Menu weight loss diet the belly and on the sides

Fat deposits often collect in the area of the sides and belly. These places are the most difficult to get compensation, and they need to affect a number of methods at the same time. Diet pills stomach will help you to get rid of excess fat accumulated beneath the skin. Lose weight help to vegetables, fruits, protein composition, cellulose, oatmeal and bran. Exception food, fried and greasy food will help immediately in the first week to reduce the fat layer. Read the following article and you can learn how to lose weight stomach pain, and the distinctive teeth on the sides.

Diet pills belly: if we remember this we

diet the belly and on the sides

The expression "a woman without a belly — like a wedding night without the bride", often reminiscent of those who tried to refer to the "weak point" for this indicator with humor. And really, you are annoyed with the bulging point is a physiological "alibi": fat deposits in this region, as well as the buttocks and thighs appear hormonal reasons, hard press women is not provided by nature (although, of course, if you wish, he can pick it up, pumping the muscles). According to medical data, the body of any of the fair sex containing 12 to 15% extra fat, which is necessary for normal hormonal exchange and the functioning of the organs of reproduction.

But one thing — appetizing soft belly, and quite another thing is aesthetically questionable linen fat cells, which affect and appearance, and self-esteem, and health. And the question diet pills the abdomen (and in most cases even just about any effective diet pills) will certainly encounter this kind of situation. The exact amount of fat is in the body and in particular the location of the may show only the modern medical equipment. But the surplus is most frequently visible to the naked eye, with the fat on the belly can accumulate not only in obese but also in general sihvakamaid us.

Clearly protruding stomach as the whole thinness — a reason to reflect not only on strengthening the physical activity and watch your diet, but also a visit to the doctor. In addition to the deposits in the abdominal predictable way to a sedentary lifestyle is sedentary work, improper and unhealthy diet with insufficient quantity of fiber and protein, and a myriad of harmful and artificial products, which are sweet, fat and flour.

All of these factors lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the body and as a result, that the fat deposits in the abdominal area, the oblique muscles, which reduce the load and the plenitude of temptations becomes sluggish and weak, and find themselves unable to keep the tone.

This here-this and "have to ko the yard" diet pills belly! In addition, do not pay to forget the stress of the case: arising from mental and physical over-voltage, and fatigue of the hormone cortisol, first of all put the body gang up on sweets and loss, and then — put products for the future, freely put in the stocks actually in a conspicuous place. Increased formation of cortisol and in accordance with the sudden change of "type ahead" can also speak about this, syndrome Cushing's syndrome.

We women have one risk factor becomes pregnancy, during which the muscles and skin are stretched, "opening the way" the fat deposits. However, the same effect is the abuse of strict diets! But, that caused the increase in the fat of the interlayer, the situation can always improve for the better and "put the belly place", seriously deal with this issue. Good help makes diet pills belly.

War is necessary for the sediment

The area of the thighs, the abdomen and on the sides of the women nowadays are in the habit of called problematic regions. It is in these parts of the female body is observed in the accumulation of excessive fats, which is so hard to get rid of. And the reason for this is simple physiology. Nature has taken care of that the organism of the women at any time unable to cope with child-bearing task — to make, to give birth and feed their child and therefore awarded an excellent by the human body, who with a body "stocks".

And though nature, as they say, do not argue, every girl would like to remove belly fat and fat on the sides and to open thereby the chances of your wardrobe. Diet flat bellies, and in this case is not the only effective way.

In order to achieve truly visible results in the fight against excessive cm waist to be used in the integrated approach, the aim of which is how to reduce fat and improve skin tone and muscle elasticity. Thus, in order to lose the belly and the sides need to not only sit in the diet, but also to start to train, do body wraps and moisturizing the skin.

Diet tablets from the sides and belly

proper diet

That would not have said in a variety of advertising slogans, but to get rid of fat deposits, waist can not do without a special diet pills the belly and on the sides. Such a program of weight loss purpose is to provide local action, to remove fat from the problematic zones, and in doing so, adjust the rest of the body. An important factor in the diet is a complete abandonment of smoking and alcohol.

It has been proven that smoking and alcohol in a significant way, violates the metabolism, and beer at all enriches the body's hormones, provocative the fat increase in just the waist area and the abdomen. It is not surprising that the drinking of the product data does not allow to achieve harmony, if losing weight.

Diet the belly and on the sides, for a fractional catering, namely the consumption of alcohol is the food of the principle: often and little. Food is consumed every 2-3 hours, if there is a feeling of hunger. Servings should be small, with the tables from the be to go a little hungry, given the fact, the saturation must be carried out 15 minutes after the meal. Eating should last at least 20 minutes and take place in a good location spirit. In this case, the food into your stomach will gradually decline, every time, requiring ever smaller and smaller amount of food.

Quick diet the stomach should include products like:

  • Berries, fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Cereals;
  • Eggs;
  • Pulses;
  • Nuts and seeds;
  • Milk and dairy products;
  • Olive and sunflower oil;
  • Fish and seafood,
  • Lean meat (chicken or Turkey).

It is forbidden to use the following products:

  • Smoked;
  • Margarine;
  • Whole milk;
  • Flour and sugary in any form;
  • Prepared or preserved fish;
  • Pudrud and soups for fast cooking;
  • Fried food.

A diet that allows you to quickly remove the stomach and sides, requires drinking purified simple or mineral water (not less than 8 glass per day), herbal or green tea.

