Delicious recipes for food dishes slimming

Low calorie diet pills consist mainly of vegetables, dairy products, low fat meat, poultry, fish. Are used to prepare delicate ways of cooking: grill, cooking, hatching, запекание. Good help household makes multivarka, which combines a number of features. Not superfluous to have the packets for baking, normal foil, different jars, pans non-stick coating.

  1. Minimum of fat. One spoon of oil contains about 120 kcal, which is 12 to 15% of the average daily energy value amiss in pondus women. Fats is a need to add strictly through the scales.
  2. Minimal sugar. Sweets are not only high calorie, but will affect the fluctuation of glucose levels in the blood, provoking a strong and sudden hunger. If the sweeteners in food ware is best to use fresh and dried fruit, berries or natural sugar substitutes.
  3. At least wheat flour, starch. Diet pills are allowed to the presence of baking out of the wholegrain, rye flour, bran, oatmeal. But the best is to eat other food.

It is important to abandon the покупных sauces. Even low-calorie mayonnaise contains a lot of fat, кетчупы is full of sugar and starch. And in the composition of the innards awaken the hunger sense to reduce the benefit of the food dishes. Monitoring the watchers of the people should unconditionally remove it in your diet.

Recipes the first food dishes

The first diet pills should be food, they fill the belly, to generate satiety, but contain little calories. There is even a special diet soups. Cold road update the hot summer, заряжают vitamins. Hot soups will help to warm up in the winter to rejoice the assortment, makes the menu more diverse. Dishes pills is not desirable to combine potatoes cereal, pasta products, or бобовыми. If the soup noodles or beans, it is best to amylum tuber does not add. Recipes for vegetables, cabbage soup, borš potatoes, then you can safely use.

Onion soup with cabbage

Onion soup</1_img>

Ingredients: Onions – 6 pcs. Cabbage – 800 g Pepper – 2 pcs. Stalks celery – 4 pcs Tomatoes – 2 pcs. Herbs and spices to taste

Preparation: Measuring to 2.5 liters of water, pour into the pot and let boil. Cut onion into cubes, add to pot and simmer for 5 minutes. Chop the cabbage, cut peppers, celery and add all the onions, a little prisolit soup. Boil 5 minutes, add the chopped tomatoes. Simmer the dish over low heat until soft all the vegetables. At the end add the bell pepper, fresh parsley, laurel and other spices to your liking.

Dieetravi, hash

Ingredients: Fresh cucumbers – 3 pcs. Eggs, boiled – 2 pcs. Radish – 10 pieces Cooked chicken – 200 g Onions, green – 1 bunch Dill – 1 bunch Low-fat yogurt – 600 ml Water is simple or mineral – 400 ml Lemon – 0,5 pcs

Preparation: Clear eggs, cut into cubes, pour into pan. Chicken rid is волокнам or cut. The skin and fat pieces it is advisable to clean. Mince all the vegetables and herbs, combine. The mixture of kefir and water, able to take mineral water with gas, add salt and pepper, squeeze lemon juice, blend. The filling add the main products in the food dishes. Serve chilled, in the refrigerator not more than once a day. Dieetravi, hash</2_img>

Green soup "Summer"

Ingredients: Chicken (fillet)– 250 g Potatoes – 2 pcs. Carrot – 1 pc Onion – 1 pcs. Hapuoblikas – 2 beam Dill – 0,5 beam Eggs – 3 pcs.

Preparation: Wash, cut into pieces-cut chicken, add to pan, add 1.5 litres water, let boil. Delete formata foam, reduce the heat and simmer the broth for 15 minutes. Clean onion and carrot, cut into cubes, pour into the pan. Add the salt. Clean the potatoes, cut into pieces, pour onto boil for the first vegetables. Bake potatoes until soft. Hapuoblikas and dill washed, cut into pieces, pour the almost ready soup. Try the salt, if need to add, season to taste with pepper, laurea university, let boil, turn off. Cover the pot, let pull out the food dish for 10 minutes. Served in the annex to the bowl conciderunt boiled egg.

Recipes for meat dishes

Food main dishes do not prepare potato, fatty meat, pasta with soft wheat varieties. Mostly they consist of vegetables, humilis-adip more kinds of meat or poultry, welcome to the pulses.

