Unloading day: the most effective ways to slimming

You are bound to learn all about the unloading of the day, if you want to maintain good health, purify the body, quickly lose weight and be beautiful. Short diet 1-2 days are easy and accessible.

Stomach days to cleanse the body

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We all are not ideal to eat and over the years can begin to flow into the bad signals, such as malaise and weight. When the body needs cleaning, you should let him rest and help to expel the harmful substances. Properly organized stomach days encourage shifts in tissues of the excess fluid. Just cleaners contrasting diet enjoy today is the most popular, as predispose to thin into. Female body beginning of negative processes. The unpleasant consequence is the bad condition of the skin, bowel obstructed, the work of deterioration, internal organs, early aging, and decrease immunity. Cleaners days will help you lose is too much, to restore the beauty and increases work capacity.

Stomach days after overeating

In order to improve the errors in the diet, which are indispensable for the holidays, the morning of the next day to arrange the unloading of the day. Abundance of salty, sweet, meals - bad applies to every man. The benefits of handling the day after the party is obvious, but try not to starve and do not create a significant calorie deficit, so as not to cause a heart attack of hunger. Of course, unloading the day is identical of the traditional diet of the character and results, but all the same the effect is good. Thanks to educated the limitations of the diet can reduce weight and get a sense of the simple. After the celebration of the stomach enough to withstand the but the 2 fasting days and all negative effects would be minimized. It is also possible to prepare feasts for, after spending a couple of fasting days before the holiday.

Stomach days before the operation

Short-term limitations of diet can be determined by your physician before the operations. The diet may last for several days, but may-be just before the confidence limit required the time of full hunger. Proper food preparation of the operation to facilitate the progress of the work of doctors the work of the body and makes the soil a rapid rehabilitation without complications of free. If does not occupy a special diet before surgery, it may worsen the condition, thus it is necessary to thoroughly discuss with your doctor all the features of the diet. The treating physician must describe how the organised stomach days and explain what products to use just for you. Also his voice is a list of prohibited food. Refusing food can be established in advance. Usually you can only have 10-12 hours before the intervention, on going on an empty stomach. The last meal suit not all, but only allowed the dr products.

Types of fasting days

Diet diet contrasting

The distinction between well-fed stomach days and is contrasting them with the hungry. The difference affects the overall kalorisisaldust and product sets. The characteristic of the hungry days are the consumption of considerable volume of servings of a single product, it should be to follow the calorie up to 800 kcal per day. That hunger day fit low-calorie food, for example:

  • the citrus fruit;
  • kefir;
  • cabbage;
  • curd;
  • apple;
  • cucumbers.

Usually in the framework of the fed, day feed 2-3 products, which are high-calorie. Here are examples of the combined menu:

  • the meat and vegetables;
  • meat and beans products;
  • meat and fruit;
  • meat and eggs;
  • meat and fruit;
  • meat and dairy products.

To read the options of short contrasting dieting.

Proteins off

Take one of your chicken carcass, cooked without skin, divide by the 6 servings, eat him whole day, also a must to drink up to 2 liters of water. Chicken - easy protein source. Not all know, how often do stomach days, so as not to harm health. Protein unloading the day suitable for 1-2 times a week. Therefore, you can throw up to 5 kilograms of body weight.

Green tea and citrus fruit off

Grapefruit is a different low glycemic index, are rich in fiber, full full stomach. A day can eat 5 medium-sized fruit and take 10 cups of unsweetened natural green tea.

Salad-crest-and unloading

Will need 500 gr of each of the saturated fibrous vegetable - celery, carrots, and beets. It is most beneficial to health, bowel vegetables. The famous salad-the crest is divided into 8-10 servings. This kind of food improves the intestinal peristalsis and restore the beneficial flora. It is also needed up to 2 liters of water per day.

