avoid the constant feeling of hunger.
  2. The use of diet time only products from the list.
drink more water

So, it can be eat:

  • pulses;
  • nuts;
  • spinach and all vegetables are green in color;
  • dairy products;
  • oatmeal, in the morning you can add sugar and the rest of the meal is only slightly salt;
  • eggs;
  • peanut butter without sugar;
  • oil olive oil;
  • chicken, fish, meat is not greasy, turkey;
  • cheeses lean varieties, cocktails, along with soy and white;
  • berries, apples, grapes;
  • corn, brown rice, whole grain bread, wheat.

In your menu, you can connect to any list of products.

Tips for losing weight belly

In order to remove belly fat to follow certain diet and a swing press is not enough. If you have changed your eating habits and add more physical activity then the weight will be all body. And this must be prepared for.

And to see the cubes journalism is the need to add more adip than ardens workouts and reduce the consumption of fats.

So as a reason the advent of the abdomen can have several, then do not pay immediately start the muscle pumping media may be a big belly – it is a sign of health problems, to help cope with which can only a doctor.




Tried diet, "simply and quickly". The result is wonderful. But I've made your changes and before diet fast for 1 day, drink only water. The body's clean and ready to diet. After such a weight and the belly will go very quickly.


Diet I tried very much, and plus massage wraps. The stomach is so and remained. I read pro nutrition slim waist and she liked me. This will not only help me lose weight, but maintain weight. Now I'm in continue to adhere to, but the caloric increase up to 2000 Kcal per day. I feel great and like yourself a lot more.