Chicken diet cutlets

Ingredients: Fillets – 500 g Egg – 1 pc Pepper-Bulgarian – 1 pcs. Carrot – 1 pc Onion – 1 pcs. Garlic – 2 cloves Salt, pepper

Preparation: Remove the seeds and the pods peppers, cut vegetables in cubes, then pour into a bowl. Kink garlic, onion, chicken fillets through the mincer. Add chopped small cubes of carrot and one egg. Flavor with minced meat seasonings, blend. Blind small round burgers are 50-70 g, lay the form of baking, prepare the dish in the oven for 25 minutes at 180 degrees. Either lay the foundation for the steamers, bake 20-25 minutes after boiling water.

Dieetravi, braised cabbage liver

Ingredients: Liver – 300 g Cabbage – 800 g Onion, 100 g Carrot – 100 g Oil 1 tbsp Spices, herbs, garlic, to taste

Preparation: Pour in a large frying pan, kettle, or skillet spoon of butter, that it is slightly slanted surface, put in the oven. Cut the onion and grate coarsely the carrots, lightly fry. Wash the liver. If the product is beef, then cut into strips. If the liver is chicken, then just in chunks as it is. Add the vegetables and fry for 1-2 minutes. Chop cabbage brassica. You can use a special теркой or knife lightly prisolit and mash hands. Put the vegetables in the common mass of the mixture, cover and boil in their own juice until soft. Two minutes before the end of the season to taste the dish pepper, garlic, greens, doso. Note: Fry products diet foods is the best coconut oil. It is much полезней and separates the less harmful substances when heated.

Ratatouille (recipe, oven)

Ingredients: Eggplant – 250 g Courgette (zucchini) – 250 g Onions – 170 g Oil olive – 10 g Pepper Bulgarian – 100 g Tomatoes – 800 g Parsley, spices, vinegar to taste

Preparation: Cut onion into cubes, pour the pan рецептурным oil. Lightly fry. Release the peppers from seeds. Cut into cubes, add onions. Cut two tomatoes in half, rub the meat, skin removed. Add томатную mass in the pan, cover and boil the vegetables until soft and pepper. Eggplant, zucchini and remaining tomatoes, cut into circles. Vegetables in a pan add the spices, salt. If desired, squeeze the garlic, season to taste, that the zest of the vinegar. Put half the baking dish, smooth layer. Arrange the pieces of vegetables alternately eggplant, tomato, zucchini, put on the edge. Top with the rest of the vegetabilis; a mixture of peppers, flatten. Bake the dish for 35-40 minutes at 180°C.

Food desserts

Add sweets and to flavour to improve food dessert dishes pills used for fruits, berries, allowed for the inclusion of sugar substitutes. They may be natural and synthetic. Wild species are the most common products, based on stevia. Important is the right use of honey. Certainly, it is more useful than white refined sugar, but also has a high calorific value.

Important! Whatever is a low-calorie dessert fruit, is recommended to eat the day of the first half, or at least before 16.00. Otherwise, the dish is suppress weight.

Baked apples with cinnamon

Ingredients: Apples – 3 pcs. Cinnamon – 1 tsp. Honey – 1,5 tl.

Preparation: Wash the apples, it is advisable to choose a dense tree of the same size. Cut with a knife pops are back entry, doing a funnel, but do not puncture through. Put each apple 0,5 teaspoon. honey, sprinkle (the ground cinnamon. If desired, it is possible to make the hole larger, fill the cream cheese or low-fat cheese. The bottom of the form, put a piece of foil, put in the apples and cook sweet dish soft in the oven. The Temperature Of 200°C.

Ягодное ice cream

Ягодное ice cream</4_img>

Ingredients: Yogurt – 100 g All berries – 100 g Honey – 1 tsp.

Preparation: Repeat the washed berries in a bowl on the mixer. If they are rocks, for example cherry then the seeds removed. Beat until the state of homogeneous puree. Add yogurt, honey, beat again. Put 40 minutes in the freezer. Take out, mix quickly, the distribution of the forms of ice cream, frozen.