Unloading is buckwheat

Buckwheat unloading of the day, the recent time for 2 weeks, helps to lose up to 2 pounds of weight rid of the excess liquid and clean the intestine. Evening measure 250 grams of washed buckwheat, pour 2 cups of hot water. Let stand for cover under a couple of hours. The next day, divide the total volume of the buckwheat additives 5 servings and take food, in compliance with the equal amount of time. In doing so, may drink, not not greasy yogurt - a maximum of one and a half litres per day, as well as a liter of water.

Unloading is porridge with characters

That the intestines and the stomach can rest the heavy products may be to spend the whole day, foods cereals without oil, salt and sugar. You can use absolutely any kind of manna. For example, optimally suited to oatmeal. We take 700 grams of coarse flakes and boiling water, divide in 5 servings. Later, a half-hour after each meal, porridge can drink water. Small quantities is not prohibited fruit and vegetables. As well as you can a little bit to drink herbal teas herbal teas and juices, lean kefir. The basis of the grain we recommend that you take corn, wheat, barley, millet semolina.

Curd unloading

proper diet

To spend the day curd, you must choose the suitable supplements. If the other product is water (2 liters per day) and introduce other products should not, then on the day we will take up a kilo of unflavoured curd. If you want to use a couple of cheese-meat, then the ratio is as follows: 2 liters of water, 250 grams of boiled meat and 500 grams of curd.

There are also other ways to clean a food cream cheese, here are more options: 600 g quark, in addition to bran and a cup of berries, 500 ml of milk and 600 grams of cottage cheese, 3 apples and 500 grams of quark, the kilogram, and any of the raw vegetables without starch and 500 grams of cheese, 500 grams of curd and a half tablespoons of natural honey, 600 g curd cheese 60 g sour cream a handful of dried fruit and 600 grams of curd. Moreover, water is a welcome unsweetened drinks. To this end, may be kibuvitsamarjade.

Rice unloading

Fast diet rice helps to relieve swelling. The grain to soak up contain dirt inside the bowel. Prepare 100 grams of the brown, wild or white rice. Product soaked 4 days in water, cooked without salt and apply 3 doses. In addition to the rice to eat is not recommended, although harmless add soy sauce, fresh herbs, up to 100 grams of fruit and vegetables. Beverages may be any, the main thing, unsweetened and non-alcoholic. Best of all is water. 100 grams of cooked rice, a total of 116 calories.

Apple off

Day must be 2 pounds of apples and 2 liters of water. It is advisable to share the whole volume of the 6 pieces. Moreover, this drink also unsweetened tea.

Unloading vegetables

The first option - day potatoes. One meal - 300 grams of potatoes salt. Only 6 shots. We recommend you to boil potatoes or bake in the oven. Also this day must be added to 400 ml of yogurt and a half liters of water.

Still a couple of good vegetables, handling the day - it is cucumbers and tomatoes. You can select only the throat, to eat day one and a half pounds of cucumbers, divided by 5 times, lunch and dinner to eat is the sharp eggs. When handling the day selected, cucumbers, tomato, then spread diet so: a pound of sliced cucumber and 500 g of tomatoes divide by 6 meals (prepared salads in oil), and evening to Complement the menu 100 grams of curd.

Unloading is a fruit

Delicious food can build tangerines. 1 day it takes up to 500 grams of mandarins and 2.5 liters of water. First drink water, then after a short break for 20 minutes and eat fruit. So throughout the day.

If the basis of the bananas, then they need to be measured in a day and a half kilos. Drinks we choose water, unsweetened tea, compote, fruit juice. Also may eat for a whole day this set: 3 bananas and a glass of milk. In addition to successfully replace the 3 põhitoidukorda three fingers, instead of snacking drink kefir cinnamon.

To get clean and lose weight try to eat for a full day of persimmon. Taken persimmon, up to 2 kilograms. If the hunger is to eat a persimmon, we drink unsweetened tea or water, ginger drink.

