Exercises complex slimming

You have excessive weight, you want to lose weight, but already experienced a lot of nutrition null the result? Then the normal rational nutrition must be added to the regular execution is a complex physical exercises. If energy consumption is higher than his number, what with the food, you will certainly lose weight.

complex exercises create

The effect of physical exercises and the human body

The impact of physical exercise based on the significantly increase the embodied energy, the normalization of all kinds of sharing, leveraging the driveway of fat in different organs, improve the options of all organs and systems, increasing fitness and performance.

This kind of physical activity, which is used in the pill, their volume, intensity of load depends on many reasons: age, the presence or absence of chronic diseases, fitness of the person, his individual peculiarities and so on. So that people, young and middle-aged without diseases of the cardiovascular system in particular shows the exercises for endurance (walking, running, swimming, rowing, skiing and so on) and sports games.

The rules are to comply with physical slimming

Do not start immediately with a large physical loads, the best is to do it gradually, especially if the body is not accustomed to such a mode of work.

If you have any health problems, and the sooner you are engaged in gymnastics, then it is best to share the entire course of the tablets using physical exercises two periods. In the first period a person adapts easily rise to the physical load, using exercises complex and dosage form of the foot. To improve the situation of cardiovascular and respiratory systems (the disappearance of shortness of breath and heart rate when doing physical exercises) you can move to the second period, when the full physical exertion combined with intensive exercises, endurance (running, swimming, boating and so on).

Every day, complexes of exercises is recommended to make a long-term (one lesson should last 45-60 minutes or more). Mainly used in the exercises for large muscle groups, they are met by a large-amplitude movements and alternate respiratory exercises. Widely implemented mahi, the circular motion of the large joints, exercises of moderate loads and with different subjects (ball, gymnastic sticks, and so on). Great attention is paid to the muscles of the abdominals. The complex of exercises should be included in the dosage form is walking and running.

Exercises complex slimming

This complex of exercises can be done at first once a day, and then twice, gradually bring the total number of elapsed time up to an hour:

  • stand up straight, hands raised up, slowly stretch the inside of your socks, straightening of the back; going to their feet, leaving the intruding hands (start 5-6 times, to get to 10-12 times);
  • take prone, to raise at once the floor of the hands, feet and head, tighten the tock back muscles; go to the original position (start 2-4 times to reach 10-12);
  • stand up straight, slightly bent knees, body forward, pushing back the hands; return to bend, as much as it is possible, and slightly move the body, as if trying to touch your knees (start with 2-4 times to reach 10-12);
  • rise up to his knees, then sit on the heel; the energetic movement back to the body, while at the same time raise the hands over the head; turn the body left and right (start 2-4 times to reach 10-12);
  • stand up straight, feet together; tensing gluteal muscle, slowly climb to the toes, tilting the body when you can pass back and strongly tighten muscles of the lower back; to keep the balance, the hands, pull back and rest them on the buttocks (start 2-4 times to reach 10-12);
  • rise up on the knees slightly width in feet; keeping a straight back, move the body over the feet, then the rapid movement of the wear of the center of gravity of the body hands and straightening them together with the body, take a prone position (start 2-4 times to reach 10-12).

Breathing exercises

breathing exercises

After each of the exercises it is recommended to do breathing exercises. The basis of respiratory movements is in the correct order, filling the lungs of air into and release the air through. This sequence should be to ensure a steady participate in at the same time all part of the lungs, which does not allow the sluggish phenomena. Breathing the movement of a positive impact on the internal organs of your massage.

Breathe begins the execution of the lower part between the light and comes with a protruding belly. Then smoothly fill with air, the average and the upper part of the lungs expanding and lifting the ribcage. Exhalation takes place in the same sequence. First of all fizzles into the air in the lower part of the lungs (belly up, the diaphragm rises). Then sinks into the chest.

Inhale and exhale need to smoothly, without jumping, without, breathe through the nose. The big activity of the soul requires, that he was shorter exhalation (1, 2 – soul, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – exhalation). Breathing exercises can be done lying, sitting, standing still, when walking and running. When walking it looks like this: 1-2 step breathing with protrusion of the abdomen, 3-5 steps to breathe with in the stomach. Breathing can be combined to smooth the body, raise the hands, abduction of the foot to breathe – from the flexion of the fuselage, mixing, or lowering of the hands, flexion or mixing of the feet.

Perform physical exercises, do not forget that a food diet need to exclude sweet, farinaceous products and fatty food. And you are sure to lose weight.