Help whether cinnamon thin into: useful properties of spices

Useful properties of cinnamon body weight is determined by its chemical composition. The flavouring refers to the srednekaloriynym products: 100 gr contains about 247 kilocalories. Protein — 8,7%, carbohydrates — 11,2%, fats — by 2.2% of the speed of the rda for adult.

The spice is different from the rich vitaminum and mineral composition:

  • кумарин — organic compound, thanks to which we feel gentle and not something несравнимый taste of the spices;
  • tannins;
  • essential oil;
  • phenolic;
  • rubber;
  • resin;
  • minerals: copper, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, sodium, selenium;
  • vitamins;
  • choline — vitaminopodobnoe substance.

The content of iron, manganese and calcium, this spice — unrivaled leader. If the organism needs these substances, it is necessary to urgently add to your diet. It is for this chemical composition is explained the beneficial properties of cinnamon pill, thanks to whom, it is possible to lose weight.

This is interesting! Unlike normal us thin taste of cinnamon greenish inflorescences are this fruit is very pungent and unpleasant odour.

Mechanism of slimming

In fact, many are questioning whether conducive to the cinnamon thin into, or is it yet another myth and напрасная hope. Really, the daily consumption of this spice is limited: not detrimental to health may be to eat not more than 1-2 teaspoon cochleari our. But if there are a small number of are able to расщепить so pointless fat stores, which all dream about to get rid of?

It should be remembered that the flavourings usually is supplemented by other adip than ardens, products. And this applies to the truly thermonuclear — quickly, powerfully and effectively:

  • normalizes the sugar levels in the blood;
  • makes its not such stretches, by removing cholesterol plaque;
  • improves metabolism;
  • put выводящие system of the body to work intensively;
  • quickly and safely release the toxins and waste products;
  • normalizes the functioning of liver -, intestine -, stomach;
  • neutralize free radicals;
  • gives extra energy, which helps quickly and easily to cope with stress and emotional overload;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improves memory;
  • improves attention concentration;
  • activates the brain.

This is the general activity of the spices to the body, but we will still be interesting, if specifically useful for cinnamon pills?

  1. The impact of spice to the viscosity of the blood and blood sugar, this leads to the fact that you are getting the stable, sure, that satiety, that is, between the main meals do not suffer from hunger.
  2. The process of improving digestion due to regular eating cinnamon teaches the body to properly spend the received energy, and does not collect it in different places in the form of fat deposits.
  3. Spice into the stomach along with other products, will be completed by the transport-проводящую function. That is, it helps to better the absorption, the absorption of the useful vitamins and minerals.
  4. This helps to accelerate the metabolism of cells, within which there was also lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of fats.
  5. Place a lock depending on the sweet. But keep in dessert — very important is the key to any diet.

Here is how to affect cinnamon weight. You have to realize that not he himself, removes fat deposits, but it starts the body in a number of biochemical processes, which are lipolysis and slender, contracta est indicator.

However, in order to achieve this, you need to be able to handle the exotic product, that it does not навредил health and helped to reach the desired results. And first of all it is necessary to decide what cinnamomum the product used to struggle excessive pounds by.

Note. Most higher quality cinnamon is placed on the market in Sri Lanka. But the plants are grown for commercial purposes also Суматре, Madagascar on the island of Java, India, Egypt, Brazil, Vietnam, while spice up their sites different from the sri ланкийской more pungent smell and not so refined taste.



That losing weight using cinnamon would be comfortable and the way to the end results, of which you have dreamed, it is necessary to correctly choose the spice presented to the market in several forms.

  • Powder

Most frequently the tablets are used for ground cinnamon, but pick up your high-quality variants is difficult. Importers claim that 80% of this product — the cream of the cassia, humilis gradus cinnamon tree. To distinguish the committed from the original very difficult. But many prefer to buy this powder because it is convenient to use. Всыпал dish — and you can already losing weight.

  • Sticks

Much more effective is to use cinnamon sticks for the pill, which is easy to crush in blender the same powder. Only you are already absolutely sure that it is quality and genuine. This, of course, if managed to buy the original pipe, while not put.

  • Oil

Much larger spectrum, as powder and sticks, cinnamon essential oil, which can also be used in the fight against excess weight. First of all, this can involve a wraps body weight. Second, to do this on the basis of the excellent scrubs to lose cellulite. Third, a few drops added to жиросжигающие cocktails. It should be remembered that it is the effects are many times more effective and stronger than the rest of the form of cinnamon, so that the and contraindications also a lot more.

So that you can take cinnamon for weight in any of its form, choosing according to намеченными goals, taste preferences and individual characteristics.

So, for example, high blood pressure essential oil of this spice is contraindicated, then how powder and sticks in limited quantities they can eat it without any harm to health.

Geek trivia. Spice is several (6 to 10) layers of thin inner bark of the tree. They minimise the risk is to adhere to immediately after separating the plants. These tubules are dried and used as seasonings. What thinner are the cream of them there are, the more pleasing the smell. Stored they are very long.