Protein off

Not every person can't live without meat. It is interesting, that the meat may also lose weight and become more beautiful. We need chicken, boiled, without skin.

Option one: do 3 meals, each of which contains 80 grams per fillet. Every time you drink tomato juice or yogurt - only 4 cups a day. Another option: cooking a breast and this during the day, happens about 5 pieces. Instead of snacking - water, unsweetened tea or chicken broth.

Inefficient stomach days

Note that the known failure of the examples of fasting days. It has been observed that the chocolate and hazelnut stomach days, although can be useful in certain cases, however, is questionable, and suitable for nearly everyone. Best practice the only proven contrasting dieting.

Stomach days on liquids

Kefir unloading

As you have already understood, the basic catering for a whole day - it is non-greasy, fresh yogurt (product shelf life is 5 days, fatness up to 1%). Only 1.5-2 liters of keefiri or bifidokefir. In addition to dairy products beverages we drink herbal teas, sugar, water. Allowed to honey.

Unloading in the water

Over the water the day we drink every hour, the most is the need to consume 3-4 liters of purified cold or hot water. It is not forbidden to flavor water with lemon.

Tea with milk off

Green tea with milk without sugar you can spend the whole day. This useful drink is completely saturated. We recommend you drink it out of every one and a half hours, can with honey. In order to prepare the right way with milk, must let the milk boil, put the tea leaves require.

Reviews doctors on unloading days questions and answers


When unloading on the day arranged according to the rules, you can expect noticeable results - losing weight, skin cleaning and body, improve mood.

What unloading days the best?

The optimum healing opportunity for all ages - unloading day based on rice. This methodology is correct, because the product is recognized as safe and cleansing throughout the world. If one day you failed to correct your figure, you can stick to such a diet with a week. In this case, it is good to add the rice light and nutritious soup. That low-calorie soup will need the following foods: cabbage, tomato, celery, onion and green pepper. Small portions eat vegetables, fruits, meat and greens. Drink green tea and coffee.

How many calories need to eat in the framework of the handling of the day?

How to know that the average woman spends per day from 2200 to 2500 kcal. If you want to arrange the body at rest, then the organization is stomach days so that the consumption was only 800-900 kcal. This is the standard data, actual figures may a bit fluctuate. We recommend that you learn how to count calories without a calculator. Good before the main meals the take the cocktail that do not torture the feeling of hunger. Eat small saucers, up to 6 times a day. In this case, the stomach days is required to you only after the holidays.

That the best is the next day after the handling of the day?

Start with the following for the unloading of the day a cold shower. My opinion is that after unloading you must eat light foods fatty foods buffet. Take before breakfast water with lemon and honey. Breakfast porridge or vegetarian soup. It is easily digested and does not give the centre of gravity low-fat dairy products, meat and fish, low-fat, cereal products, fruits, vegetables. The important thing is to eat need to follow moderately, choose the products according to fat content, by weight, and the figure of calories, eat about 6 times a day.

Contraindications for fasting days as an

The main drawback of fasting days is that one person, they can be useful and bring great damage. All depends on the availability of disease and body condition as a whole. The following diseases and medical conditions do not need to arrange a stomach days, otherwise it may occur the deterioration:

  • diabetes;
  • attrition after serious diseases;
  • diseases of the DIGESTIVE tract (this includes an ulcer, gastritis);
  • critical days for women;
  • stressful condition;
  • chronic pathology of the liver;
  • chronic diseases of the gallbladder disease;
  • malaise unresolved for a reason;
  • lactation;
  • during pregnancy;
  • problems of the heart work;
  • a senior age.

We discussed many options for fasting days health and weight. It is difficult to determine which of them is the most effective, since the cleansing diet is developed individually depending on the organism needs of a specific person. In any case stomach days carry a lot of the pros, because they over is a lot easier to diet and not immersed in the organism has a strong stress. Keep in mind that all the nutrition - it is only one element, which works correctly only with a healthy and very mobile lifestyle.