7 the changes that occur in your body when losing weight

Understanding of the chemical processes that occur during the pill, warns the frustration, keep the "markups" more than hunger and an inadequate number of calories, protect from the torment due to changes in hormonal levels and energy levels in the body.

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1. Rise cortisol levels

One of the many things that take place when losing weight, and to which people do not even think about – it is stress which passes through the body. Especially it may affect to produce hormones, if you are not careful.

And while the doctors write for patients, who want to lose weight, medications for stress, many of these will not help.

The state of your health will be affected, increasing either cortisol levels – a hormone protecting the organism from stress, while losing weight.

Hormones directly affect affect all body functions. In turn, their production affects the way you eat and how active you are. Check out this the process is very difficult, which is why it is important to graze so as to avoid excessive cortisol.

To reduce stress, make a more calm type of physical activity, such as yoga, walking, pilates, hiking. This is a great workout, which can lower the cortisol levels in the blood, it also helps in burning calories and weight loss.

Your diet should prevail: proteins, healthy fats, starch, which is a low glycemic index, as well as the greens and green vegetables.

Control of blood sugar levels is also very important when losing weight.

High cortisol levels lead to stress, overeating and body weight increase. To avoid this, eat well and choose a calm workout.

2. First of all, you lose water

When you begin to follow the diet, then, as usual, start the extra pounds will go quickly. But then this process slows down and this is related to the loss of water.

First, you can quickly lose enough at the expense of water loss. But on losing weight gets slower.

The loss of excess water – this is a good thing, because it helps to get rid of tursetest! But hereafter, you do not need to irritated due to the fact that the process of losing weight starts to slow down.

3. Your body has accumulated fats

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Than any dieting, when calories received less and less, the response reaction of the organism is a rapid accumulation of fat. A sharp reduction in calories can cause difficulty in weight loss.

The best way to solve such problems – moderate physical exercise and consumption of at least 1500 calories a day.

Some do not engage in counting calories, but just eat moderate amounts of healthy food, so as not to feel sharp hunger. It helps to cope with the increased appetite and gradually prepares the body for limited consumption of food.

4. You need more sleep

Weight loss, really, to lead his forces. Do not fight the need for rest period, slimming! Instead, to rest so much, how many it is necessary for your body. It helps to relieve tension. In addition, if you stick to plan for intensive workouts, there is no reason to blame yourself additional rest. Of course, this does not mean that you will have all day to lie on the couch!

During weight loss the body is experiencing stress, so that it is necessary to restore forces and to meet the energy.

First of all, take generally sleep at least 8 hours per day and every day find the time to meditation or a small 20-minute vacation.

5. You can get irritable

The loss of extra pounds can often lead to bad mood, especially if you're a fan of sugary, junk food and fast food. Your body is deprived of those products, with which he is accustomed. But don't worry – all will return to normal, as the body restores balance.

It has been proven that eating refined and processed foods are often addictive and dependence, which is similar to the drug. This is especially true for sugar. You already can't go without this meal, and if it doesn't, acts like a touchy kid! Believe me, that it soon passes and you no longer suffer from extreme moods and feelings of hunger.

Don't forget that there is more protein food, green, and healthy fats – it helps suppress your appetite and calming the raging hormones.

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6. Can worsen quality of sleep

Weight loss it is possible to change quality sleep, which can cause overeating. If the limit of calories consumed may be problems falling asleep.

To prevent this from happening, eat dinner at something closely the suppression of hunger or drink before bedtime a cup of almond milk – it is rich in calcium and essential fats, which calm the excited brain, and helps to fall asleep. You can sweeten its stevia, or add cinnamon, lower blood sugar levels. Believe me, after this drink you already do not want to make a foray into the refrigerator due to hunger, that do not give sleep!

7. You lose muscle mass

If you fill in the diet pills, you lose not only fat, but also muscle mass. And it's not very joyful news.

To solve this problem must necessarily perform strength training use or the training load of their weight, such as yoga. It will restore and increase lean muscle mass. Developed muscles help burn fat, effects on metabolism, supports bone meal system in the normal state, prevents osteoporosis and atrophy.

Do not be afraid, that the body is looking pumped. He just buys a tight look, when you a couple of times a week should be to deal with capacity utilization, or regularly through the posture of "Dog snout".

wasting, the body's food

It is very important to eat every day, that should not reduce the metabolism and unnecessary stress.

Too few calories can halt weight loss. So if you want to pour it, eat enough, and the only healthy products.

Limit alcohol starch and sugar for the proper functioning of hormones and to achieve the best results.

If you have recently lost weight, happened, do something unexpected in your body? If you decide to go on a diet that causes you concern?