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Daniel Farina


  • General principles of compliance, pros and cons of a chicken diet for weight loss. Permitted and prohibited products. An example of a menu for 3 and 7 days, the rules for ending a chicken diet.
    13 September 2021
  • A variety of aerobics — a wonderful aid for weight and hold to the ideal body weight. Activities disciplinary, will help get rid of extra pounds and develop a sense of rhythm.
    3 November 2018
  • I put the belt and the treadmill or just went to the couch and lose weight, a dream or a reality? Helps, whether belt to lose weight and cleanse the stomach actually is?
    29 September 2018
  • Usually every celebrity uses different methods to reset the annoying extra pounds.
    21 September 2018
  • Want to change the appearance, that reflects the experienced envy on itself – calls on your menu effective cocktail of pills that is easy to prepare is a simple recipe at home or buy at the pharmacy.
    3 September 2018
  • In the article you will also find general information on healthy diet principles and planning nutrition.
    6 August 2018