Menu compilation

Dial extra pounds is not difficult, it is difficult to get rid of them. Often the weight of people sitting on a strict diet, but in the end all the pounds tend to return. The Organism will start to do stocks in the form of fat deposits the distinctive teeth on the sides in case the next dieting. How to interrupt this vicious circle? Dietoloog argue that it is necessary to properly eat constantly and offer developed their menu tablets each day.

right menu preparing

Rule of thumb is that a healthy diet pills is to eat fewer calories, if you can spend the entire day. In this case, the lack of calories have to be spent on "counters", i.e. disappear from the body fat layer. The correct would be to make a list of meals a day to eat tablets at a time for 7 days, the color detail for each, recipes cooking. The use of its products with the content of slow carbohydrates, for long feed on the stomach, and the person is a long time do not feel hungry. Weight lowering is going slowly, but the weight cannot go back, especially if you follow the recommendations of the proper diet constantly.

Rules for the right diet to follow each day

The rules are a proper diet (RS) slimming actually:

  • Is available, if required by the stomach. The process of digestion requires the expenditure of energy. Nature is mortgaged, that the famine is coming, as energy supplies shrink. If you use the food without feeling hunger, it does not bring benefits, but going completely to fat deposits.
  • Eat slowly and carefully chew. If fast, then this will lead to overeating, because the stomach quickly filled and do not have time to signal the brain to its saturation. Well treated pieces to eat fully provide the body vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Follow the correct mode to accept the write. Usually people adhere to the 4-x single-meal times: breakfast – 35%, lunch and dinner – 25%, snack – 15%. A rich breakfast will contribute to good metabolism, so this cannot be ruled out or to eat in the morning a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Mandatory snacks to not be hungry, but they don't have to be rich and calories.
  • Having food, not something to drink. This applies to any drink: coffee, tea, juice, water, compote and more. Excess liquid prevents the digestion of food, and it settles on the walls of the bowel, decompose and provoke different diseases. You can drink each drink, later 15 minutes after a meal.

RS – it's not diet pills, which lasts for some time. The selected diet should be practiced for a healthy life, especially if there is a predisposition to recruit in losing weight.

Nutrition the principles of nutrition

Developing a menu for the week, should be added to the meal protein products, namely, they allow, if weight are not losing muscle mass. Proteins are necessary for the organism, found in fish, eggs, low fat meat, milk products, cheese. These should be always administered on the menu. You want to reduce the used in salt, food salt directly to the plate and used for the purpose of a pinch of salt. Every day should be take 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil: olive or flax. It reduces the cholesterol levels and reduces the viscosity of the blood, which leads to increased vascular elasticity.

Note: Dieetmenüü menu contains the diet products of the day: vegetable and fruit products fresh, including and vegetables, and products, which has a fiber: cereals, peas, bran.

Menu compilation

The tablets should be to eliminate the use of canned, because they have harmful substances and is to limit the modified products: sausages, smoked, soda, especially the sweet, rich pastries. It is recommended not to use alcoholic beverages, these are considered a lot of calories and which increase the appetite.

RS pills has its own nuances in the amount of servings – it should not exceed the size of one of the silent women. The first time is a movement and a proper diet going hard, the feeling of hunger may be the cause of the breakers, therefore, should be to eat a bit of fresh vegetables or a soup of them. With clean water, try to drink herbal and green tea, lean kefir and yogurt, the juice of the vegetables, they provoke the weight. The extent of the weekly menu tablets each day, must take account of the necessary quantity of calories that really weight loss.

On offer is a featured weekly menu planning.

