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  • Find out what you can eat with inflammation of the pancreas, what should the diet be - table number, an approximate menu for a week. The best therapeutic diet for acute and chronic pancreatitis (severe, gentle) as well as for children. Recipes for diet dishes are allowed for pancreatitis.
    13 October 2021
  • The basic principles of the diet "6 petals", an approximate menu for 6 days, how many kilos you can lose during this time. Unique recipes for a diet.
    29 August 2021
  • Ginger stimulates blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes in the body, so that a recipe for slimming with ginger - one of the most popular.
    21 August 2018
  • There are many different theories on how to bring your body in shape. Some people prefer not to eat after six, the other exhaust yourself with strict diets, third just abandon the sweet. Read what you need to eat to lose weight, and how to choose for themselves a suitable diet regime.
    12 August 2018
  • Weight loss for the lazy home based on drinking large amounts of water after waking up and before each meal.
    10 August 2018