Before you eat and drink drink pills with cinnamomum, inquire about contraindications, which in the case of state of health may significantly deteriorate under the influence of this seasoning. These are:

  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • individual intolerance to one of the products that are mentioned подобранном recipe;
  • depression;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • pathology of the respiratory tract (the cinnamon smell will only exacerbate their period);
  • myocarditis;
  • on the contrary the hearts;
  • no problems with the stomach (gastritis, ulcer);
  • rheumatism;
  • пневмосклероз;
  • kidney and gall bladder;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • giperglikodermiya;
  • энтероколит;
  • reception of strong медикаментозных medications;
  • skin diseases difficult a period of time (for example, aggravation экссудативного diathesis).

Study contraindications allows to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of this means of losing weight. His negative effect on the body is expressed as follows:

  • irritates the stomach;
  • raising the heart rate;
  • increases the blood pressure;
  • causes strong uterine contractions which can cause miscarriage;
  • toxic кумарин destroys the liver, hitting the kidneys to work;
  • as a natural antibiotic, the spice can join in all forms of interaction medicines that you take, and pimp.

It should be noted all of these shortcomings, before you cook mirabilis Manducat cocktail cinnamomum, which can in turn problem, there is no salvation if incorrectly used. If, however, any deviation is not, and you're ready to thin into using this exceptional product, select the diagram and start to get rid of extra pounds.

The undeniable benefits of cinnamon pills allowed the dietitian out immediately a number of schemes to get rid of excess weight this means. Choose what you are able to win.



Weight loss recommended the particular drink recipes, which require add seasonings to milk, coffee, tea, and even clean water. For example, green tea cinnamomum excellent itself as an effective tool that allows you to lose weight without major difficulty.

Such cocktails will prove not only useful in the fight against excessive body weight, but very tasty. To prepare them better just before the most use, as the spice quickly, "cancel" to your taste and enjoy them you will not succeed.

  • Make

Green tea is chopsticks cinnamon encourages, stimulates, gives confidence, saves not only weight, but also in a bad mood. Cures for the common cold. One test tube is poured into 500 ml of boiling water, allow an hour. Put on fire, but literally within one minute of boiling, remove plate. Sleeping in a teapot natural leaf green tea and pour it коричной water. After 10 minutes you can enjoy the incredibly fragrant drink and to think about when choosing a new купальника your slim and trim in figure.

  • Water

Unlike tea, water cinnamomum requires the use of not boiling water, and liquid at room temperature. The powder (10 g) diluted klaasitäies melted water mixture, carefully mix 4-5 minutes. Add 10 ml of honey. Leave for half an hour. Drink, do not tremulique quass.

More than a delicious drink for losing weight — water apple and cinnamomum. The apple is medium-sized (better to take green), powdered latch directly to the peel and the seeds, mix with powder of cinnamon, obtained after grinding of 1 of the sticks. Pour a litre of water at room temperature. Put frig in the refrigerator for a few hours. Drain.

  • Apples

You can eat and more goryachitelny drink is made of apple and cinnamon tea form. Grate the green apple is a medium-sized (recommended variety for this recipe — Granny Smith). Add 10 g of the ground spice and the same amount of chopped ginger. Cover with water, brought to a temperature of about 90°C. Leave for half an hour. Drain.

  • Pasta

Mix 10 g of honey and cinnamon powder. Is furfur in the bread.

  • With ginger

One of the most successful biga of losing weight — this ginger and cinnamon, which makes to flee from their blood more quickly, stimulate also the metabolism process, thanks to which the fat deposits will melt away the eyes. 10 g of cinnamon powder, pour a glass of boiling water, stir carefully, add another 10 g of grated roots, beat again. Leave for half an hour. Before use, strain the liquid. Such a way of cinnamomum and ginger is a real adip than the ardens, a cocktail of efficient and fast weight loss.

  • Coffee

It is recommended pills coffee cinnamomum, because in the end it turned out pretty low-calorie drink (35 kcal). This may start разгрузочный day. Take 10 g unflavored ground coffee, 125 ml of water and 1/3 teaspoon of spice.

  • With bay laurel, the

Another tandem, you can use the pill — this is the bay leaf and cinnamon. Make them part of the strengthens the immune system, supports normal выводящую system, positively affected the level of sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood. The manufacture of 1 wand seasoning and 5 laurel leaves заливаются litre of hot water and folliculos germinaret within 15 minutes. Reviews show that daily consumption of alcohol is this drink not only will not irritate the skin, not in any way to the body, but it also allows you to lose weight up to 5 kg per month.

  • That oatmeal

If for any reason you cannot arrange голодовки, oatmeal with cinnamomum in the morning — just it, that helps even just a little bit, but the corrected figure. Both products have the diet, so a balanced diet is the total of the remaining days it is possible to achieve good results. Just add a serving of porridge for 10 gr seasoning.

  • Milk

Thin into the promote and milk cinnamomum. A glass of semi-skimmed milk (it is better to pre-warm up) — a pinch of spice. After размешивания continue a couple of minutes to saturation.

  • Cheese

Athletes, to whom do not prevent to lose 2-3 kg, nutritionists recommend to eat in the morning curd cinnamomum. 200 gr fat free milk product — 10 gr seasoning. Appealing scent reminiscent of cinnamon PLENUS pastries, aspers the пряностью and causes gravis appetite. But this feeling may be to the curb: learn how to prepare this seasoning жиросжигающие cocktails and victus pasta — and from now on, this scent is your cause a little bit of other positive emotions. Breathe in it, you every time think about how you yourself, your forces, have been able to lose weight impressive figure, thanks to the east, the exotic, such delicious spices — cinnamomum.