Day is pills At the time of eating To consume the tablets
Monday Breakfast 0,2 kg hercules in the water
Snack 50 g of cheese hard, make
Lunch 0,15 kg of lettuce, vegetables, 300 ml of soup, 2 slices of black bread
Dinner 80 g of boiled beef with roast vegetables
Tuesday Breakfast 150 g curd cheese, raisins and dried apricots
Snack 50 g walnuts and low-fat yogurt
Lunch 120 g of fish, made in a double boiler and a salad of seasonal vegetables
Dinner omleti of a couple of eggs, and salad green vegetables
Wednesday Breakfast 150 g muesli with a glass of yogurt
Snack kohuke of the pudding glass keefiri the
Lunch sauteed mushrooms 120 g) and fresh cucumber
Dinner 0,2 kg curd, köögiviljasalat
Thursday Breakfast omleti a couple eggs, a slice of bread bran
Snack fresh fruit
Lunch 0,2 kg steam fish, cucumber and tomatoes
Dinner 0,2 kg stewed beans, boiled egg
Friday Breakfast 100 g feta cheese, and a banana
Snack 50 g nuts, hazelnuts and a glass of yogurt
Lunch cabbage soup 300 ml, of buckwheat 150 g
Dinner sirloin steak beefs grill, weight 150 g, salad of seasonal vegetables
Saturday Breakfast 0,2 kg rice porridge with milk, a cup of tea
Snack an apple, a cup of yogurt
Lunch 150 g of boiled chicken, 200 g salad of beets
Dinner 150 g fish, grilled vegetables and rye bread
Sunday Breakfast 2 eggs with runny nose and tea
Snack 150 g curd cheese rosinate and prunes
Lunch 300 ml of soup, stew out of the beefs 150 g steamed vegetables
Dinner lean fish couple, salad, beets, prunes 150 g and a couple of rye bread
right menu in the drafting of the week

The menu is quite inexpensive, it is not inaccessible and expensive products. Ideally suited for young and healthy girls, who want to look slim and tightened. The diet is prepared so that the day will not feel hunger.

Dishes planning menus recipe of the day

You must enter the RS tablets useful and organic food. Plays a significant role in their thermal processing. Do not fry food, otherwise, on its surface there will be a slough, where there are toxins, which are harmful to health. A healthy diet requires cooking food a couple of, decoct protection, stewing and baking.

Menu the right diet each day pills recipes:

  • Cooked beef. Slice fillets beefs wash under running water and put in boiling water. Let boil for 2-3 minutes, the meat delete the broth and throw away. Then put in fresh water, to the broth and the meat cut into pieces, put in boiling water, add salt and pepper. Later 50-60 minutes of cooking, the broth put a bouquet of mixed greens, no breaking. Bake for another 10 minutes and get to the meat broth.
  • Baked in the oven fish. Shall be taken for each fish to lean varieties, such as flounder. In is necessary to prepare the tomatoes and a little cheese, spices and lemon. Washed and peeled the carcass of the fish put on a baking tray, which is previously necessary to put on film. Drizzle the fish with the juice of lemon and pepper. The distribution of fish, slices of tomatoes and sprinkle with grated cheese. Wrap the plaice in the foil and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes.
  • Baked curd cheese. Enough packs of curd cheese, a couple eggs, 3 tablespoons flour and raisins. Separate the egg yolks and proteins and mix the cheese, flour and raisins. Proteins properly whipped and add to the overall bowl. Mix and put in the form, to make a flat surface. Put in the oven, to 180 degrees and bake for half an hour.

That weight loss to be effective, must be welcome to simple food, without the new-fangled flavors and spices. Pretty the process of losing weight to give them up is not worth it, but to implement it is necessary already ready dish, which is on the plate.

Practical tip: in order To diet pills are effective, it is necessary every day to eat grapefruit, the more commonly consumed vegetable salads, domestic yogurt.

They are conducive to thin into, no more feeling hungry and discomfort in the intestine. If meet all of the rules and adheres to the principles of proper nutrition, the recommendations offered in the menu, then weight loss would be to let and slow, but stable. Moreover, those extra pounds losing weight after will never come back. The proposed menu create perfectly balanced and allows enough even if really high tensile strength stomach.