What products should be included in a diet for flat bellies

Fibrous food

If time does not play you a special role and you don't want to sit in a hard diet stomach to make the stomach flat, pay attention to the fibers of the food. This food fills the stomach by the dulling of hunger, but if it does not cause harmful side effects, such as bloating or constipation.

The basis for the diet flat bellies and should be done with cereals, vegetables rich in fiber – this pearled, brown rice, beans, apples, very good cucumbers, zucchini, diverse greens, seaweed. These products can make the boasts of a diverse menu.

I am often asked – is it possible to add dietary fiber artificially. You can, of course, only meaning if you eat normal food, more tissue does not make sense. In any case, if you decide to do this, then start to take it in small doses, drink more water and be careful of the chair.


Of course, diet flat bellies and necessarily contain fruit. The more they are, the better, but the fruit in a separate dish, not in addition to the plate of gruel. All the better to make the stomach flat help our home apples and pears, and imported – grapefruit and orange. Once again I repeat – do not bother them with other foods, in buffet, eat separately, I did it for breakfast with yogurt with (ate the apple or pear) and lunch (one grapefruit or orange).


Proteins are is an important part of the correct metabolism. Therefore, it is diet flat bellies, and at least two times a week, dinner must be a good piece of fish with vegetables, once and white, chicken and orange and two egg whites is a great dinner. Plus nuts and seeds, which contain useful body oils, and vegetable protein. But prefer them a lot must not, it is a strong burden to the kidneys, add to your diet flat bellies and about 50 grams of product per day.

Salads and oils

Few words about oils – just them, not mayonnaise or sour cream, to be filled salads, if you use the diet to get belly flat. First of all is olive oil, may be used and purified vegetable oil. The best salads in order to remove belly fat, make this apartment is a vegetable.

One more recommendation – desiring to make a flat stomach, try to use as diet for the abdominal, where to eat it is necessary more often, but smaller portions. I, when I was engaged in belly, ate five-six times a day in tiny portions.

Sample menu weight loss diet the belly and on the sides

menu compilation

Important to eat smaller portions, but often. On average this can be about five meals a day. Should be monitored drink it is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of clean drinking water. Do not forget full of sleep. It is often excess weight due to lack of sleep.

Diet weight the belly and on the sides women 7 days

  1. Protein
  • Breakfast: boiled chicken breast, fruit every. If you drink, maybe tea, but without sugar. May be add a little honey.
  • Snack: cup of low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: köögiviljasalat, cooked chicken.
  • Lunch: fat free cottage cheese (you can add a bit of raisins, dried apricots or berries).
  • Dinner: chicken with every vegetable.
  1. Cereals (mainly drawing) + vegetables (excl. starch)
  • Breakfast: Rice. You can make risotto. Compote or uzvar — without the sugar.
  • Snack: fruit. Excellent fresh pineapple.
  • Lunch: vegetable stew (not recommended to add oil), fig.
  • Lunch: fruit.
  • Dinner: rice, salad of fresh vegetables (you can flavor olive oil)
  1. Light
  • Breakfast: fit a light, but nutritious salad. For example: boiled egg, cheese, salad. Can drink tea, compote, uzvar – the main thing without the added sugar.
  • Snack: fruit. Fits very well fat burning, such as grapefruit.
  • Lunch: fish, cooked a couple and vegetables (predominantly green).
  • Lunch: glass of skim keefiri or yogurt.
  • Dinner: the rabbit (cooked, braised) and a light salad.
  1. Favorite
  • Breakfast: oatmeal (cook in water). Can add dried fruit or berries.
  • Snack: fruit. Perfectly fits the apples or citrus.
  • Lunch: soup – porridge (vegetable, pumpkin, onion), any food.
  • Lunch: salad from fresh vegetables.
  • Dinner: Buckwheat, a glass of tomato juice.
  1. Fruity
  • Breakfast: can be prepared omleti, adding cheese, or vegetables. Not to use oil.
  • Snack: fruit salad, which is allowed to flavor low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: cutlet, cooked a couple of (chicken, out of the rabbit and veal). Garnish suitable for cooked beans.
  • Lunch: fruit.
  • Dinner: buckwheat and tomato juice.
  1. Neither fish nor meat
  • Breakfast: any porridge (the best fried or buckwheat), salad.
  • Snack: fruit.
  • Lunch: soup is lean.
  • Lunch: cottage cheese (non-fat) supplemented with berries or dried fruit. Allowed to add to yogurt.
  • Dinner: fish (boiled, poached), salad.
  1. Vegetable
  • Breakfast: boiled meat (chicken, beef, Turkey, rabbit), salad.
  • Snack: curd, low fat with dried fruit or berries.
  • Lunch: vegetable stew by adding the meat (chicken, veal, Turkey, rabbit).
  • Lunch: a cup of low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: boiled meat (the number allowed) and vegetables.

The menu can be customized, given the prohibited and recommended to eat foods. Can drink compotes, tea, juices, but no added sugar. And don't forget, that in pure water. It is effective diet pills the belly and on the sides.

Protein diet pills stomach

Protein — another one of the sure ally of the warrior, getting started is the thorny let the fight conceited the stomach. Protein not only is an excellent moisturizing ability, but slowly around, which also allows you to avoid the insulin of the ecological role, which we have discussed higher.

In fact, slimming belly protein diet also plays an important role, "supplier": as a purely gastronomic measures it is important to combine physical exercises, but regular adequate to the receipt of a protein does not give the end of the existing muscles and provide the building material for the strengthening and growth.