The experience of using Fito Spray

This story us told Alex out of Berlin. The man tells action spray slimming Fito Spray and share your results.

I want to share my story to fight the overweight. Possible that this someone will help.

My story is not like many others. My whole life I have been engaged in sports and I was a fit boy. Yet in the first class parents gave me taekwondo, in the older classes, I am interested in the atv sport, and old sport, although has already managed to achieve this difficult heights. After school, the parents insisted that I went to learn legal university, but I saw myself only in sports – information office did not reach even speech.

I enrolled in the faculty of olympic and professional sports, 4 course married, which was probably also the main reason that after university I didn't want to make a sporting career, and went to work the trainer is the best fitness club in the city. The money was paid well, the family had. I have been to a variety of clients, but most of course were the people with more weight. I had them custom program, nutrition and workout, and our получались excellent results.

At the same time, when I saw filled with people on the streets, I'm puzzled: why are they such? Whether they are happy with your appearance? Why they do not want to deal with this problem? Because it seemed to me that all is quite simple: the income of a dietician in a fitness hall and year-one and a half brought the end of the form. I didn't know then, that pretty soon don't just occur on the ground people, whom I look at condemn, but itself I will answer the question of why they are such, and why now such a I am.

Which may be way to difficult to work without a decent vacation

But so far not this. I have very worked hard over the weekend to settle on only the major holidays, about on vacation and couldn't talk even be, as sometimes I had 5-6 workouts per day. But one day I just couldn't rise out of bed. It was a horrible feeling of helplessness and horror – I don't have anything hurt, but just did not have the strength. Me would call the work, were all shocked by my absence, but I don't even want to have anything to explain them. Wife caused the ambulance, me госпитализировали and after the diagnosis of the diagnosis: the formation in the endocrine system in the middle of the hot overwork.

As I каялся at the moment, that did not want to listen to your body and worked for wear, but this understanding came too late. Me a little bit dried and was sent home, was assigned to hormonal treatment, and promised, that after the compensation, my health has completely returned to normal. Possible, that so would have been, if it would be возращении home with me does not start to take place something very strange: I felt myself quite well, but the more do not want to go in the hall, lie I all day on the couch, and even a walk around the home I have been is not convincing.

My wife such a choice at all not to live. A little of this, that I did not bring, money, family, so even more and nothing has helped him, and watch people on the days of the viewer to the ceiling – the pleasure is not pleasant. Finally, the wife simply took the child and went away. But I stayed his depression, he began to заедать your pain and loneliness. A year and a half I have been not to know – the whole good men I have evolved into obese sick man. Friends were trying to me can pull this country, but it was all useless. Then I realized that not everything is complete people are able to own themselves, stop eating and start working in the hall. Many of them probably were similar to the emotional condition, which is just painful they become.

Changes for the better

One day, when my daughter came to visit me, he brought me to Fito Spray (ex wife has decided to buy it for me) and a lot of that I at least tried. I pretended that has agreed, but he understood that I couldn't do even such a small thing, to help yourself, because of what I began to cry. Here is then for me as if an electric shock hit – I started to realize that to enjoy your беспомощностью, причиняю the pain of all those people, who love me. And even this little girl will suffer because of this, that I do not want to click on the nebulizer vial several times a day. Her tears sort of made me sober and I decided to try.

This spray is real, gave me a second life – thanks to him I lost the desire constantly something to chew. Then I began to want this food, what is eaten before, but all these pastries, cakes, fried cutlets, and potatoes have become a burden to the stomach and an unpleasant taste. This change in diet has helped me reduce fat and gain muscle mass, which in turn provided the impetus and the desire to be once again healthy. I slowly again started to go to the gym, of course, not as a coach, and how the client. All this time went on to enjoy Fito Spraythat has helped me stick to the diet program, which I have myself reached, and in the main I have been just not to eat in the evenings.

The experience of using Fito Spray

Overall, I very quickly return to their former shape – for almost half a year I've been able to lose weight 57 kg! Hormone replacement therapy is withdrawn, a woman with a child ago and I am again able to live the previous life. Now I understand better your customers, so have made some changes to the proposed me program compilation. I now I will pay more attention to just the psycho-emotional work with clients, well and, of course, recommend them to spray Fito Spray.